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Facebook advertising provides an opportunity for businesses and advertisers to reach a large number of potential customers on Facebook, you can see that today there are many effective online business people through Facebook advertising. So how effective is Facebook advertising that so many people mention?

Wait, reading this means that you are also among those who have not yet imagined what is Facebook advertising? Anyway, here we are to help you, this article EQVN will help you understand everything about Facebook advertising and how you can make money from it.

1. What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a Facebook advertising service. There, advertisers pay a fee to be displayed ads that talk about promotions, product descriptions or information about services, brands of a certain business.


What is facebook ad?

Facebook ads are displayed in many different formats but must comply with Facebook conventions. These ads will appear in the news (Newsfeed).

2. Facebook advertising forms

Every day, you surf Facebook and often see ads. However, each time you come across ads with different formats. The truth is that Facebook ads have a variety of advertising forms to bring different experiences to users to feel less bored.

Facebook advertising forms

Forms in facebook advertising

So what types of advertising do Facebook ads include?

Facebook ads up to now have 10 different forms of advertising:

  • Interactive advertising

  • Instant experience ads

  • video advertising

  • Promotional advertising

  • event response ads

  • Advertise potential customers

  • The ad likes Fanpage

  • Slideshow ads

  • Carousel advertisement

  • advertisement collection

  • Image ad

3. How to calculate Facebook advertising fee

how to charge facebook ads

Facebook ads are charged with CPM

As mentioned at the beginning, Facebook ads are the type of paid ads for ads that appear on the facebook platform. Therefore, the charging mechanism of facebook ads is also based on that and is conventional in the form of an index called CPM (Cost Per Miles: according to the number of impressions on Facebook ads). In particular, CPM is understood as the cost to be paid for 1000 impressions on Facebook

4. What to prepare when deploying ads facebook ads

4.1. Content advertising facebook

Facebook advertising content

Content in facebook ads

Like any advertising platform, when we start, we need to have ad content ready.

A typical Facebook ad template would include the following information fields

  • Headline

  • Description

  • Call to action

  • Link link

  • Image of advertisement

4.2 - Image design facebook ads

An important factor in Facebook ads is the image element. Images in Facebook ads must conform to standards. Especially when adding text to images, attention should be paid to quantity issues. If you insert too much text and exceed 20% of the image will not be used to run Facebook ads. Therefore, compliance with the size regulations in the image design of facebook ads is very important

Facebook ad image size

Facebook advertising images

Some common sizes in Facebook ads

1200 × 628 (banner format)

900 × 603 (format of 1 horizontal rectangle, 3 squares)

598 × 900 (format of 1 vertical rectangle, 3 squares)

4.3. Fanpage facebook ads

facebook fanpage advertising

facebook Fanpage

An indispensable element in the process of Facebook advertising is creating a facebook fanpage. Facebook Fanpage is considered as a place for you to post information as well as articles to run facebook ads. In addition, Facebook Fanpage is also the place where users will contact advertisers via messenger messages. In a nutshell, Fanpage can be considered a house in which images, articles, videos are considered items to decorate the house.

4.4. Facebook advertising account

When stepping into the path of Facebook advertising, besides personal Facebook accounts, also known as facebook profiles, we also have to get acquainted with another type of account called advertising accounts. Facebook advertising account is where you will perform the operation of setting up Facebook ads as well as managing various advertising campaigns. Facebook advertising accounts are considered to represent the people who do Facebook advertising.

4.5. Facebook advertising object

Facebook advertising objects

Target facebook ad audience

In the activity of setting up Facebook ads we will be familiar with 1 term as an advertising object. Facebook advertising object will include 3 types of stars: custom objects, similar objects, saved objects. Facebook advertising object will help the first advertiser is to reach the right target customers, next once they reach the right customers, the cost to reach customers will also reduce compared to when reaching the wrong target.

Facebook advertising object is one of the factors that is considered as a valuable data source, considered as the property of individuals or businesses when advertising Facebook

4.6. Payment card for advertising facebook

In the process of setting up Facebook ads, advertisers also need to prepare a payment card. For Facebook ads, both Visa and Master cards are accepted by Facebook. Currently on the market there are many banks offering Visa or Master card services.

Payment card in facebook advertising

Select payment card facebook ads

For making payment cards for Facebook ads, there will be many options at different banks from Visa to Master, but each bank and card type will have different advantages and disadvantages.

So when using Facebook ads should we use what kind of tags? Suggestions will be provided by EQVN in detail in another article

4.7. Facebook advertising policies

Facebook advertising policy

Understand facebook advertising policy

When we participate in any game we need to understand the rules of the game. Facebook is no exception, when you participate in Facebook advertising activities, you will need to understand the Facebook advertising policies issued. Facebook advertising policy will govern what is not allowed, what is restricted, what is not allowed

5. Benefits when implementing facebook ads

We've talked a lot about Facebook advertising so far, but the benefits of facebook advertising are not mentioned. In fact the market shows that Facebook advertising is bringing certain effects to online business people. Besides, facebook ads also support advertisers. Specifically, what are the benefits that EQVN will introduce in the next articles

In general, from a business perspective, Facebook advertising helps increase sales revenue, reduce costs, provide many forms of advertising as well as target the right target audience.

6. Difference between Facebook and Google ads

Besides Facebook ads that are very popular, another type of advertising is also attracted by the community of advertisers who is Google ads. What are the basic differences between Facebook and Google ads?

Facebook ads and Google ads

Compare facebook ads and google ads

Facebook ads are social network-based ads, charged based on impressions (CPM).

Google ads are ads based on the search engine platform (Search Engine), charged based on the number of clicks (CPC)

In addition, these two types of advertising also have distinct points, details will be introduced in detail in another article by EQVN.

7. To deploy facebook ads effectively

In order to deploy Facebook effectively, advertisers need to be well prepared, the more thorough and detailed preparation process, the easier it will be to succeed when implementing Facebook ads.

Effective facebook advertising

Advertise facebook so effectively

The preparation process is a very important step that contributes to the success of Facebook advertising. Therefore, absolutely do not neglect or skip the smallest step. Once we have detailed the preparation process, then we have a basis for knowing what stage of the problem is corrected.

Details of preparation for effective implementation of facebook ads will be introduced in another article by EQVN.

8. Update more knowledge on facebook ads

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8.3. Learn about Facebook Marketing overview

For more information about the overview of Facebook Marketing, you can read at the reference list of Facebook Marketing here.

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