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Marketing is a powerful and effective tool to bring your products to consumers, so how to properly and effectively market. Here are 10 of the highest performing marketing strategies that can drive more traffic to your website, allowing you to connect with new and returning customers.

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Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is an overall marketing plan that helps businesses achieve their goal of reaching more users. Simultaneously convert them into customers using products and services of the business. Business marketing strategies often include:

  • Declaration of the value of the business

  • The main message that businesses want to convey

  • The information related to the target customers

  • Methods of implementation

Reasons should build marketing strategy

According to research by Smart Insights, 46% of brands do not have an effective online marketing strategy. And 16% of brands have strategic marketing but are inefficient. This means that half of the businesses cannot reach customers. Because customers never know their existence.

When you don't have a marketing strategy for a new product, your business will lose its way. And wasting money on inefficient channels. As well as losing all potential customers to competitors.

However, it is not difficult to build effective marketing methods for yourself. Here are four steps to set up a marketing plan that's right for your business:

How to build an effective marketing strategy

marketing strategy

Know your target audience

To build a marketing strategy, you need to identify the type of customers you are targeting. You will get a return on investment if your marketing strategy focuses on customers.

To achieve this, you must create a habit for the buyer. By creating a habit for buyers, you are sure to market to people who truly care about what you offer.

Building customer habits

Building customer habits is part of the marketing plan. It does not merely list the demographics of the target customer.

You need to know your target customers, even as friends as each other. You can see each other on weekends. If we can interact with them like our friends, they will be very surprised.

Research your competitors

No business exists without competitors. Unless your brand is unique in a very special niche market. You will surely find that each competitor has his own ideas to attract customers.

To find out what marketing channels your competitors are using, you should meet in person and survey their customers.

Mention support tool

You can do that with Mention, a social media monitoring tool. It allows you to quickly scan the website and find rivals online and on social media.

You can analyze the ongoing online conversations about competitors. Just as the online community is being formed around them.

Examine the conversation and you'll find out what products customers are buying. The way they search for products and experience their products is either positive or negative. Learn about promotions offered by competitors on social media.

Support tool Moz's Open Site Explorer

Another tool used to track your opponent's online marketing strategy is Moz's Open Site Explorer

Use Open Site Explorer to check what your competitors are doing with their SEO. The Moz tool allows you to search for external links that your opponent has. This helps you gain insight into their content strategy. Even the content is likely to be advertised online.

Choose your marketing channels

marketing strategy

Online marketing channels

The best approach to finding the right channel for your marketing strategy is to divide all potential channels into 3 parts: Self-built media, viral media and paid advertising media.

Self-built media

Self-built media are channels you have full control and management. Include your email list, website or blogs. Essentially, whatever content you publish is considered self-built media.

Media spread

Media spread refers to customers naturally coming to your content from external sources. Such as the posts of other websites, your SEO efforts or any other type of newspaper.

Media pays advertising

Paid media are channels you pay for them. Like Google AdWord, Facebook ads and sponsored updates on Twitter or Instagram. As well as advertisements on television or radio or print advertising.

Break up your sales funnel

The best way to help you have effective marketing, find strategies and online marketing channels is to break up your sales funnel.

How to create the ultimate marketing strategy

Before having an effective online marketing strategy, you need to determine how your product / service brings value and benefits to users. As well as the uniqueness differs from other businesses in the market.

Once you've done your research, you need to plan a marketing strategy incorporating the following 5 elements (5Ps):


What do you sell? The outstanding physical characteristics of the product? Uniqueness of your service? How are you different from your competitors?


How much is your product / service? What is the profit received if sold at that price? Pricing strategies in marketing are also important issues you need to research.


Where can you buy your product / service? Buy it in your office or elsewhere. If you sell multiple locations, add the percentage of sales from all locations.

For example, what is your online marketing strategy? What is your sales strategy? How will the transaction take place? How much does it cost to receive the customer's product / service? What is the return and exchange policy?


Just like the price strategy of marketing (Price), you have to understand a few issues. How do customers know your product / service? How do you inform them about the features and benefits you offer? Which marketing strategy will you use? How do you predict the results of each method? You can offer deals or coupons to attract customers.


Who are these people (sales person, assistant, ...)? What are their jobs (eg phone sales, customer service)? How do their qualifications / experience help your business?

Thus, in order to have effective online marketing strategies, you need to write steps to build specific, detailed marketing strategies as well as reports and budget estimates. Your marketing strategies must match what you want your customers to experience. Plan your marketing strategy before developing, evaluating or changing your marketing plan.


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