Set up the WooCommerce Dropshipping website with AliDropship


Install the WooCommerce Dropshipping website using AliDropship - At the moment, the e-commerce industry is booming. Make it a lucrative opportunity for everyone who wants to make money online. E-commerce websites usually have at least four to five employees, which means that income is split evenly, leaving less revenue. There is another model called ‘dropshipping’, the ROI is more effective and profitable. In fact, dropshippers make significantly more profits than e-commerce website owners because the dropshipping website is easier to install.

For those who don't know about dropshipping, here is a small introduction.

The dropshipping website works similar to an e-commerce website, but instead of packaging and shipping products, sellers transfer orders to the manufacturer responsible for the delivery process.

  1. Features of AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin

AliDropship plugin is the most used dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce website owners. It is affordable, easy to set up, providing 1-click product import from AliExpress. Here is a list of features that make it attractive.

  • A website license is available for $ 89 per year.

  • It completely automates the entire dropshipping process from adding products from AliExpress to ordering and delivering products to customers.

  • Dropshippers will only have to add payment information, the plugin will handle every order.

  • It automatically searches for available products at the lowest cost.

  • It automatically tracks orders, emails delivery status to customers.

  • It comes with a built-in image editor that modifies images imported from AliExpress

  • It also provides a ready-to-publish template to WooCommerce website

  • It automatically fills orders now

  1. Buy AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin

When you buy AliDropship plugin, you need to decide which version of plugin you use. There are two versions of AliDropship plugin, 1 with WordPress 1 with WooCommerce. It is recommended that you use the WooCommerce version if you have a deep understanding of the platform, otherwise the basic AliDropship plugin will be good enough.

Note: The AliDropship plugin is only compatible with the AliDropship integrated interface. It does not work in the WooCommerce interface, so you will have to install the WordPress interface to start creating your own dropshipping website.

  1. Details about the price of the AliDropship Plugin

Go to the AliDropship website and select the basic plugin version. The only license available at the plugin is $ 89 for a lifetime. However, if you target the full dropshipping website, it will cost you $ 299.

Here, I chose the website license, because I already have the domain name, hosting.


You will have to fill in details on the form page to receive the plugin and then add payment details to purchase it.

When you buy the AliExpress Dropshipping plugin, you will receive a license key at email.


  1. Download the AliDropship Plugin

Once you have received the license key, go to the updated plugin page. Here can choose the following.

  • Plugin version: AliDropship / AliDropship Woo

  • PHP versions: 5.6, 7, 7+

  • Copyright code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Select the desired details and download this Dropshipping AliExpress plugin.


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  1. Install WooCommerce Website for Dropshipping with AliDropship

Here's how to install the dropshipping WooCommerce website using AliDropship.

Step 1: Install WooCommerce Website

When downloading AliDropship, if you have not yet set up the WooCommerce website, install it using the instructions from the WooCommerce website. Note here that using Cloudways hosting with WooCommerce because it reduces installation time.

Step 2: Upload the AliDropship Plugin

Go to WooCommerce Control Panel → Plugins → Add new and then upload the downloaded zip file to your computer.


Next, upload the plugin then press the install button now to activate it.


Once uploaded, the AliDropship Woo tab will appear in the sidebar menu at the control panel.

Here, you will need to add a license key and click the Activate button to get started.


If the license is valid, it will be notified that the license code is valid.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the WooCommerce dropshipping website.

Step 3: Import products with AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin

To find more products on the website, please install the AliDropship Extension.

Note: You need the Google Chrome browser to add the AliDropship extension because it does not currently work with any other browser.


The AliDropship extension agrees to take the AliExpress product you choose to add to the website. Once you have added the plugin, a notification is displayed on the screen. Next, connect the extension to the website.


Step 4: Connect the AliDropship Plugin and extension

To do so, visit the AliDropship icon in your browser and then click it. It will bring up an authorization prompt. Click the Authorize button to connect the plugin and extension.


After both are authorized, the following message will be received.

Now go to and select the product you want to add to the website. There are two ways to import products:

1- Direct input method

The direct input method agrees you to import AliExpress products in the category you choose. You choose the price, order volume, seller ratings.

2- Enter from the list

Or do you use the import list feature? As you begin to import, products are kept at the list from where you manually put them in different categories.


When you click Go to Import List, you will redirect to AliExpress website.


AliDropship agrees on two types of product import features.

  • Import of products

  • Bulk import of products

If just a few specific products are needed, click the orange AliDropship icon to add each item.


When you have pressed the yellow button, you will see a tick next to the shopping cart icon.

If you want to edit an item detail before adding it to the website, press the Edit button from the top menu bar.


On the Edit tab, change the title, permalink, category type, description, image and all necessary changes.


The description is edited from the Description tab. You have the ability to Delete Text, Delete Image, add new photos to the product. AliDropship also agrees you to edit images. Just press the pencil icon in the top right corner of the image to start editing it.


All imported images will automatically be added to the website media section. To make an image unique to your website, just click on it and make it stand out.


In the pricing, you set a new price and apply the pricing formula.


On the Variations tab, you can not only edit and delete existing variations, but also add new attributes and variations. Click the Reset button to Default in case you do not want the changes you have made to the saved product.


When you have made all necessary changes to the product, click Publish or Add to Import List if you do not want this product to be displayed to customers.


Click the Import button from the top menu bar panel when you want to batch import. The number of products pending import is displayed on the Import button. The import progress is also checked on the Import button.


Giờ hãy kiểm tra website WooCommerce, sản phẩm đã được nhập thành công trên website bạn.

Từ cuối cùng!

Làm website dropshipping không thể dễ dàng hơn thế. Chỉ cần tạo website dropshipping WooCommerce nhờ sử dụng plugin AliDropship rồi nhập sản phẩm lên website chỉ bằng vài click chuột. Không có plugin dropshipping nào khác linh hoạt ở việc nhập sản phẩm tại website dropshipping.