The default way to install fonts in Excel is very simple

Normally when you create a new Excel file, the default font in Excel is a rather strange font. That's not the font Arial, Times New Roman, or the .Vn fonts ... At that time, every time you create an Excel file, you have to adjust the font accordingly. So, why don't you set the default font for Excel so that you do not have to adjust the font and font size each time you create a new Excel file?

The default way to install fonts in Excel is quite simple. You only need to install it once, and next time you won't need to adjust the font anymore. Installation is very simple. And in the context of this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share quickly, neatly with you about this content. You can refer directly to the video or content below.

Video tutorial on how to set a default font in Excel

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog shares very quickly and briefly. With only 2 minutes of video, you have mastered this installation operation. And for different versions of Excel, the default font setting is exactly the same. Especially, with versions of Excel from 2013 onwards, such as 2016, 2019 ..., the software interface is quite similar. So, no matter which version of Excel you use, the default font settings are the same for Excel. You can refer directly to the following video content:

Video sharing on how to set the default font shared on Do Bao Nam Blog channel.

How to set the default font in Excel in detail through each step

In addition to the video shared above, Do Bao Nam Blog also shares additional illustrations for each step. This is one of the basic Excel operations. Therefore, with only 02 very simple steps, you have successfully set the default font.

Step 1: Click File on the menu, then select Options. For some older versions of Excel, click the Office icon, then select Options.

Step 2: Right in the General tab, navigate to the Use this as the default font section. Here, you just need to choose an appropriate font to make the default font. If you want to set the default font size, then in the font size section below, you can increase or decrease it as you like. After you have installed the default font in Excel, click OK. And that is all.
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