Keyword Research Secrets for Successful SEO Campaigns - Self-study SEO from beginner to advanced

I observed and found that there is a very familiar situation of SEOer that is the keyword to the top but the business / website owner company they do not pay and complain, blame them for believing that we SEO. What to do when they can't get an order.

With the old concept but also many of you do SEO, I see people only care about getting the keyword to the top and plowing a lot to get it to the top, but skip one very important stage when researching keywords. . Those measurements do not mean anything if you do not have a customer from a lot of those visits. So where did we go wrong from the start?

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1. Common mistakes when doing Keyword Research.

People when doing keyword research, always pay attention to the so-called Search Volume (monthly search volume), it is not wrong for you to care about the monthly search volume of the keyword, because if the keyword is not searched, it will not matter to the top SEO.

However, we are too focused on researching the Search Volume of keywords, focusing only on words that have good search volume without taking the time to delve into the study of so-called "Traffic Intents". - or simply understand "Commercial significance of the keyword" is also "Visitor intent" expressed through that keyword, even if the website is on the top, you do not get orders.

About "Traffic Intent - Intention of visitors" I mentioned before in the entire keyword research guide, here, I will go into details for you to better understand Traffic Intent through the classification. the "Commercial sense of keywords" types and how you can make good choices of this keyword.

2. 4 types of “commercial meanings of keywords” you need to consider.

Among the numerous keywords available in the world, I can group them into the 4 most common types and for each, corresponding to the website form you need SEO, I will note that you need to focus more on the type. "Commercial meaning" of any keyword.

I will use the common English term in SEO when it comes to keywords. I target the audience you do MMO, SEO for foreign websites it is much more difficult than the Vietnamese website, in my experience.

Buy Now Keywords - Purchase keywords

These are keywords that make sure that when a Google user (I call it Searcher quickly) makes typing in the Search Box, the chances are they are making a purchase.

"Buy Now Keywords" contains or starts with common words such as:

  • Buy
  • Coupon
  • Discount
  • deal
  • Shipping[/tab] [tab]
  • Buy (Example: Buy khaki jogger pants)
  • Promotion
  • Fast delivery Sale (Example: place of selling roses in Dalat)
  • Free ship[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Examples of these keywords are Buy Now: "Buy bonsai online", "Shop for men's clothing free ship", "VPS Vultr Discount", "Buy kid toy online"

These keywords have extremely high conversion rates, maybe when you do Research with Google Keyword Planner, these keywords do not have a good amount of Search Volume but make sure that, if you implement the SEO plan surrounding the This keyword, it will bring you many orders.

Product Keywords - Product keywords

Product keywords simply mean searches that specifically represent a specific product, brand or service. When Searcher made typing into the Search Box product keywords, they had an intention to buy, but their buying behavior would not come as fast as a keyword buy - buy now keywords.

Product keywords will contain the following words:

  • Review / Evaluation
  • Best / Best
  • Specific brand names (The Face Shop, Nike ...)
  • Product specific
  • Cheap / Cheap
  • Compare / Compare (Comparison)[/box]

For example, when a user performs a search with the keyword "genuine cheap asus" or "cheap smartphone", "cheap laptops", at this time, they are looking for a place to buy with the affordable segment. with them.

Information Keywords - Keyword information.

Most of the content available today is surrounded by information keywords, however, as I mentioned in the Traffic Intent section in the AZ Keyword Research article, users search for this type of keyword, they need it. Learn about information, supplement knowledge rather than buying intent.

However, you must not ignore information keywords, with SEO trends focusing on content production, these informational keywords will help you push keywords with good purchase intent to the top.

The keyword information will include the following words (this one you do MMO on niche sites, authority sites, review sites is very familiar)

  • How to / How to
  • Tutorial / Instructions
  • Best way to / The best way to
  • The method to / Method / method [/box]

With this kind of informational keyword, you are looking for words that have a high search volume (Search Volume) and less competition.

Free keywords

I also do not know how to name this type of keyword, but roughly when users search for this type of keyword, they almost do not intend to buy but want to use for free.

With websites doing reviews or selling digital products, there will be this problem quite a lot, keywords like this will contain words like:

  • Free / Free
  • Download / Download
  • ... for free [/box]

However, as I said throughout my articles, my opinion is that SEO is marketing, you cannot succeed but only know only SEO to the top, you must make use of all knowledge. , situations appear to turn it into an effective marketing strategy, helping increase conversion rates.

With this type of keyword, you might consider making a give away program, giving away a free trial for the product. Offer Combo packages with preferential prices to stimulate purchases. This is my own personal opinion, you can flexibly apply it.

3. The note to choose effective SEO keywords

After you have mastered the four most common commercial meanings of a keyword, you can conduct research to see which keyword has the highest purchase intent.

To do this, I have the following suggestion:

  • Use Google Keyword Planer to see the Google Adwords bid of the keywords, the higher the bid price, the more keywords they intend to buy the more visitors.

see more : How to use Google Keyword Planner

  • Use the search box, search for the keyword you want to SEO and if you see many Adwords ads appear in the SERPs, that keyword has a high conversion rate from visitors to buyers.

4. Conclusion

When doing SEO, in addition to having fun when the website with the keyword that you SEO is on the top, now you need to pay more attention to the so-called Conversion Rate of customers.

Through analysis intent to access of customers contained in commercial meaning of keyword types, plan to spend more time analyzing this aspect when embarking on SEO for a website, so that SEOers are not only considered SEOs but also motivators. sales for the website that I do SEO 😉

If the knowledge in this article is confusing for you, start with Keyword Research by reading your entire Keyword Research Guide!
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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