Woo Import Export v3.1.0 - Best WooCommerce Store Import Export Plugin

Woo Import Export

Woo Import Export is an easy, fast and advanced import & export plugin for website data.

Woo Import Export gives you the ability to export your website data to a variety of file formats, and you can import those files into any of your websites. All types Products, Orders, Product Categories, Coupons, Reviews and Users Your import / export is just a click away. A great way to manage WooCommerce Store data between multiple websites.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/13694764

  • Salient Features Woo Import Export - CodeCanyon

Woo Import Export Plugin

  • Pause, Resume & Stop import and export process

  • Background import & export

  • Scheduled import & export

  • Powerful filter Available to import and export

  • Map Drag & Drop Field

  • 15+ AddOns to support multiple plugins

  • Support many formats for import and export

  • Import Log

Woo Import Export - Export Addons

Pause, Resume & Stop

  • Import and export can be Pause, Continue & Stop.

  • The plugin supports Pause and Continue with import & export in the background

  • You can stop any import & export processing

Background import & export

  • Woo Import Export run in the background.

  • Background import & export can be paused, resumed and stopped.

  • Multiple imports & exports can be processed at the same time.

  • Simple import & export can be converted to import & export background

Powerful filter

  • You can filter any data as you export as the product id is greater than 50.

  • to import, filters are available to filter your uploaded file data

Field management

  • To export, you can rearrange and edit fields with just one click.

  • To import, drag and drop existing field mapping facilities.

Format multiple files

  • Supports multiple file formats for import and export

  • Support zip archive

  • Supports CSV format, XLS, XLSX, JSON, TXT, ODS and XML

Schedule import & export

  • schedule Woo Import Export automatic

  • Import export management

  • Support automatic export import

Process Log import log

Woo Import Export - Import Addons

  • Complete the login process is available

  • Step by step import each available record

More than 15 AddOns

  • ACF, ACF Pro

  • WPML

  • WooCommerce

  • Schedule import & export

  • and more

Woo Import Export v3.1.0 Changelog
- New Feature : Support Product Attribute Label and Slug Fields
- Fixed : Default set thumbnail not checked
- Fixed : Product Sale Price Start date and end Date not localize
- Fixed : Taxonomy thumbnail not set
- Fixed : Same name attribute conflict in import and export
- Fixed : Variation duplicate when attribute have space

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