The concept of BTCUSD trading on April 3, 2020 -

Time for ideas to arrive: 9:10 am on April 3, 2020, Vietnam time.

Time frame: Dailly

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At the moment, BTC is facing resistance 6,793. The virtual currency has previously broken through this resistance yesterday. However, it was soon rebounded, forming a Pin bar.

At the moment, the price is in the strong resistance zone. Need to follow up. If the price once again surpasses this resistance, it will be a good sign to buy. On the contrary, if it cannot get through and turn around, it will be a good signal to sell.

Earlier, for nearly a month, BTC was forming an upward trend in the short term. So it is likely that it will keep going up in the near future. But it is currently facing quite strong resistance, so before going up it will bounce back a few times. Therefore this will be an opportunity to sell more.

To see how strong this resistance is, look at the chart next week:

Time frame: Weeklly


Reference command: Should sell in the short term.

Recommendation: This is just a Trading Idea. For more accurate analysis, you should incorporate other indicators that you have mastered. In particular, always focus on capital management methods to prevent any possible market situation.

Author: Pham Khuong

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