Good Real Estate Content Creation- Effective Customer Trust Creation

Good Real Estate Content Creation- Effective Customer Trust Creation

Content in Marketing

Content is information and experience aimed at users or readers expressed through a number of means such as: speech, text, video or any other means.

Content marketing is content marketing - the marketing of a business or brand focused on creating and distributing valuable content, related to the product / service. With the purpose of attracting and retaining users to drive behavior and convert them into customers.

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Real estate content is different from other sectors


Content creates trust when the writer conveys the truth by the experience. Makes readers feel genuine to gain customer trust.

So for products in the real estate sector, how to have Content that attracts and retains users, thereby promoting their behavior. While the writer himself has not once touched and tested the product / service. The majority of Content in the real estate field just stops at attracting attention and reminding the brand. We also have trouble changing our behavior and making purchasing decisions.

This issue is being considered a sore problem for copywriters in the real estate sector!

Some effective real estate content creation ideas

Increase user interaction with the 360 ​​photo format


Images are what attracts readers first. Content writing purpose is to draw attention to customers for the message to convey. So why don't we use beautiful, high-quality images to capture the eye of our customers.

360 photos help viewers explore the entire space in the image. Viewers, when moving the mouse, will be able to reach every "corner" of the scene that will cover 360 degrees of the subject.

Using the 360 ​​image format to create questions increases engagement and delivers more content in just one photo. This is a very effective idea.

Integrate photos and text together


Content with only images will make customers glance like riding a horse to see flowers. As such, it will be difficult for us to reach our sales target.

Create a highlight, engrave the customer's mind by combining photos and text together.

This is a pretty interesting and eye-catching idea for viewers when inserting text into a utility perspective or an overall perspective. Arrange the real cutout images (if any) and the icons are arranged around to show a rich lifestyle and utility.

Visualize content with infographic (Infographic Content)


The idea: You absolutely can use infographics in combination with touch photos. For example: Tap to explore the prime location of…; "Click to explore now". Below will be the infographic. If you do this, you will not be able to run the ad because it is limited by the amount of text in the image.


With a beautifully designed interface, infographic has quickly been used by marketers to present real estate content. If you look at it a bit, it has been adopted by a number of market research companies and has been very successful. The most visible element of an infographic is visualization. Through pictures, eye-catching colors, integrating research information, it helps to retain and create reader interaction.

Content marketing should be seen as a way to create value for readers. Whether it is traditional real estate content or catching up with the trends, it is necessary to provide the most accurate information to bring high efficiency.

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Use pictorial objects

Infographics make the numbers more vivid and easier to write on the mind of the reader
Infographics make the numbers more vivid and easier to write on the mind of the reader

The use of symbolic images to represent messages to be conveyed will attract viewers' attention. Create perspective images of projects, gadgets with computers, phones as reference for smart projects, 4.0 or use the app to update information, buy, sell, invest.

Writing real estate content that attracts readers is a skill that can be learned and practiced every day.

Hope the above shares will help you to resolve concerns about real estate content.

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