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After 8 years, Google Shopping will display product listings for free, in order to take advantage of competition with Amazon in providing search engine products. Phrase “Google Shopping is free” There has been a lot of interest since Google launched this move.

Google Shopping does not charge a list of displayed products

Google Shopping product list display

1. What is Google Shopping for free?

This is an important step taken by Google when it is free Google search results on Google Shopping or can be understood as "Google Shopping without charge".

Google's new policy aims to create better links for sellers with consumers, whether they advertise on Google or not. It is expected that this change will take effect in the United States at the end of April and will expand more globally until the end of this year.

Many businesses and retailers have had to close their operations because the COVID-19 epidemic has triggered this move to overcome the current crisis. He Bill Ready, Google's President of Commerce said:

For businesses and retailers, this change will give them free access to millions of people who come to Google every day based on shopping needs. For shoppers, that means more products are displayed from more stores, customers can explore through the Google Shopping tabs. For advertisers, this means paid campaigns can now be supported with free product listings.

2. Why is Google announcing this remarkable change?

During the charging period, the product search feature from Google had quality issues. Product search results often end with the supplier being out of stock, or the images posted for sale and the product received are completely different.

The reason why Google announced this remarkable change

Google Shopping

The emergence of Amazon and the big Google lost its market share. Google Shopping has made a serious mistake when limiting the number of impressions of products that are searched on the Google Shopping site, which has somewhat affected Google's image. Policy publication “Google Shopping is free” is Google's strategy of regaining its competitive position compared to other competitors in the market.

Google Shopping does not charge a list of displayed products

Google vs Amazon

Google is attracting hits from merchants and buyers by providing a completely free service for Businesses and retailers. For advertisers in the E-Commerce and search engine optimization (SEO) industry, the challenge of optimizing natural occurrence is not small.

3. Google Shopping is free of charge and identifiable

a) Location appears

On the location of the Google Shopping tab bar, Google will no longer charge a fee to display a product listing (Free listings). As such, there is absolutely no charge for the product to be displayed on Google Shopping anymore. There will be no more barriers for sellers to post products and information on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping does not charge a list of displayed products

Google Shopping

The main Google search menu has not changed and the product lists as Carousel are advertisements, and the ads will show only in the first part. The tabs below will display ads without charge.

b) Google Merchant Center

The product data after being uploaded to Google Merchant Center will be displayed for free as a list. Merchant Center was released by Google at 1 year ago, businesses and retailers can display their products in the search results area, including Google image search. A recent update, Google with "Popular Products" has allowed to display the product list in that section.

Google Shopping does not charge a list of displayed products

Google Shopping - Google Merchant Center

c) PayPal integration

Google Shopping and new policies, Google partnered with PayPal with the purpose of helping merchants link accounts in Merchant Center. Also help Google can verify seller reliability faster.

Google also works with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce to help businesses control inventory and products more easily.

4. Opportunities for breaking through COVID-19 for businesses

This is a great opportunity for Businesses to seize this valuable opportunity as Google Shopping offers a lot of potential to reach customers and grow revenue that has been significantly damaged during the season.

A study has shown that Google Shopping can increase 35% click (CPC), 79% single closing rate, double sales and save 25% of costs.

Once "Google Shopping without charge" is applied in Vietnam, local businesses and retailers will be able to post products to Google Shopping for 0 dong, which will contribute to the performance. business of the business.

In order to apply the new policy and turn this opportunity into a profit, you only need to meet a few requirements set by Google.

  • Sign in to Google Merchant Center.

  • Standardized Website Ownership is based on important criteria set by Google.

  • Connect and sync products to Google Merchant automatically.

To complete these steps, you only need to learn a few techniques about the Website and Google. However, many Website owners do not meet the criteria set by Google for the Website, or take a long time to get used to. Google Merchant Center.

You can refer to more about Google Ads course At EQVN, the course will help you have an overview of the ads displayed on Google and save more time to get acquainted with Google Ads.

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