TOP 8 ways to find potential customers quickly, most effectively

For any business enterprise needs customers to survive. The first step is always finding potential customers and then turning them into loyal customers. So how do you identify the right object you are looking for? Article Writing Xuyen Viet will tell you 8 ways to find potential customers The fastest and most effective economy in 2020.

Find potential customers through the newspaper

The press has been a popular media form since ancient times. Its access to a large audience and among them can be potential customers for your business. Many people worry that the newspaper / magazine is gradually disappearing, do not worry. Because they are still very familiar and difficult to remove for many subjects, they believe in the legitimacy of the newspaper's information in established news agencies.

You can contact the newspaper editor and sign up to post information about your business or rent it PR posting service on electronic newspaper at a reasonable price. With a skillful introduction article about your product / company, it will certainly impact many customers who are really interested and come to you when needed.

Or you can follow the people who have just been honored, mention in the newspaper and send email (email) contact or congratulate them on their achievements. Don't forget to include company information, when they are happy to receive it, it may be your great partner in the future.

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8 golden tips to help attract potential customers for Sales people
8 golden tips to help attract potential customers for Sales people

Search through fairs and exhibitions

You can register to participate in fairs and exhibitions specialized in the field of activities of the company. Some famous fairs - exhibitions are held annually, such as Vietbuild (construction industry), VietFood (food industry), Vietnam Expo (International Trade), Viet MediPhar (medicine and pharmacy). ), ...

The advantages of this method not only help you freely display and promote the strengths of the products and services you are providing, but also create opportunities for you to interact directly with customers. Therefore, to convince the trust of customers before registering to participate in exhibitions and fairs, you need to prepare yourself a plan and ideas in the exhibition booth:

  • How will you arrange to attract customers?
  • A few small gift-giving games are also ideas that you consider.
  • What outstanding products will you bring to the exhibition booth? Discount programs, with gifts are sure to attract a large number of customers to find you.

Do not hesitate, do not update the event information about the time of the exhibition or fair to register the company / business a booth right away!

Vietnam Expo - Vietnam's largest international trade fair
Vietnam Expo - Vietnam's largest international trade fair

Search through workshops (seminars)

The third of 8 ways to find potential customers is to search through organizing or attending workshops. You can actively participate in seminars related to your products / services. There, potential customers will easily appear in very large numbers, possibly hundreds, even up to thousands of people. Attending a workshop is not likely to be more advanced.

If your financial ability is strong enough, have the courage to hold several seminars at different locations that will attract many participants. You can directly own and introduce details about company information, features of goods / services more fully. Potential customers will listen to your persuasion and can place an order right at the seminar.

Develop a Website SEO strategy to find customers

Entering the world of technology 4.0, when all utilities such as shopping, learning, exchanging information are being Internetized, traditional marketing methods seem to be getting backward. The world of Online Marketing is officially crowned and become the best method to reach potential customers.

Why? Because today when you need to find out any information with just a few operations on search engines like Google, Coc Coc, Firefox etc ... you will receive a series of suggestions to answer questions that you are having. . And surely, now you will click on the information on the first page, right?

Obviously, your customers are the same! They do not have too much time to surf dozens of search results to find your company / business. So now, you have to how users will see the product / service information that you are providing on the "golden table" of search engines. Safe, reasonable and optimal solution for you is to make one immediately SEO strategy Perfect website.

However, to promote the website to increase rankings is not a "one-way-soon" thing, it needs the whole process and needs a complete SEO strategy. Moreover, search engines in general or Google in particular is a playground, when officially joining the game you must follow the rules that it sets itself. If you make a mistake, your website will be blacklisted.

If you are not a professional in SEO Marketing, you can look to the companies that provide it Website SEO services quality reputation. They will be a partner to help your website quickly to the top of search, keep up the form, get a large number of potential customers, boost company / business revenue.

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SEO website is the solution to attract potential customers for businesses
SEO website is the solution to attract potential customers for businesses

Find customers via telesale - phone sales

This is one of 8 ways to find potential customers that many companies / businesses apply. Especially companies operating in the fields of real estate, education - training, insurance, pharmaceuticals - cosmetics, etc. With a phone sales consultancy, you will have the opportunity to present chapters. attractive promotions or offers being rolled out to our customers.

However, to find potential customers by this method, you need a quality data system. That data can be bought back from specialized data providers who want your product.

The data collected from customers must meet some basic information including: phone number, name, age, needs they need and the business can supply. Then, when the customer has decided to buy for the first time, you will add more details to serve the next sale.

Search through popular social networks

Currently, there are countless of these Social Network was born and attracted a lot of regular users. Typically, such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, ... With the number of users exceeding the quarter of the world's population and more than 58 million users in Vietnam, Facebook is a "delicious cake" for you to acquire. customer. Or social networks of Vietnamese people like Zalo with up to 47 million users. Every day, people access social networks and are interested in many items. And certainly, the product of your business is no exception.

You can create 1 fanpage, a separate group for businesses to leave customers information and contact you, interact with them. The quality articles published and shared on social networking sites will attract more potential customers to follow. Or you can hire to run ads directly on your product to find potential customers.

Making the most of the use of MXH will surely attract a large number of customers that you are targeting
Making the most of the use of MXH will surely attract a large number of customers that you are targeting

Use email - marketing to attract potential customers

Have you ever received promotional emails from any company / business? If so, try opening the email to see what information they send you. If your guess is right, these are the special offers and promotions for you, right? This is the form of finding customers via email - marketing.

So where do you find the exact email address of your customers? It is through inviting to receive promotional notifications via email when customers visit your website, coming here, you probably already see the importance of SEO web already!

In addition, you can search for customer information by buying personal information about the sales method on the phone, which has been outlined above.

Having a customer email address will you do? Of course, immediately compose a piece of attractive welcome information with promotions, discount vouchers, discount coupons, gifted basic courses, etc. to send to your customers. Add the "Share to Friends" feature and encourage them to send emails so that each customer is the bridge for a new customer.

Research and learn from rivals

Finally, in 8 ways to find potential customers that you cannot ignore, learn and research your competitors. In any field, service, product, there are certain competitors, so you need to "Know who knows us" then "Hundred battles win hundred".

To research competitors, you need to analyze and recognize the problem from them: how they have used, where they advertised, where they marketed or how they created the relationship to continue. reach potential customers. From there, you will consider, select and apply ways that fit your business model. Do not forget that you need to selectively acquire each method, avoid stereotypes that lead to unnecessary failures.


Above are 8 ways to find potential customers most effectively Writing Articles Xuyen Viet Researched and synthesized to you. Each method will be applied and effective differently depending on the investment costs, models, products / services that the company / business is providing. Do research, choose for yourself some of the most appropriate ways, do not need too much just enough and know how to promote well, you will surely get a large number of potential customers according to the plan. Good luck!

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