WordPress eCommerce plugin to create sales website


WordPress eCommerce plugin to create sales website - Is using WordPress for ecommerce good or bad?

I recently found myself in the e-commerce community: where members are debating the value of WordPress as an e-commerce platform. I wanted to hear from them about WordPress so I asked for feedback from them. A few naive members commented that WordPress is only good for website installation.

Today WordPress is the world's most popular CMS. It is flexible, scalable to use to create everything from personal websites to huge online publishing platforms. It's the best option to install an e-commerce business, even if you have the next technical know-how.

Some WordPress statistics

WordPress is awesome!

Five facts that illustrate WordPress's ability to set up e-commerce websites:

  • Over 60% of ALL websites use WordPress as a CMS.
  • The term ‘WordPress’ is searched 400 million times per month on Google.
  • 1/6 of the most visited websites on the Internet are created using WordPress.
  • WordPress is completely free, open source, supported by a large community.
  • It is constantly updated to improve functionality and security.

60% of websites are wrong in choosing? With the right plugin, WordPress becomes a very powerful, reliable e-commerce platform.

How to choose the best WordPress eCommerce plugin?


WordPress e-commerce plugin is a flourishing market. However, the entire plugin is not created equal, you need to perform a feature comparison carefully to find the perfect match for the requirements you need.

Some e-commerce plugins are good for selling digital goods, while others are better suited for selling physical goods that require shipping and inventory management. Several WordPress eCommerce plugins are created to serve both.

You need to choose a plugin based on what you sell and the features you need to effectively manage an ecommerce website. More importantly, you need to consider which payment gateway you use to accept payments. Make sure the selected plugin that supports the port is selected by default or through an add-on.

Next is the interface compatibility question. On rare occasions, plugins conflict with interface features, code bases. However, if you have chosen the industry-standard interface and plugins, compatibility is not a problem. No matter what problems arise, you always trust the support provided by the interface developer, plugin.

Even if there is a web developer on the team, it still needs help over time. So choose an ecommerce plugin with a strong support team capable of providing timely, competent support to your team.

The best WordPress ecommerce plugin

  1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin. Accumulate more than 64 million downloads. More than 40% of online sales websites are created at WooCommerce. You use this plugin to create an online sales website. Whether you are a small-scale retailer or a business, WooCommerce will accommodate you.

Although it is a free plugin, WooCommerce has many administrative functions: from managing payment methods and taxes to reporting to view sales trends and stock reports. It also agrees to manage coupons and discounts on imported products.

What makes WooCommerce exclusive?

  • Free: Completely free! With countless ecommerce plugins out there, only a few really create a smooth e-commerce website. However, very few of them are expensive except for WooCommerce.
  • Created on WordPress: WordPress supports over 32% of online websites, the most reliable for frequent updates. Ensure CMS is always at the forefront of security, updating the latest web standards.
  • Website integration: Website helps you sell more content to rank website. WordPress helps you simple and convenient website creation. No need to create your own website.
  • Unlimited customization: This is not difficult because thousands of skins available to change the look of the website. Most specific WooCommerce interfaces are free.
  • Strong community: The WordPress community is dedicated to helping others for a short time, they have a good reputation for the best support.
  • High scalability: WooCommerce is expanded to suit each person's needs. Many plugins, extensions, extensions of WooCommerce. These plugins are essential in personalizing the functionality of your sales website.
  1. Easy Digital Downloads


If you are looking for a plugin to sell digital files, I recommend downloading Easy Digital Downloads

This is a free WordPress sales website plugin developed specifically for selling images, audio and video files. You also use WooCommerce to sell online courses.

It has integrated PayPal, Amazon Payments to help you sell digital content. There is also a premium extension that integrates e-commerce with various tools to collect reviews, automate email marketing, and store files in cloud.

What makes digital downloads easy exclusive?

  • Many features: It agrees you install the shopping cart page, choose different payment methods, create file packages, use discount codes, etc.
  • Customer management: It has an advanced customer management system that agrees you to view, edit, delete, track value, lifetime customer activity.
  • Embedded gadget: It comes with a few basic utilities that show up in the sidebar: download cart, purchase history with the same category, or download keyword.
  • Data report: The integrated system provides you with detailed statistical reports such as daily income, categories, taxes collected by year, revenue, API request log.
  • Payment history: You get the interface for every online transaction record, so you don't need to find any other plugin.
  • External file storage: Sometimes the WordPress media library is not enough to store database files. This is why EDD integrates Amazon S3, Dropbox in the platform.

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  1. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart


Ecwid stands for e-commerce widget, is a free, easy to install and customize WordPress e-commerce plugin. It is flexible, customizing extras, which involves buying a paid version that has three types: Joint, Business, Unlimited.

Is a comprehensive, affordable e-commerce solution including: web, mobile and social shops. Sale anytime, anywhere! Ecwid makes it easy to access and manage stores while you are on the move.

Thanks to Ecwid installation, you start selling large-scale products whenever you want. It works with major carriers, FedEx, UPS, automatically calculating the shipping costs of each product. Taxes available in Canada, the United States, and European Union VAT are automatically calculated.

What makes ecwid e-commerce carts exclusive?

  • Selling anywhere: Selling anytime and anywhere through smartphone applications, Facebook pages, markets like eBay. Easily control the store from anywhere on any device.
  • Product Management: Control, edit options, combine products based on product features. Update rankings, change stocks, weights, availability with just a few taps.
  • Order process: Receive notifications whenever orders are placed, processing orders where you are now. Just launch the app to notify customers about order updates or request more information.
  • Accept payment: Choose from over 40 secure payment options, start accepting payments to help customers control smoothly.
  1. BigCommerce for WordPress


BigCommerce has launched a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress that integrates directly with the BigCommerce tool. It combines platform flexibility, agrees millions of merchants to use WordPress to expand, customize e-commerce websites.

