Should you buy a gaming PC or a Console or Neither?

Gaming PC or console - which should you choose? If you want to get into the game, that can be a tough decision.

In this article, we will outline the main differences so you can find out which option is more suitable for you. If you choose a console, you will also need to think about which console to buy. We will also help with that.

You may have also noticed that we wrote other people in the title of this article. So how can you play games without either of these devices? Well, almost 2019 and both Microsoft and Nvidia are offering or will soon offer games over the Internet or stream games.

If you have a fast Internet connection, a regular PC will allow you to play high resolution games at a low price. It is worth checking before spending any money. Play the game anywhere Nvidia Geforce right now and Microsoft, called XCloud project.

Even Google is participating in the game. You can actually play Assassin burst Creed Odyssey on PC only with Google Chrome. It is called Project stream and works pretty well.

Hopefully, once you've read this article, you'll know if you should buy a gaming PC or gaming console or just play games.


Perhaps the easiest place to start is the price. If you can simply afford to spend any money, then your best option is to try and make the most out of your current rig. If you have a modest budget, a console can be an easy option right away.

Setting up with a gaming PC that can reliably handle most modern games can easily cost you $ 800 - $ 1,000. You can build cheaper PCs, but you're compromising on what makes gaming PCs great - high quality graphics and great frame rates.

You also have to consider a good gaming mouse, keyboard and monitor if you already have one.

For a console, it can easily be set up by purchasing one of the many console packages out there. With one package, you can pay $ 300 to $ 400 to get a new console, game, and controller. Pay a little extra and you can get the more powerful Xbox One X or PS4 Pro variants.

As you can see, the difference in price is quite large. Paying more money for PCs has its benefits and we'll talk more about this below, but if you just want to play some video games without hassle or money, then an interface Controller is the best option.

In addition, returning to high quality graphics and excellent frame rates, One X and PS4 Pro can output at 4K speeds up to 60 frames per second, something that even a lot of high-end PCs struggled to do.

In addition to these options, Microsoft has also announced Xbox All Access, a monthly subscription that gives you access to Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold. So if you don't want to prepay everything, this is a good option.

Finally, if you decide to follow the streaming route, you will end up paying a monthly fee. At the moment, no one really knows what it is because all of these services are in beta, but we guess it will be in the range of $ 10 to $ 30 per month.


This is the one that often goes in favor of the console. Both Microsoft and Sony pay a lot of money for exclusive titles and this usually means you will be missed if you only have one gaming PC.

Some of the best triple A games were released only on consoles, and many others were pushed to consoles before PC players had a chance to play them. But it is not as simple as first thought.

The first party exclusion is more on PS4. Sony has put a lot of effort into building a strong collection of first-party developers.

You have a range of exclusive products that are appreciated on PS4 like God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Spider-Man, Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn.

For Xbox, it is not a cause for concern. Because Microsoft owns Windows, you will see them pushing most of their exclusions to both PC and Xbox One. You have won can play older classics like previous Halo games or Gears of War but future versions in these franchises will be available on PC.

PCs also get some of the games donel game consoles do, but usually they're games from independent developers still under development. Some great examples include open world survival game SCUM, Rust survival game, strategy game Divinity: Original Sin II, and many others.

In a nutshell, a console, especially the PS4, is almost crucial for great single-player games. But on the other hand, PCs have a number of strategic multiplayer exclusions. It all depends on the type of game you want to play.

However, if you're new to gaming, then offering from gaming consoles, especially PS4s, is a better option. The developers of these games are supported by millions of dollars worth of publishers, so you'll know you'll play a bug-free, quality experience.

Performance and graphics

This is where the PC really makes a difference from a gaming console. When you play a video game on your PC with sharp frame rates and extremely high graphics, you'll never want to go back.

The problem is, to get the highest frame rate and the highest graphics, you'll have to spend over $ 1,000. You will need a high-end graphics card, high-end processor, SSD storage and good RAM.

The affection you receive for what you pay for, is right here. You can pay $ 300- $ 400 for a PC, but the performance and graphics can be even worse than the PS4 or Xbox One X.

Pay $ 700 - $ 1,000 and you'll have a good PC that can play most games at reasonable frame rates - better than what a console can offer.

You are considering around $ 1,500- $ 2,000 for a top gaming PC. In addition, you'll need to pay for a high frame rate monitor, high-resolution HDR display, which can easily add another $ 500 to $ 1,000 to the price tag.

For fastidious gamers, this investment is justified, and experience if it is worth it. If you're new to gaming, investing a lot seems difficult.

Regarding streaming services, it's hard to match the graphics of gaming PCs or game consoles, but for those who don't care much about the absolute best graphics, it's worth a try. . I am very impressed with the quality of Project Stream on my 1440p screen, review it for free now.

Other features

Thankfully, game consoles now double as streaming platforms. You can use apps like Netflix, HBO and YouTube to watch content directly from your control panel.

However, PCs will always be a step up from what gaming consoles can offer, however. In fact, gaming PCs in particular are powerful enough to perform many tasks.

You can use your gaming PC to work, browse, edit videos and photos, and almost everything else you might need for your PC. If you still need a PC to work, you might consider killing two birds with a stone by buying a gaming PC.

While gaming consoles are often used for gaming, gaming PCs are just a standard PC equipped with the hardware needed to play the game.

Gaming on PC is also more, open source than console games. This means that many PC games support mods. Some mod communities are so large that you can basically get hundreds of hours of community-generated content for free from platforms like Steam Workshop or Nexus Mods.

Review your friends

Gaming can be one of the best social experiences in the world, so if you have friends playing games, it might make sense to ask which platform they play first.

For many, this can be a major deciding factor for which platform to buy, so be sure to consider it before making your decision.

Hobby sitting and playing style

This may seem like an odd number, but it should be considered. The dashboard is designed to play from the comfort of your chair. They easily play in a relaxing position. Meanwhile, you can get accessories that allow you to play PC from the couch, usually, playing PC games requires you to sit on a desk.

Another thing to consider is the difference between using a controller and a mouse / keyboard. The former is a great starting point for any gamer, and it's a lot easier to grasp.

Using the mouse and keyboard takes time to learn, but overall, it is generally understood that it is easier to aim and control your character with the mouse and keyboard. The mouse allows for more precise movement and the keyboard has more buttons.

Would you prefer a casual, comfortable experience or a more engaging competitive style? A console works best for casual gaming, while PCs are better for those who are more serious about gaming.


Thank you for reading our guide to choosing a PC or game console or streaming. In short, we recommend a console or streaming for newcomers or those on a budget. Playing PC games is a great step from there if you want to get more involved in your video game hobby.

We hope the information we have provided helps. After reading, which platform will you choose?