Optimize google ad templates: How to improve your PPC ads

There are many metrics that PPC advertisers should focus on to ensure a strong ROI from their campaigns. Clickthrough rate, or CTR, is one of the most important. The ad's CTR is the percentage of users who click on the ad when it is served to them based on the results of their search query. Unless your ad is appealing and well written and that affects Quality Score, ad rank, cost-per-click and cost per conversion. Optimize google ad template revolves around those issues. So how do you write compelling PPC ads that people want to click?

1. PPC advertising template

All strong PPC ads have three things in common:

  • Featured
  • Benefits
  • Call to action

Let's take a closer look at each of these factors.

1.1 Characteristic

Whether you're selling a specific product or advertising your entire business. Your PPC ad will highlight the features of whatever you are selling. This could be a unique selling proposition for your service or a specific feature of a new product.

1.2 The benefits

When determining the benefits of your product or service, remember the timeless advice of a salesperson trying to end a contract with a potential customer: What do you mean to them? What will your customers achieve by choosing your product or service?

1.3 Call to action

The call to action of your PPC ad - the part where you ask or order the user to do something, like a purchase or sign up for an offer - will vary depending on what you want potential customers to do. my skills do. Include persuasive language in your call to action (or CTA). For example, using the word "own now" instead of "downloading" may result in higher CTRs. Because then, "own right now" brings emotions - users don't want to download something, they want to possess something immediately.

2. Structure of your PPC ad template

The template should emphasize the benefits first. This is because consumers do not want to buy the product or service they want to solve the problem. By highlighting the benefits of your product first. You can capture users' emotions and give them a way to solve their problems.

Whether you choose to highlight product features or benefits first, all your PPC ads should have all three of these essentials. When creating ads, using the Feature Benefit Matrix can help you identify opportunities to highlight your products or services in a way that attracts potential customers and makes a call to action. intriguing will make them want to click on your ad. This is the way google ad template optimization most popular.

Here is an example of a feature benefit matrix:

Optimize google ad templates: How to improve your PPC ads

Optimize google ad templates: How to improve your PPC ads

Many advertisers overlook the importance of this phase in their eagerness to launch a campaign. But the more time it takes you to create a strong PPC ad, the bigger your CTR will be. Include active verbs in your ad template.

Small changes can make a big difference in the effectiveness of PPC advertising your. One way to make your ad more engaging is to use active verbs. That is one way to help you google ad template optimization to stimulate user action.

Active verbs are not only more dynamic, but can also serve as a disguised call to action. When writing your ad, imagine that your prospect is saying that I want to talk about the difficulty of performing a search, then complete this thought with your ad template.

Look at the two ads below. Although some changes have been made to the sample in the second ad (called a variant of Lv in A / B testing), the biggest difference between the two is an active verb (John Rising). ) in the title.

Optimize google ad templates: How to improve your PPC ads

Optimize google ad templates: How to improve your PPC ads