The number of searches for "Bitcoin halving" on google exceeded the all-time high

The Bitcoin fever is just getting started, despite a 130% increase, according to Google Trends

Interest in the upcoming halving event on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain has risen to a new all-time high.

Data from Google Trends - as of April 14, showing a 16% higher interest in the BTC halving event than in 2016 - the time of the latest halving on the network.

Search data across the globe for
Global search data for "Bitcoin halving" since April 2015. Source: Google Trends

Over the past 30 days - geographically, the top five countries that show the most interest are Luxembourg, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland and Lithuania.

Meanwhile, a longer related keyword, 'Bitcoin halving 2020', shows a different geographic interest - with Nigeria topping the charts, followed by Venezuela, Austria, Portugal and Czech.

Who cares and why?

Halving is a recurring event - about every 4 years for Bitcoin, which will see a 50% reduction in the reward for each mined block of a given cryptocurrency. This is an event that is closely monitored by the community about its impact on prices and operators.

2020 will be the third halving of Bitcoin since its inception and will reduce the rate of new coin issuance to 6.25 BTC per 10 minutes of mining.

Prior to this event, Victor Li - co-founder of DeFi Toronto, last year realized that halving Bitcoin in May 2020 would bring the coin's inflation rate down to 1.8% - “similar to gold. (ie the rate of newly exploited gold inventories) ”, he declare.

In the winter of 2019, Google Trends data showed that worldwide searches for Bitcoin halving increased significantly throughout the year.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic gaining worldwide attention, interest in halving in the cryptocurrency industry is still increasing due to its impact on prices. Some argue that this is due to the lesser amount of "new" Bitcoin issued, thereby reducing the supply rate.

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