Using discount codes WooCommerce to increase website sales


What is the discount code?

One of the ways that WooCommerce helps you sell products is through coupons. That's one of the business marketing tips: give your customers a special discount!

In the past, coupons were published in magazines. People will cut them off with scissors and bring them to the store to be able to request a discount. Coupons make guests feel happy and pleasant. They are getting a deal that not everyone gets or a deal that is not available on most days.

WooCommerce allows you to reward customers while driving sales. Find out how you can add coupons to WooCommerce so your customers can claim discounts via code.

WooCommerce coupon management

After installing WooCommerce plugin on WordPress, you need to enable coupons through WooCommerce installation.

To do this, visit your WooCommerce dashboard to navigate WooCommerce → Settings → Payments to enable coupons.

During the checkout process, you can see the coupon tab there and the option to allow the use of checked coupons, which means the Coupon can be applied from cart and bar page. maths.


Now, you should decide what kind of discount your online store will offer. Think carefully to maximize your sales but also consider generating revenue.

Once you've decided on a discount, it's time to add the new WooCommerce discount code. To do this, go to WooCommerce → Coupons → Add Coupon.

After clicking Add coupon, you will be redirected to the next page where you may need to enter details about the WooCommerce coupon. First you will need to enter: the WooCommerce discount code can be either numbers or letters. If you want to add 20% to the Holiday Season, the WooCommerce code may look like Holiday20 Offer. Choosing more relevant code also helps your visitors convert better. And the second option is optional but I also recommend adding a description as people can better understand WooCommerce discount code description.

Suppose I am selling LED TV with a special discount of 35%.


When a customer is checking from your store's shopping cart, they will enter the promotion code, LED35 LED, 35% discount.

There are three parts that define the nature of a WooCommerce coupon: General, Restricted Use, and Limited.

General settings

You will specify the type of discount. There are a total of three types of discounts, allowing very flexibility for you as a web host.

  • Percentage discount

  • Fixed shopping cart discount

  • Fixed discounts on selected products

I would choose option 1 because I will be discounting (35%) for the selected products (LED TVs only). In the school's coupon number field, simply enter a numeric value. Based on your choice of discount type, the system will select the unit itself.

  • Free shipping

If you have activated free shipping and you want to send free shipping to your guests to make them more satisfied, check the box that allows free shipping.

  • Coupon expiry date

Do not forget to enter the coupon expiry date! Coupons will no longer be special if you continue their discount for an indefinite period!

For reference, see screenshot below.


As the name suggests, this tab allows you to set restrictions on leveraging coupons. This is to ensure that coupons are only applied by customers for the products or services you are offering.

  • Minimum spending and maximum spending

The minimum spending school for Cameron is to set the minimum subtotal required to use the WooCommerce coupon. The total amount and the shopping cart tax are included in this minimum spending field. I chose the minimum spend on my WooCommerce coupon like $ 100. You can also enter the maximum spend amount in the next field.

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  • Use only in certain quantities

This section helps prevent the use of many WooCommerce coupons ..

  • Excludes the product

Other school exclusion products are the opposite, and any products you specify here may not be in the shopping cart for coupons applied.


My favorite area in setting up this coupon is Product Category. I can easily assign coupons to a specific product category; In this case, LED TV. You can also enter a list of email addresses allowed to take advantage of coupons.

This is a simple tab. The first school asks how many coupons can be used to buy items from the store? I have a 50 LED TV store I want to sell, so I set a limit of 50.

The second field asks, Usage limit for item X so I add 1.

The third school asks, how many times can an individual use the WooCommerce discount code to buy? Can one make multiple purchases on different days and take advantage of this discount? I don't want that to happen, so I limit each individual to a purchase using this WooCommerce discount code.


  • Publish discount codes

You just need to press the Publish button and your coupon works.


Go here to see if the discount code WooCommerce is working or not. So I'm going to my website and going to a specific product. I chose the LED type so now I will see the LED type 1 product.

This is my product below.


In the above section, I have applied a minimum spend on WooCommerce coupons like $ 100. So I need to buy over $ 100. I increased the number to 6.

When done, the WooCommerce discount code has been successfully applied. See screenshot below.



It will now be your job to market the deals or promote the discount code you are offering to make it possible for potential customers to know the discount code so you can have a better sales opportunity.

Note: All discounts applied by WooCommerce coupons are applied before tax. It is illegal to apply after-tax discounts. Discounts must always be applied before taxes.

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