Query what is the metric and why you should use it

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Query what is the metric and why you should use it - Analytics agrees you measure the impact of online marketing strategy. The biggest benefit from proper analysis is to identify your campaign strengths and weaknesses and then provide data to help you adjust the campaign direction. You also determine which assets bring you the most traffic, providing the highest value to the visitors.

If you are using analytics, you will measure important digital marketing metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and sessions. As a result, you successfully replicate high performance assets.

What are metric queries?

The Metrics Query is a WordPress plugin that agrees you to track your website with the Google Analytics tracking code, agree you to view key statistics from Google Analytics in the WordPress Dashboard.


In addition to general Google Analytics statistics, the in-depth report agrees to segment data analytics further, providing performance details for each post and page from your website.

Data query settings

Go to the WordPress Dashboard → Plugin, search for Query Data. Once located, install the plugin and activate it. Also, download the repository from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Next, go to the WordPress Dashboard → Plugin. Click Upload, select the downloaded archive. Next, install and activate the plugin.


Set up data queries

The plugin setup process is very easy.

Once the plugin is activated, click on Google Google Analytics on the menu on the left.


Before continuing, you will need a Google Analytics account. When ready, click Author Plugin.


Next, click on Get code online access code.


You are redirected to the Google authentication screen. You will notice the application name is GADWP Reload. This is a name approved by the developer. Select the Google account linked to the Analytics account.


At the final review screen, you see the permissions you've approved. If everything is done, click Agree online.


Paste the code into the next screen and then press Save Changes.


Select the website you want to track from the box then save settings.


Go to Control Panel and scroll down until you see the Data Query widget.


You can change the view from the plugin option, select the list view.

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Recommended settings

There are several settings you configure to optimize Metric Query performance.


To help your website comply with GDPR, you have to enable certain settings to help comply with GDPR. With this, go to Tracking Code → Advanced settings.

Switch the setting you see in the screenshot to ON.


Does not include tracking

Go to the Track Exclusion tab, check the user roles you want to exclude from tracking.


Event tracking website

Querying metrics agrees that you can easily track different events on your website so you get useful insights about what users are doing when browsing your website.

You can track:

  1. External links
  2. Download
  3. Link to contact sources like mailto: and tel:



Go to the Integration Tab and select the Advanced Ecommerce Plugin.


Advanced ecommerce plugin

Google Analytics Advanced Ecommerce agrees that Google Analytics display, advertising, sales data is sent with any number of Google Analytics views and events from you. Use pageviews to track product impressions, product purchases, and event tracking to track product billing steps.

Currently (still up to date), Metrics Query does not send actual e-commerce actions, because it varies depending on each person's needs or Ecommerce plugin: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, etc.


Now you can monitor website performance from one place with clear, convenient reporting.

The analytics tracking code is automatically inserted into the website code base at the domain name you choose. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding Metric Query, please write it in the comment section below.

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