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Book online or not? Suppliers put on the network Travel Website template What trips do they have? Go and schedule, search approach is too common nowadays.

The day of travel is getting more and more developed as people now focus more on life, how to enjoy life. With the development of technology and the gradual shift to online information research, almost everyone will find out in advance via the web before booking. The role of the web with travel agencies is indisputable, so creating your own website is something we think is extremely important. And below we want to list some Beautiful travel website template Best help people can refer and get their own ideas.

  1. Travel Website Template


Vietravel is one of the leading units in the field of tourism with a wealth of experience and extremely wide number of tours. Tourism website template that vietravel built is also very attractive and makes customers trust when looking for information here.

Website designed to display business and market information alternatively so that customers can easily find out more. Outstanding information is placed externally, with a reasonable distribution of both images and text to make it easier for guests to read and not to confuse the different information sections. In general, when accessing the web, vietravel has shown their investment in the web just as they show their strengths and keep the information circuit on the web throughout.

  1. Tourism Website Template


Dulichviet is definitely example website It is not too strange for people to learn tours. The website has a lot of information about different tours to help people easily find the tour they are referencing. The distribution is clear in each tour category, from domestic and foreign, in addition some prominent information is also displayed quite a lot on the home page to make it easier for guests to choose the tour.

In addition to the main field of tours, dulichviet also combines many other areas such as aircraft, hotels, etc. Each field is clearly and seamlessly displayed, including detailed information for guests including General information is best.

  1. Sample Travel Website


datviettour is also a travel website that we would recommend to you. The first thing you can easily see when you visit this website is that the number of tours is extremely maintained, but they do not make you feel uncomfortable because of being too tangled, but on the contrary, it is ranked quite scientifically. The page filter is very detailed so it makes it much easier for you to learn the tour.

Each tour has very clear and detailed information about time, schedule, price or specific notes. In addition, alternating tour information is the basic information about the unit as well as the strengths and advantages of datviettour to help customers feel more confident when booking here.

  1. Website template tourism


Tuannguyentravel is a tour provider chosen by many customers because of the advantages of price or the variety of tours that are maintained. Not only that, Tuan Nguyen's website is also one of Beautiful travel website template Very worth your reference. Website displays science, engaging but still very informative. Tuannguyentravel does not show too many outbound tours like many other websites, however, so the web keeps customers focused on the more outstanding tours.

In addition to displaying tours, tuannguyentravel also displays a lot of external information such as unit information or experience sharing, tourist information is also a way to attract a large number of readers.

  1. Sample travel website


Hanoitourist is a prominent tour provider in the North when it has built up a lot of success and trust from customers. As well as these Beautiful travel website template On the other hand, hanoitourist mainly displays the tour information the most. The tour is also quite clearly classified, basic display is full of information from address, price, flight dates, ... so it is easier for guests to look at a wide range of different tours.

With a large number of tours both at home and abroad so guests can refer to more options. The website also alternates information to make customers more confident such as awards, certificates or company information.

  1. Website travel website


Fiditour is also the unit that has proven its brand and foothold in the market. Fiditour has an extremely diverse number of tours in terms of locations, itineraries, prices and of course all shown on the website.

The homepage is still the place customers visit and stay the most to see the tour overview as well as learn about the unit. fiditour maintains the home page displaying mostly tours, featured tours, and site-by-site tours. In addition, if guests want to find tours on demand, you can also search right on the search bar.

And of course like all Beautiful travel website templates Other, unit information is also mentioned quite a lot for guests to know and decide whether the unit is reputable or not. Fiditour has done a good job of mixing both the colors and the content so visitors don't find it boring or too confusing.

  1. Website template tourism


Saigontourist is also one Beautiful travel website template Very significant you refer to in the process of learning, designing your own website. Saigontourist is more prone to effects, images outside the home page, so when you visit the web you will not see the tour series or too much information like many other websites. This type of display is also very popular today because it is more friendly to visitors when visiting the web and helps guests feel comfortable and want to learn more.

The tour is divided equally from banner to specific category, but outside the homepage saigontourist is weak to the image so the website is very compact. If you want to see more, visitors can click on each menu item, the tour list is placed here and there is a filter section for you to find out more. Overall, this is a website that is very suitable with the current, modern and aesthetic trend but still has enough necessary information.

  1. Website template tourism


Luhanhvietnam is 1 page travel web form It's worth your reference, this site is not too inclined to advertise tours, instead the web displays the overall of its services scientifically.

The web overview is quite compact and not too long or too much information, alternating between introduction information, check tour, there is also information about the service and experiences shared by the unit.

The homepage is neat and quite aesthetic, the information is neatly organized to make the web more scientific and easier for customers to look up.

  1. Website template tourism


Quynhontourist is 1 Travel website template The next thing we want to show you. Although not too big a brand, however, the way to build a website of quynhontourist is something you should refer.

First, the web focuses on beautiful images that both help to catch the eye, while making the web more attractive. Bright tones with neat display details, from tours to regular news, are all clearly arranged, easy to refer. The index of the page is quite regular and scientific, creating a professional and impressive impression to customers.

In addition, the subpages have also been invested quite a lot in the interface, good images and even small icons to help create the attraction for the page, thereby making customers want to learn more.

  1. Website template for travel


Bazantravel is a familiar brand in the heart of travel enthusiasts. With a long-standing brand and great support for customers, bazantravel helps to grow and gain more trust.

The website of bazantravel is also a typical travel website template that you can refer to. The website has quite a lot of outstanding information, especially about tours combined with many modern functions for guests when checking tours, booking tours, payment has helped the web become more friendly when visitors visit the web.

All information is placed in the appropriate fields, clearly divided lists bring coherence and attractiveness.

And that is 10 Beautiful travel website template We would like to introduce to you, we hope that they will help you in the process of learning to build a website. If you see yes Beautiful website template more, more attractive, don't be shy, leave a comment right below.

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