The most impressive jokes on April Fool's Day in the Crypto world this year

You will not know that you have been caught up in jokes if you are not careful on April Fool's Day, such as you really believe CoinMarketCap has added Toilet Paper Token. Those jokingly suddenly launch unexpected news, from Bitcoin maximalists teasing their opponents online to blockchain startups launching fake products, not to mention jokes aimed at Satoshi Nakamoto- Craig Wright. There are so many things to mention, so we think that will only sum up a list of the best April Fools pranks in the crypto world yesterday.

Toilet Paper

Let's start with something that seems to have opened it all - CoinMarketCap's Toilet Paper Token. Cryptocurrency market data firm, which has received a lot of media attention lately, said it has launched a new currency, dubbed Toilet Paper Token, even suggesting that This coin has removed Bitcoin as the number 1 cryptocurrency on the CMC list. Not to be outdone by their own intelligence, the team behind CMC has also transferred their internal ICO with Toilet Paper Wipe Paper, which has a blog dedicated to it.

This is clearly a joke about the scarcity of toilet paper supply during the COVID-19 crisis associated with the inflation model of cryptocurrencies. CMC seems to have partnered with the cryptocurrency community, based on dozens of feedback for its post. And not sure if it's intentional, the Toilet Paper Wipe Paper describes how toilet paper is "formed in China". Incidentally, so does the corona virus.

Currently, Coinmarketcap has removed this token from its list and can confirm this is an April Fool's joke.

Craig Wright

What would April Fool's Day mean without Craig Wright / Satoshi's joke? The team at Trust Crypto Wallet posted a notice to its Twitter followers saying, "Craig Wright has been confirmed as Satoshi Nakamoto," before revealing this was a joke. The tweet was responded with jokes and suggested that a better joke might be that Craig Wright admitted he wasn't the creator of Bitcoin.

Bull Market

StopAndDecrypt's Twitter account, can't let the opportunity pass without ruining the party with Bitcoin bulls. While the majority of the cryptocurrency community is waiting for another 2017 bull run in terms of Bitcoin price, especially with the halving event, StopAndDecrypt has teased that it's all just a joke. The electricity community feels like there's no sense of humor in it.

Rainbow and unicorn

These maximalist Bitcoin cannot miss the opportunity to tease rivals cryptocurrency and blockchain, Ethereum. Bitcoin Rrrrrrrrrabbi, author of "Bitcoin Money", ridiculed Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin with a fake announcement that he wrote a new book called "Ethereum Is Money". His followers seem to be enjoying the fake book with a rainbow and a unicorn on the cover.

"Very pleased to introduce my new book!

Ethereum is Money: A story of children exploring their paths through CDPs DAOs ICOs DEFI and the excitement of decentralized blockchain world computing!

In response, Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir tweeted:

"Bitcoin is perfect just the way it is

Not to be outdone, Bitfinex has had fun.

"Bitcoin never sleeps so why are you sleeping?

Introducing Bitfinex energy drink, coming soon! ”

Review of April Fool's Day 2020 in the cryptocurrency community with closing comments from Twitter user Jason Yanowitz.

Of course, if we can fully press the refresh button by 2020, the crypto community along with the rest of the world probably won't be too bothered.

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