Tutorial How to Rotate Video 90 degrees in Camtasia 9.1 quickly

You currently have a vertical phone video and want to rotate it horizontally. Your computer is using video editing software Camtasia 9.1. The following article will show you how to rotate a video using Camtasia.

How to Rotate a Video in Camtasia 9.1

Step 1: Select the video you want to rotate using Camtasia software and drop it into the editing frame

Step 2: Put the mouse pointer on the video screen, in the middle there are 2 adjacent circles, you put the cursor on the right circle and move the video to rotate as you like.

Note: When you touch the correct dot to rotate will appear green and rotate icons at that point.

How to Rotate a Video in Camtasia 9.1

Detailed instructional videos:

Good luck! There is a problem you can ask below the comment.

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