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Do you know that the brain is like a muscular body? If you constantly work and cultivate new knowledge, the brain will become more sensitive and more active?

Our vision and intelligence can be fully trained to develop as we wish. But few would doubt, one of the effective methods is develop thinking model.

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Expanding the thinking model is one of the ways to create creative solutions, develop vision and make more effective decisions.

To help you understand this model, I will tell you a story.

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I discovered the Model of Thinking from reading the story of Richard Feynman, a famous physicist who graduated from MIT and got a PhD from Princeton.

At that time, he was famous for solving problems that outstanding PhDs in the faculty could not solve.

When asked why he did that extraordinary thing, Feynman revealed that his secret was not from intelligence, but because of a mathematical method he had learned since high school.

Back then, Feynman's Physics teacher gave him a challenge: “Feynman, you talk too much and cause disorder in the classroom.

Do you know why? Because I'm bored. So I gave you this book. Sit at the end of the classroom and read it. When I understand everything in the book, I am allowed to talk to my friends ”.

So every day, while the class was continuing the lecture, Feynman was alone at the end of the corner reading the assigned book - "Woods' advanced numeric math. ” And while studying this book, he developed his own model of thinking.

“The book taught me how to distinguish parameters in the form of integrals. It is neither taught nor focused on teaching in universities.

But I learned how to use that method and have used it many times. Because I taught myself from that book, I had a special method to integrate calculus

My friends at Princeton and MIT could not solve that integral problem because they used the knowledge taught in the school ... I solved that problem, because my method of solving is different from them. ”- Feynman will.

Doctors at Princeton and MIT are outstanding. But what makes the difference between Feynman and other students is not intelligence, but how he views the problem. He has broader models of thinking.

#first. What is the thinking model?

The Model of Thinking is an explanation of how things work. It is the principle, idea or perspective that exists in the mind to help us understand the world and the relationship between them. Thinking model is your deep belief in how the world works.

For example, supply and demand is a thinking model that helps you understand how the economy works. Game theory is a thinking model that helps you understand how relationships work and trust. Entropy is a thinking model that helps you understand how disorder and decline work.

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The model of thinking is your belief in how the world works.

The views and behaviors are shaped by our Model of Thinking. This is a tool to help us understand life, make decisions and solve problems.

Learning a new Model of Thinking gives us a new perspective on the world - like Richard Feynman learned about the new way of solving math problems.

There is no one Model of Thinking which individual can explain the way the world works, but by combining so many Thinking Models, we can develop new technologies, transport and explore the universe.

Historian Yuval Noah Harari emphasized: "Scientists agree that no theory is 100% true."

The best models of thinking bring the most useful ideas. Understanding the fundamentals of each Thinking Model will help us have more options to solve problems, make effective decisions and act smarter.

This is why it is important to expand the thinking paradigm for anyone with a clear, rational and effective mind.

#2. The secret to effective thinking and wise decision making

Expand these thinking model is the thing we need to accept that we're always amateur.

When we become experts in an area, we tend to follow a familiar Model of Thinking.

And this is the trap, because if you focus too much on one view, you will try to explain everything through that perspective.

At that time, we tend to apply our perspective rigidly to every problem. The ancients said, "If all you have is a hammer, everything you look at will be a nail."

To better understand, say the example of biologist Robert Sapolsky. He asked the question: "Why did the hen cross the street?" He then interpreted it from the perspective of various experts.

  • If you ask from a biologist, they can answer: "The hen crosses the street because she sees a rooster across the street."
  • If you ask a specialist, they can answer: "The hen crosses the street by the muscular contraction and pulls her leg bone forward."
  • If you ask a neuroscientist, they may answer: "The hen crosses the street because nerve cells in her brain are activated."

In the above experts no one answered wrong. But no one has the most comprehensive and complete answer yet. Each individual Model of Thinking only reflects a perspective of truth. The things we encounter in life cannot be explained from just one perspective.

Like the story "Fortune tellers see elephants ” So, every teacher feels right about every part of an elephant, but no one describes the elephant correctly. All points of view express the truth, but a single point of view cannot tell the whole truth.

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"If all you have is a hammer, everything you see will be a nail."

Our perception is limited, as long as our models of thinking are limited, so does our ability to solve problems. And the more we cultivate Thinking Models, the more tools we have to solve problems.

# 3. Tools for more developed thinking

People with a visionary are those who have a free mind. They do not see life through a perspective. Instead, they broaden their horizons by combining knowledge from a variety of disciplines.

That is why it is not enough to learn many new fields, but to know how to combine the knowledge from multiple fields together.

Creativity and innovation often arise at the intersection of ideas. Creating connections between many models of thinking, you can find solutions to differences compared to others.

In order for your brain to offer more creative solutions, you don't have to be an expert in every field. To master how the world works, there are only a few dozen areas that we need to care about.

Many important Thinking Models come from the principles of biology, chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics, psychology and philosophy.

Each field also has only some Model of Thinking as the core. For example, Thinking Models The core of the economy consists of incentives, scarcity and economies of scale.

If we can grasp the basic knowledge of each principle, we can develop a vision for the world.

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The bigger the world is, the more learners will find themselves small. Life is so short that we cannot access the whole knowledge of the world, but with little effort every day, at least our world view today is very different from yesterday.

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