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Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, you need to set up a good marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic. That's why you need social networking because it plays an important role in marketing! But how to use it properly? In this article, you will learn all the social media marketing tips.

What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Basic, social media Marketing is the use of different social networks to spread brand awareness.

Its continuous advertising method, combined with quality copywriting and visual aids (such as photos and videos), is used to reach a wider audience.

In particular, there are many reasons why social media marketing is almost necessary for every business:

  • Social Network is the platform to freely interact with potential customers, build trust and relationships
  • With the help of social networking, you can quickly reach many subjects
  • The cost of advertising on social media is much lower than advertising on media such as flyers, billboards or television.
  • Most social networks integrate real-time reporting of campaign effectiveness - this is a great way to measure marketing effectiveness.

What is a company doing Social Media Marketing?

By now, most business owners are aware of the importance of social networking in marketing. However, many of them do not have the right time or expertise to launch the appropriate campaign.

This is where social media marketing companies come in.

These companies offer comprehensive social media marketing packages like content creation, follower building, post scheduling, and more.

In short, their job is to maintain brand visibility and create an official communication channel between the company and the audience via social networks.

So, how do you find the best social media marketing companies? To help you choose, we've compiled a list of top choices:

first. Thrive Agency

social media marketing company thriveagency

Besides social media marketing, Thrive Agency also helps build email lists, SEO (Search engine optimization), social media marketing, PPC advertising management (pay per click) and many other great services.

This social media marketing company knows that every brand has its own needs - and they are very good at providing the right solution.

Moreover, Thrive Agency has a professional social network manager. They are the ones who are willing to provide well-calculated monthly reports and monitor the ROI (Return on Investment).

2. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive social media marketing company

As an advertising agency specializing in PPC management, Disruptive Advertising ensures you maximize the use of AdWords and Facebook Ads.

This is one of the most experienced online marketing agencies today. Their team has over 2,500 AdWords and Facebook! In addition, they also have experience testing on the site and analytical reports.

3. Social Media 55

social media marketing company socialmedia55

Increasing your social presence is hard - and Social Media 55 is ready to take that burden off your shoulders!

Tell them your goals, the experienced staff will organize the strategy to achieve this goal. Help you achieve certain revenue, accomplish your goals of joining social networks, etc.

What's more, they offer thousands of services, like interactive campaigns on Instagram, email marketing, SEO, PPC management, etc.


If you want to use social networking to show off your company mission, you can't blindly jump in.

You need a good social media marketing strategy so that all you spend is worth it, and succeed. Here is what you should consider:

  1. Set the right goal
  2. Find out which metrics to track
  3. Identify the target audience
  4. Decide on the message you will send

If you still need more explanation, don't worry! We will outline each point to help you plan your strategy immediately.

1. Set the right goals

First of all, knowing what your goals are trying to accomplish is very important with every social media marketing campaign.

There are many criteria to consider in good planning. Use goal setting strategies like techniques S.M.A.R.T will help you. Here's how:

  • Specific - "becoming more popular" is not a good goal. Technically, the popularity only increased slightly with each new follower. To succeed, make it a specific goal, such as "reach 2000 followers in January", or "post at least 3 videos per week", etc.
  • Measurable (Measurable) - after you have a specific goal, it's easier to measure. Not by emotion, but by what you see: the report, the number of followers, etc.
  • Attainable (Can be achieved) - Considering all factors such as the quality and quantity of human resources you have. Can you post hundreds of high quality visual documents every month with a group of 5 people? Make sure you have the means to achieve that goal.
  • Relevant (Relevant) - the question of "why". If you want to get more revenue by gaining more followers, it probably won't work. Instead, try gaining more real customer reviews (testimonials), because it has a bigger impact on sales.
  • Timely (Timely) - Deadlines play an important part in goals. It helps track the progress and evaluate your effectiveness.

Setting appropriate goals is important - and so does measurement. Avoid using false indications to evaluate results.

2. Find out which data to track

Most popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Each has its own integrated analysis reporting tool.

However, it is only a tool - and you decide which metrics are important to achieving the specific goal you think in mind.

Select goals below and use the guide to measure your progress.

  • Spread the identity - the more people you reach, the more people will know about your product. Track the number of followers, shares and retweets.
  • Increase interaction - Once followers start asking questions about your product, they are starting to care. Count the number of comments you get.
  • Turn followers into buyers - Followers are not meant to be buyers. You need to convince your audience that your product is worth their money. So make sure to keep the conversion rate very high.
  • Increase customer satisfaction - There is no better solution than hearing the answer directly from the customer. More reviews and testimonialThe more you rate your product, the better.

3. Determining target audience

Understanding the target audience is very important in a successful social media marketing campaign.

