NEW NEWS: Smaller Marketing Budget and Increased Focus on SEO During the Covid-19 Season

Businesses around the world have been turned upside down in the past month. Marketers are feeling the pressure to make tough calls and smart decisions, because a wrong move can cost them dearly.

In this unprecedented time, marketers have to rotate their tactics to react the way the market and their customers are responding. But how can they reshape the whole strategy when prospects and daily forecasts change?

The data collected by Conductor shows us that, while many actual marketers are reducing their budgets, they are investing more in their SEO at the same time.

1. Data analysis

When asked how the marketing budget will be affected by the development of the Covid-19 epidemic, 45% of the respondents said they would reduce the budget, 27% are expected to remain unchanged, 20 % said it would decrease significantly and about 9% is expected to increase.

Relatively, 34% said they would invest in lower-cost channels like SEO when asked about how the global recession will affect your marketing strategy?

NEW NEWS: Smaller Marketing Budget and Increased Focus on SEO During the Covid-19 Season
Global economic downturn affects marketing strategy

The increase in focus on SEO is in line with the other numbers. According to data from Hubspot, traffic to the website is increasing with more and more people being held at home.

NEW NEWS: Smaller Marketing Budget and Increased Focus on SEO During the Covid-19 Season
The number of people visiting the website every month is increasing

We know that everyone's schedule has been turned upside down and people have more time to research and find educational content.

For marketers with a reduced budget, SEO really makes sense. After all, it's free and only takes time and skill to see the revenue growth from SEO ..

So what does this increase in focus on nature mean for the market? The increase in competition.

If you have an organnic strategy but don't pay attention to the pandemic, it's extremely important that you do it right now.

If others are focusing on nature, it means that you also need to focus on it or if there is no risk of falling in the rankings.

2. The truth of natural search

Yes, SEO can be considered a lower cost but its price is not interpreted as ineffective. SEO should not be seen as a low-cost effort that is often ineffective in the time of marketers.

Natural search can be your main path if you have the right approach, such as when others ask, you answer, these things will ask companies to the point of haunting the questions they are asked in sales process and then respond publicly on their website.

With companies rushing to focus on lower cost directions, it's important to remember that you need to have a solid strategy behind creating content to win with SEO.

NEW NEWS: Smaller Marketing Budget and Increased Focus on SEO During the Covid-19 Season
Inbound Clicks from Google- Natural or Paid

3. What do you need to do SEO properly?

We know that some marketers are shifting their focus to natural search strategies, and your customers may spend more time researching, so this is what we recommend as your next step:

  • Re-formulate a natural search strategy

SEO doesn't need to be too complicated. There may be technical factors, but the core of it is: the search engine will reward those who answer the best search / question. That's why a method like "they ask, you answer" works so well.

  • Make an action plan and determine who owns each task

This is just as important as the strategy itself. Being able to hold yourself or others accountable is the way things are done.

  • Bring out what you can show off

Publish and update what you can, and don't be hindered by an obsession with perfectionism. Perfection can hinder any great piece of content and a piece of content is useless to the customer and there is no prospect if it is in draft form forever.

Monitor your natural traffic and ask your sales team to share articles directly with potential customers. What feedback are you getting? How can you make your content better?

Modify published content or rotate your content to focus on what seems to resonate most. Keep learning is how you'll improve weekly.

Natural strategy is always a long-term strategy game, but it can also create short-term victories. That's why nature is a core focus for so many successful organizations with digital.

In such moments, it is more important than ever to devote your time to writing content that provides useful information for the present and future.

This is what you can do to get out of a more uncertain, unstable economy that is stronger than those who only focus on victory and short-term tactics.

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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