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Permalink Manager Pro

Permalink Supervisor Professional is essentially the most superior however person pleasant permalink plugin for WordPress. With Permalink Supervisor Professional, You possibly can simply management all of your permalinks for posts, pages, customized publish sorts, classes, tags, customized taxonomies and WooCommerce retailer. It would additionally aid you get better permalinks or change any phrase in your URL with just some clicks.

Permalink Used to hyperlink to a particular weblog publish or discussion board, to person profiles on social networks. A daily hyperlink generally comprises lots of service data (the session quantity, the present part of the positioning, and many others.). Everlasting hyperlinks are shorter, simpler to learn, and include solely data to go to the specified web page.


  • Salient options Permalink Supervisor Professional - Greatest WordPress Permalink Editor

Feature Permalink Manager Pro - Best WordPress Permalink Editor

  • Customise WooCommmerce permalinks

  • Customized publish sorts & permalinks classification

  • Edit a number of permalinks directly

  • Mechanically redirect outdated permalinks

  • Add customized fields to WordPress permalinks

  • Duplicate permalinks slugs

  • Directions for eradicating slugs product and product-category Don't use the plugin

Get rid of letters product within the path

* Code Bỏ /product/ hoặc /cua-hang/ hoặc /store/ ... có hỗ trợ dạng %product_cat%
* Thay /cua-hang/ bằng slug hiện tại của bạn
perform devvn_remove_slug( $post_link, $publish ) {
if ( !in_array( get_post_type($publish), array( 'product' ) ) || 'publish' != $post->post_status ) {
return $post_link;
if('product' == $post->post_type){
$post_link = str_replace( '/cua-hang/', '/', $post_link ); //Thay cua-hang bằng slug hiện tại của bạn
$post_link = str_replace( '/' . $post->post_type . '/', '/', $post_link );
return $post_link;
add_filter( 'post_type_link', 'devvn_remove_slug', 10, 2 );
/*Sửa lỗi 404 sau khi đã take away slug product hoặc cua-hang*/
perform devvn_woo_product_rewrite_rules($flash = false) {
international $wp_post_types, $wpdb;
$siteLink = esc_url(home_url('/'));
foreach ($wp_post_types as $sort=>$custom_post) {
if($sort == 'product'){
if ($custom_post->_builtin == false) {
$querystr = "SELECT {$wpdb->posts}.post_name, {$wpdb->posts}.ID
FROM {$wpdb->posts}
WHERE {$wpdb->posts}.post_status = 'publish'
AND {$wpdb->posts}.post_type = '{$sort}'";
$posts = $wpdb->get_results($querystr, OBJECT);
foreach ($posts as $publish) {
$current_slug = get_permalink($post->ID);
$base_product = str_replace($siteLink,'',$current_slug);
add_rewrite_rule($base_product.'?$', "index.php?{$custom_post->query_var}={$post->post_name}", 'high');
add_rewrite_rule($base_product.'comment-page-([0-9]{1,})/?$', 'index.php?'.$custom_post->query_var.'='.$post->post_name.'&cpage=$matches[1]', 'high');
add_rewrite_rule($base_product.'(?:feed/)?(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$', 'index.php?'.$custom_post->query_var.'='.$post->post_name.'&feed=$matches[1]','high');
if ($flash == true)
add_action('init', 'devvn_woo_product_rewrite_rules');
/*Repair lỗi khi tạo sản phẩm mới bị 404*/
perform devvn_woo_new_product_post_save($post_id){
international $wp_post_types;
$post_type = get_post_type($post_id);
foreach ($wp_post_types as $sort=>$custom_post) {
if ($custom_post->_builtin == false && $sort == $post_type) {
add_action('wp_insert_post', 'devvn_woo_new_product_post_save');

Get rid of letters product-category within the path

* Take away product-category in URL
* Thay product-category bằng slug hiện tại của bạn. Mặc định là product-category
add_filter( 'term_link', 'devvn_product_cat_permalink', 10, 3 );
perform devvn_product_cat_permalink( $url, $time period, $taxonomy ){
swap ($taxonomy):
case 'product_cat':
$taxonomy_slug = 'product-category'; //Thay bằng slug hiện tại của bạn. Mặc định là product-category
if(strpos($url, $taxonomy_slug) === FALSE) break;
$url = str_replace('/' . $taxonomy_slug, '', $url);
return $url;
// Add our customized product cat rewrite guidelines
perform devvn_product_category_rewrite_rules($flash = false) {
$phrases = get_terms( array(
'taxonomy' => 'product_cat',
'post_type' => 'product',
'hide_empty' => false,
if($phrases && !is_wp_error($phrases)){
$siteurl = esc_url(home_url('/'));
foreach ($phrases as $time period){
$term_slug = $term->slug;
$baseterm = str_replace($siteurl,'',get_term_link($term->term_id,'product_cat'));
add_rewrite_rule($baseterm.'web page/([0-9]{1,})/?$', 'index.php?product_cat='.$term_slug.'&paged=$matches[1]','high');
add_rewrite_rule($baseterm.'(?:feed/)?(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$', 'index.php?product_cat='.$term_slug.'&feed=$matches[1]','high');
if ($flash == true)
add_action('init', 'devvn_product_category_rewrite_rules');

/*Sửa lỗi khi tạo mới taxomony bị 404*/
add_action( 'create_term', 'devvn_new_product_cat_edit_success', 10, 2 );
perform devvn_new_product_cat_edit_success( $term_id, $taxonomy ) {

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