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Making paid membership websites provided by WordPress - The best method to encourage visitors to participate in the content of the website as well as return to read more is to make a member website. Paid member websites are a great way to make money from content, generating revenue to support website operating costs. All you have to do is collect payments to access premium content at the website.

Another benefit of a paid membership website is that it is a recurring passive income. In essence, if you already have a lot of content, you are limiting visitors from paying for access to premium content.

Membership websites also help manage offline deal payments, such as customer payments or club membership fees. This way, you manage everything through the central location instead of worrying about remembering your bills regularly. You can set it automatically, no need to remember it.


Fortunately, when you use WordPress, work make a website Membership is easy with support from the appropriate plugin.

How member plugins work

WordPress comes with a built-in free user management tool that assigns them roles with different permissions. However, when you want Create website Premium membership, WordPress does not have the original feature to help you collect membership payments.

However, due to the membership plugin, you provide users with a way to pay member accounts. Above all, you decide how you want to distribute paid content, allowing you to control how individual pages and posts are displayed by user membership.


Solitaireay is a popular paid membership plugin with WordPress that is simple to use, but has the powerful tools you need to gain great control over member websites.


Some of the most important features from the plugin include:

  • Schedule content for you to publish content on a set schedule

  • Package discount code

  • Reminder email, sent to members at specific time intervals

  • Filter menu for you to create different menus based on whether the user has been registered or logged in

  • Pay periodically through PayPal Standard, so you don't have to worry about reminding users to pay membership.


Once you have purchased the plugin, you install it by visiting the control panel and then clicking Plugin> Add new. Upload a zip file, activate the plugin, let the setup wizard guide you through the process of page creation, currency setting, and payment gateway selection.

Once setup is complete, the plugin will work fine, and you're ready to start selling membership packs.

Premium and free membership management

Solitaireay comes with a powerful membership tool that allows you to create a free, paid membership account, display the login form, register in the sidebar, making it easy for users to recover your password.

Visitors have the ability to register for a member account and then choose the subscription plan that best suits their needs. Each member may also register multiple packages during the registration process or add additional packages later.


Once a user has registered, you can see all the details about the package they subscribe to and then manually modify, assign them a new package, change the duration or add a subscription to multiple users at the same time.


When it comes to payments, you choose to process payments via PayPal or Stripe. In addition, you also have the option to pay at the website so that users can send payments directly to the website without being redirected elsewhere. If you want to collect payment by check or cash, you can manually mark them in the control panel

Create custom membership levels

You create a custom membership level very easily by going to Subscriptions> Add New. Set a package custom length and then assign an existing user role or create a new role. Once you have entered all the details, click save to activate it at the registration process.


Each plan also provides the number of floors, so you can create upgrades and downgrades with different benefits for each member.

Charge once or periodically

Solitaireay agrees that you create a one-time or recurring payment for the subscription package. The user then uses a PayPal account or credit card. Users can even choose fast payment for convenient payment processing faster.


At the control panel, each payment will be marked as pending until the payment is processed by the payment gateway you choose. In case the payment is not processed immediately because there is no money, members log in to the account and then click the Try payment link again where they are ready to process the payment again.

Powerful automation tool

Solitaireay makes it easy to schedule member content using custom time periods. You schedule different types of posts or content to be available after users have been active members for a certain period of time. Users at other packages will not be able to see content that is not yet associated with the package they are subscribed to.


You are also automatically emailed to members so they know specific events. You are reminded them to register they are about to expire or it will renew on a specific date.

Great way to use this feature to recover lost registrations as well as attract members if they don't log in the time period.

Useful short codes

Solitaireay also comes with useful shortcodes that agree to you Website making Members then insert the registration form or login, limit content, display the subscription package, payment history at any page of the website.

Customize areas for members only

Members-only area is completely customizable. You display different menus based on user subscription, adjusting the posts that the user is allowed to access. You are also limited to separate content with shortcodes or integrated gadgets, making a custom welcome page for newly registered users.

If you want your visitors to see all the benefits that come with membership, you set up a custom page to highlight all the benefits.

Worday Guarantee

Solitaireay definitely offers countless benefits to you and the developer is confident that you will be satisfied with their products. In case you are not satisfied with a purchase and then decide the plugin is not right for you, you are required to issue a full refund for a period of 30 days from the original purchase date.

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