List of 4 best WooCommerce Wishlist plugins in 2020


List of 4 best WooCommerce Wishlist plugins in 2020 - Sometimes visitors browse the product page and leave without buying anything. Even if they are willing to buy, most of the time, they tend to forget where they have seen that product.

Wishlist plugin will be a great tool for such users. It helps them maintain an eye-catching list of things on your website and then return to complete your purchase. In many cases, users just need to pour products into the wishlist, then wait for sales, coupons before buying them.

So with this post, I will be discussing the WooCommerce wishlist plugin. In addition, I will also show you how to set up and configure the wishlist through the plugin of the hosted WooCommerce website.

The importance of wishlist

Wishlist is a useful feature for any eCommerce website that encourages users to return to the website. When implemented correctly, it allows users to follow products they find interesting. On the other hand, sometimes users share Wishlist with friends or social networks to help promote businesses online with you.

Best WooC commercial wishlist plugin

Although countless free and paid plugins, you need to choose the right one at the right time. To make things easier for you, I've compiled a list of things I believe are the best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin.

  1. Wishlist of YITH WooCommerce


YITH Wishlist is the most powerful WooCommerce wishlist plugin. It allows users to save their favorite products and then buy them later whenever they want. With over 700,000 activities installed, it is undeniable that countless WooCommerce owners rely on this plugin to agree that users create wishlists.


  • Agree administrator add short code Wishlist

  • Agree you choose the page you want to display the wishlist

  • Agree you add wishlist in each product or any specific product

  • Agree you to enable / disable unregistered wishlist feature

  • Agree users to manage wishlist, rename, delete, add, delete items

  1. Wishlist of TI WooCommerce


This plugin agrees that users not only create wishlists but also share them with friends so that they can choose an upcoming holiday gift, etc. This leads to an increase in the number of website visitors. The plugin has over 50,000 active installs.


  • Agree you add the Wishlist button to any specific product

  • Agree to delete the product automatically from the wishlist

  • Upload custom Wishlist icon

  • Agree users to share wishlist on social media channels Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Few great features like fully customizable appearance, responsive CSS style & ready ready, ready translation, WPML Support

  1. WPC smart Wishlist for WooCommerce


This plugin does not provide you all the features but provides you with some basic features beneficial to small and medium businesses. By using this plugin, an administrator can place a wishlist link button, an icon, a text, etc.The plugin has more than 5,000 activities installed.


  • Agree the text for the wishlist button

  • Agree to add extra layer to action button / link

  • Agree to choose different categories to add wishlist button

  • Agree to select the action triggered by the wishlist menu

  • Agree to customize the wishlist design by theme

  1. Top Wishlist for WooCommerce


Although this plugin is not so popular, it is good for small businesses. Using this wishlist plugin, you review the wishes from customers and offer promotions and promotions based on the information gathered. This plugin has more than 1,000 activities installed.


  • Create your own Wishlist button and add custom URL

  • Agree to display widgets with wishlist

  • Fully compatible with multilingual website

  • Agree users to share the product with others

Install & Configure Plugin WooCommerce Wishlist

So, now that you know Woo's top-ranked wishlist plugin, it's time to learn how to install it on the WooCommerce website. For the purpose of this article, I will use YITH Wishlist - a free extension with over 700,000 active installs - to show the process.

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Install the YITH Wishlist Plugin

  • Go to WordPress Admin> Plugin> Add new> Search> YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

  • Install and activate the YITH plugin


The YITH Wishlist plugin adds a new submenu named Wish Wishlist under the YITH Plugins Menu menu. Here, you will configure all plugin settings.


General settings

  • Activate AJAX download: If you enable this option, it will load any cached wishlist items via AJAX

  • Turn on the slider at wishlist: You turn on the slider with the product linked at the Wishlist page.


Add to Wishlist option

  • When products are added to Wishlist: Here you select the Wishlist button interface when the product has been added to it

  • Install loop: You enable the Add to wishlist feature in the WooCommerce product loop

  • Install the product page: You select the location to display the Add button at the wishlist or the link on the product page.

  • Customize the text: Here you change the wishlist button text and browse the wishlist text, etc.

  • Customize type & color: You change the button style with the wishlist icon


Wishlist page options

  • Wishlist page : Select your wishlist page here

  • Display the Wishlist table: Here you set up product settings such as product variations, prices, stocks, etc.

  • Redirect to the cart: This will agree you will redirect to the cart if the Add to Cart button is clicked on the wishlist.

  • Delete if added to cart: Option to remove product from wishlist if it is added to the cart.

  • Add to wishlist Text: Here you add button labels.

  • Share wishlist: You enable this option and then agree that everyone shares your wishlist on social media

  • Share social media channels: It agrees that users share wishlist at social media channels Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Wishlist text: Here you add button labels.


Product page

Now let's see what the product page looks like


Premium version

You are also using this premium version of this premium plugin to receive benefits. Take a look at the premium features in this plugin.

Many wishlist


Private Wishlist


Estimated cost


admin panel


Search for wishlist


Add to cart check box


Disable wishlist for unregistered users


Message for unregistered users


Popular table


Functions in one click


Advertising email


From another wishlist


Date added to wishlist


The last word

That's it! I hope you understand how useful WooCommerce wishlist is, you can easily install it at WooCommerce based eCommerce website. If you have any comments, please ask me through the comments, I'd love to answer you.

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