ProjectHuddle v3.9.20 - Organized client feedback for designers and developers

ProjectHuddle Plugin

ProjectHuddle is a collaboration and design collaboration tool. Provided by WordPress, built for designers and developers.

Visual feedback is obviously like pasting notes about your web projects and projects. Image layout - Collect visual feedback right on top of design images, frames, logo thumbnails, photos, etc.

  • Salient features ProjectHuddle Plugin


  • Works with your existing WordPress site - no advanced configuration required.

  • Fine-tune colors, fonts, even layouts to fit your brand.

  • The code is clean, the code is clearly commented, there are countless hooks and subsystems for developers to expand.

  • Approve and logout of customers: Approving designs and mockups with just 1 click couldn't be easier.

  • Bug tracking: Scores, clicks and descriptions. Error reporting has never been so easy.

  • Collaborative development: Responsive and contextual UI feedback with your remote team.

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ProjectHuddle v3.9.20 Changelog
- Fix Website threads not loading on initial page visit for servers who couldn’t get the referring url.
- Fix Issue with comment scroll not working for resolved comments.
- Fix Some missing javascript translation strings.
- Fix Issue with popup sometimes happening if new comment threads are saved quickly right after one another.
- Fix SVG icons in admin task editor styling.
- Enhancement No longer eager-load resolved tasks on website pages for better performance.
- Fix Issue where comment locations sometimes resolved to ProjectHuddle container during xpath.
- Fix Styling missing on file uploads addon in website commenting introduced in 3.9.15.
- Fix Fix large Chrome spacing issue with mockup comments introduced in 3.9.14.
- Enhancement Smaller css bundles for website commenting.


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