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Most components on the computer when operating will radiate heat, especially the CPU, graphics card, computer power (if the PC) ...

So manufacturers often come equipped with a heatsink, usually a fan with heatsink to help reduce the temperature of the machine, this helps your computer can operate more stable and durable. than.

For discrete video card, it is required to have a cooling device attached, at least from 1 to 3 fans with heatsink plate, more terrible is the water radiator.

Regarding the rotation speed of the fan, usually it will be installed by the manufacturer for you, and by default, you can not manually adjust it to spin faster or spin slower than you like.

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But if you still want to interfere with the rotation speed of the cooling fan, in this article I will guide you to do that, using MSI Afterburner!

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#first. A quick introduction to MSI Afterburner

Surely you are not too strange with this software anymore, this is a very familiar FPS display software of many gamers.

However, many people still do not know that this is an extremely powerful software, it allows you to overclock (overclock), unlocking the power of the graphics card that you currently own.

You may think: "This software only works with MSI graphics cards as the name implies, and it must be like ASUS GPU Tweak II, Zotac Firestorm Utility, ...".

Yes ! If you are thinking that way, it is completely wrong, this software has the ability to manage and overclock all popular graphics cards today, so you can safely use it!

Of course, I will not go into the overclocking issue of graphics card, or display FPS in the game because there is a fairly long blog post detailing this issue, you can review that article. Here: How to OverClock / display CPU, FPS, RAM, GPU ... when playing Game

As I said at the beginning of the article, VGA fan speed will often be regulated by manufacturers to optimize the product and fan life.

For example, the AMD graphics card I am using, the fan will only spin when the temperature that the sensor is measured reaches 60oC and speed increases gradually with the temperature of VGA.

But when using MSI Afterburner, I will usually turn the fan and keep the temperature at 30 * C to reduce the heat in the Case.

If you also want to reset the rotation speed of the fan like me, follow the instructions below.

#2. How to reset the cooling fan rotation speed of Graphics Card

+ Step 1: Download MSI Afterburner. You can download it with the following direct link:

Or You can go directly to the homepage => then pull down near the bottom of the page to get the link as shown below.


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+ Step 2: Install the software on the device => then open the MSi Afterburner software.

If you do not know how to install it, you can also review the article above for details.

In the main interface, click the gear icon as shown below to open Afterburner's settings.

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+ Step 3: The installation window appears, switch to the tab Fan => and check the line Enable user defined software automatic fan control to allow user to manually change fan speed.


+ Step 4: Immediately, the fan speed edit interface will appear like this, there are quite a lot of parts, but I will only go through 2 important parts.

The first is the chart Fanspeed black in the middle, fan speed (in%) in the vertical column corresponding to the temperature in the bottom row.

You use the mouse to grab the dots circled in red to fix the fan speed corresponding to the desired temperature.

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+ Step 5: Next, item Fan speed update period (in miliseconds) In milliseconds, it tells you the time between fan speed updates.

The default time is 5000ms, equivalent to 5 seconds. The smaller this value is, the more frequently the fan speed will update.

You can arbitrarily change but also should not be over it because then the fan speed will be constantly changing, more or less reduce fan life.

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And if after a while of boring editing but not satisfied and want to return to the default fan speed, you can click on the word Custom at the line Predefined fan speed curve => and then select Default is done.

Edit is complete you click the button OK below to confirm the changes just made.

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Finally, click on the gear icon in the line Fan Speed in addition to the main interface of MSi Afterburner to activate the fan speed just installed in the tab Fan of previous settings => and then click on the checkmark to save this setting is complete.

So from now on, my cooling fan will always spin and the temperature will always stay below 30 * C, ideal for gaming.

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And if you prefer more comfort, want to keep the fan spinning at a speed like 50% or 100%, for example, that's OK.

You also tick the cog icon in Fan Speed, but this time continue to press the word Auto at the end of Fan Speed ​​line.

Next, use the mouse to drag the knob in the Fan Speed ​​bar to go back and forth to adjust the fan speed from 25% => 100% (Do not remove 100% because at that time your graphics card will howl like an airplane =))) then click on the checkmark to save the settings!

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# 3. Epilogue

So I have finished guide you how to use MSI Afterburner to manually adjust fan speed of graphics card (VGA) Alright then.

Hopefully this article will help you, so you can manually adjust the temperature of the VGA according to your wishes more easily.

If you find this article interesting, don't forget to let other people know about this trick. Good luck !

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