There are many factors you should study such as nationality, age, gender, etc.

Above all, to identify the right audience, you must know your product.

What does your product solve? For example, if it's an energy drink that's meant to keep people awake longer, you should focus on working in your mid-20s.

Another example - if you sell winter coats, you won't have many customers from tropical countries.

So what else can you do to find the right audience?

  • Existing customer research. If most of them are female, combining brand recognition with women can be a good idea.
  • Find the object that your opponent is targeting. A little reference can help you get a broader view. You can target the same audience with other competitors or markets but still be relevant.
  • Take the survey. If you are looking for a more direct answer, ask your followers to visit the site and ask them to tell you which products in the category interest them the most.

After defining the target audience, next you need to make sure the content matches the characteristics of the audience. It can help you to engage customers and develop relationships with them.

4. Choose the right style for the object

Different groups of people will behave differently - that's why you need to consider how they think, what they like and how they communicate.

This is important to keep you going what kind of message you need to send. There are basically two distinct styles you can use - formal and informal. Choosing the wrong tone will alienate your subject.

So how to know which tone suits the object best?

If you sell musical instruments like saxophone or violin, your target audience may be jazz and classical music lovers - Both seniors and young people have cool tastes. That is, you now know which tone to use - grave.

The same principle applies well to other products. If this is the target product young people as game console, use informal tones or common slang from gaming to interact with them.

After you've found all the theoretical knowledge, it's time to put them all together into a well-thought-out plan for a successful social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing strategies and tricks

Building a social media marketing plan takes some patience and dedication.

That is why we will present practical strategies and tips to help you get the most results.

  • Write great social media post content. Constantly posting different content will attract more followers and participate - posting videos, infographics and interesting articles.
  • Create a brand and stick with it. That is to say, a sudden change of style won't help - unless you rebrand. If not, stick with persona to avoid confusion.
  • Tracking competitors. If you are a new business owner, you will know the competition is fierce. Tracking your competitors can help you one step ahead - understand why they are different, what aspects they have missed, etc.

Different social networks yield different results

You can use many social networks but should use it differently.

Each person may have different approaches to achieve the desired results. We will guide many different social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Facebook - one of the largest social networks. The popularity of Facebook and its large audience are what make it a great marketing tool. Plus, Facebook Business Services provides Insights, which helps you better understand the performance of each article.
  • Twitter - nothing is better than putting your audience in a loop that continually receives information from you. Each article is more effective when written in the same way. In addition, news will spread quickly with instant sharing via the retweet button.
  • YouTube - If a picture says 1,000 words, think about using video. You can create content such as tutorials or introduce new products.
  • LinkedIn - There are two things you can do on LinkedIn. First, recruit new employees for the company. Second, target specific areas of the market. It's clear that people on LinkedIn are relatively more educated - this offers the opportunity to share content about brands or products deeper.
  • Reddit - combine the forum with social networks, you will have Reddit. You can find every topic - subreddit - related to your product. With a large user base, it can control a large portion of traffic your way.
  • Instagram - this is another social network with a great opportunity to reach potential customers quickly. Instagram is best suited for mobile devices, convenient to manage anywhere.

Moreover, it comes with sponsored posts that blend well with other content that the audience sees - this is a great way to gain followers.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Do you feel your efforts so far have not yielded the expected results? We understand this feeling. Natural reach can be hard to achieve - that's why you can try exploring paid options to make your campaign faster and easier.

So what will paid social advertising give you? For starters, you can spread brand identity in a few seconds.

Social networking is effective, so it can be very competitive. By investing some money, your content will be prioritized and displayed higher on the user's message board - even for those who don't follow you.

More, There is no limit to how much you can spend. You can customize the budget to fit your needs - the more you pay, the faster you reach your audience.

However, you need to consider a few factors when running paid ads. Please keep in mind the time that ads are displayed and the nature of the target audience.

For example, research which peak hours are right for the brand. Post at times when the target audience is most active.

Also, if you're dealing in expensive products, make sure you're not targeting people aged 13-16. This age may not have income - that is, you may not be earning revenue from them.

Paid social media marketing certainly has many benefits needed to motivate you to achieve your goals.

It is important that you choose this route. But one thing is for sure, you shouldn't underestimate getting organic traffic.


Now that you have learned the basic steps to an effective social media marketing campaign, all you have to do is start planning the campaign.

To conclude the article, we will summarize the steps you need to take to start a social media marketing campaign.

  • Set goals properly by making sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.
  • Understand the metrics used to measure the outcome of certain goals.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Choose content styles that match the behavior and interests of your audience.
  • Keep creating great content - and make sure to use social media in line with your goals.
  • Use paid social media marketing if needed.

That's all. Although social media marketing takes planning time, the results are not difficult to measure. Good luck!

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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