It supports the front-end experience, when the trading tool deals with the business side. This plugin provides catalog, order management, shipment tracking, invoicing, online transactions, etc.

What makes BigCommerce for WordPress exclusive?

  • Experience seamlessly: It has integrated all the features needed to grow large-scale online businesses without affecting website content or user experience.
  • Intuitive control panel: You have a single dashboard from which you manage orders, deliveries, catalog updates for multiple websites.
  • Simple payment process: the developer has also created a personalized buyer experience, ensuring the most convenient payment process.
  • Unlimited scalability: Creating complex lists, managing large orders becomes easier for you to focus more on the store.
  • Security features: This plugin manages the security aspect, providing you a secure e-commerce website with reduced risk, more resources to use elsewhere.
  • Dark Optimized and AMP-Ready: It supports the standard WordPress method to overwrite template files for you to modify ready-to-use projects including the AMP page.
  1. Jigoshop eCommerce


Jigoshop eCommerce offers a complete set of solutions for any type of WordPress e-commerce website. It is backed by a team of professional developers, with years of experience, available to provide you with helpful tips and tricks.

This plugin is designed for all types of products: digital products, modified products, affiliate products, accompanying products.

It provides detailed store performance reports, it helps you manage your inventory, provides you with other extensions to optimize the Jigoshop experience.

In addition, it also provides various payment gateway extensions, marketing enhancements, also available. Some of these extensions are provided by third party developers.

What makes Jigoshop Ecommerce exclusive?

  • Modern design: The interface is very user friendly, making it easy to manage your online store.
  • Reporting system: The module also offers many reporting features, including sales, online transactions, inventory data, and stock status.
  • Optimize PHP: Jigoshop developer has optimized the plugin for PHP 7+ server. This means they have cut down on runtime load, thus making it faster.
  • Add-on extensions: There are many extensions, skins that help you customize more stores, add extra features.
  1. Cart66 Cloud


Cart66 Cloud is the best WordPress ecommerce plugin!

With this plugin, you don't have to worry about security. It does the work for you to focus on business profits. It offers an integrated payment system that works perfectly with all types of payments, email centers to send newsletters, sign up online. You even sell music with WordPress!

Cart66 Cloud helps PCI compliant websites. This means it will be safe enough to collect and transfer credit card data. This is a must for e-commerce websites to collect sensitive information. This plugin also has Amazon S3 integration, so you sell digital products easily.

What makes Cart66 Cloud exclusive?

  • Production variant: Integrated product variation builder makes it easy to create, manage different fields for the product.
  • Ecommerce feature: full integration of essential e-commerce needs, inventory tracking, order alerts, recurring payments, etc.
  • Secure customer portal: This plugin comes with a connected service that secures order history, saved shipping addresses, and payment information.
  • Invoicing, transport: Price invoice, shipping in real time agree customers see costs based on the location of the option quickly.
  1. WP Ecommerce


WP E-Commerce is the most used WordPress e-commerce plugin for online sales websites. Free version complete with all features create, manage estore. However, unlike the paid version, you have no product searches or some unsupported payment gateways. It has two paid versions: $ 49 / month, $ 499 / year.

To create great e-commerce websites, you must add extensions to the basic paid plugin. However, the free version has good optimization for search engines, the most important social network integration.

What makes WP ecommerce exclusive?

  • Custom design: E-commerce WP pushes further customization by agreeing to use PHP tags specifically for WordPress, shortcodes, widgets.
  • Order page: All customer data on shopping cart content, payment items, shipping addresses are on the page to provide customers with a better user experience.
  • Payment module: Many online payment modules are supported: Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.net, Payment Express.
  • Support for social networks: It agrees that you import products from Facebook, Google Marketplace so customers can share them on most popular social networks.
  • Additional modules: Although there are paid modules, there are also free modules offered by the community including link platform, analytics, XML cart sitemap.
  1. WP EasyCart


WP EasyCart is a powerful e-commerce plugin that allows you to easily install your shopping cart to any online shopping website. You can also download software on your desktop, PC, Mac, iPad or Android to manage the shopping cart anytime, anywhere.

It supports more than 30 payment gateways, multiple languages, currencies, coupons, promotion systems. This plugin has also integrated Google Analytics to receive accurate reports creating share buttons for each product.

WP EasyCart includes three different cart versions to meet all online shopping website needs: Free, Professional, Premium.

What makes WP EasyCart exclusive?

  • Order management: It agrees you manage orders, print sales receipts, delivery notes, add shipping notes, send emails to customers, view order information.
  • Marketing tool: It is SEO optimized for each product, menu, category you create to sell products. It supports sharing on social networks, agreeing that visitors immediately link to the product you sell.
  • Support Payment Gateways: It integrates PayPal Express, Square, Stripe to receive payments from around the world safely and quickly.
  • Shipping, Taxes: It has a wide table shipping rate for the system based on price, weight, quantity, percentage, tax based on state / province, country.

Wrapped again!

WordPress was originally created to become a website writing platform. It has achieved great success by expanding not just its website but also for more complex websites like e-commerce websites. If you want to open an e-commerce website, the aforementioned plugin is very useful, from product display standpoint to great shopping cart system.

With huge strides, WordPress is catching up, compared to the most famous platform for creating e-commerce websites. I have no doubt today it is the best e-commerce platform for online sellers.

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. https://www.nguyendiep.com/. Mr Cuong.
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