Instructions to install Wordpress on Vultr are super secure and well loaded

Are you an interested person in the website, laying the groundwork for development and being able to scale up the amount of website traffic?

If so, you are in the right place.

Here I have 2 ways to install Website running WordPress on Cloud platform.

And you should understand that, not everyone can easily manage VPS expertly.

But through this tutorial, everything becomes simple.

However, to get started with Vultr, you must have a Vultr account.

First create a Vultr account and get $ 103 free

B1: Go to homepage to create an account, $ 103 free This only applies to new accounts.

Sign up for a vultr account

Vultr homepage interface, from here you click Signup

Enter the Vultr registration information

Fill out the Vultr registration information and click Create Account

Go back to Vultr interface -> Billing. Check $ 100 is already in account

$ 100 gift from Vultr

Then get more $ 3 more by going to

Get $ 3 more from Vultr

Follow the steps above, get an additional $ 3, wish you success.

Method 1: Install WordPress based on things available in Vultr (simple - instant)

Advantages of fast installation type, available

  • As literally always, fast, available, without much manipulation.
  • Simple to administer.

Disadvantages of fast installation type, available

  • Security risks, which you will regret if your website has a lot of traffic and the website is making money.
  • Poor speed, even though it is a VPS, has not activated the modules to turn it into a machine to operate your website.

Steps to install VPS on Vultr

#first. Deploy Server on Vultr is simple

Step 1: Create a VPS on Vultr

Click the Create server button, select a type High Frequency

In the Tab Asia, choose Tokyo or Singapore Let the speed to Vietnam be the fastest

At Serve Size, select $ 6 / month and select Backup data, add $ 1,2 / month another (important)

Can be overlooked Script Manager and SSH Key

At the section Hostname, you name the Server for easy management

As a final step, click Deploy Now

The system is installing for you

This is all VPS information on your Vultr

Note the line below to log in and install WordPress

#2. Login with administrator credentials

Attention, you blacked out and paste it into your browser, because SSL is not installed. You highlighted the server information Vultr gave her, do not black out your IP address.

Enter the given Username and Password to enter the WordPress installation page

Next, the legendary WordPress installation screen. I mainly use English so I will EnglishIf you are not familiar with the interface, you can choose Vietnamese below. Keep pressing tiếp tục

Enter the Username and Password to use as an admin for your website

Install WordPress on Vultr successfully

# 3. Point the A Record from the domain registrar you purchased

Establish CNAME and A As shown, the IP address as Vultr gave you above

# 4. Change Domain and Adjust In WordPress Settings

Before exchange

Results after replacement

This window will display again

Enter it again and you have a WordPress website running successfully with Vultr

Method 2: Install WordPress on Vultr with EasyEngine script (super security and speed)

Advantages of installing WordPress with EasyEngine script

  • Help your website extremely security and speed. You can focus on making money on the website rather than worrying that the hacker can hijack the website
  • The community of EasyEngine scripts in the world is very large, they have made great strides in the process of improving their scripts for nearly ten years to respond to current technologies.

Disadvantages of this type

  • It takes a long time to install, and it takes a little tinkering. However, this is not true when I showed you from A - Z in this tutorial

Now embark on a WordPress Blog Setup 1 with 10k traffic / day only with RAM 1Gb, CPU 1 Core + Cloudflare CDN and DNS. Price from $ 5 / month.

Here I use the website to proceed with Setup VPS.

You can go in to experience the speed.

If you do not already have a domain name, please purchase it at Namecheap.

The reason why choose Namecheap How can I explain in this article already.

Sign in to Cloudflare, if you don't have an account CloudFlare, register for FREE at HERE

After logging into Cloudflare, proceed to add a website

Continue to choose tiếp tục

If you currently have any of the above, just change it A and CNAME come on. Because I don't know if you verify the domain name with Google Search Console using DNS or not, or use Google Gsuite or not, so pay attention.

Continue Confirm

At this point, Cloudflare will ask you to change the pair Nameserver from the domain registrar

Now go back and log in to your Namecheap account.

If you already have a domain name, or purchase a domain name not on Namecheap. Then also go to the Nameserver change as follows:

Change the Nameserver folder as shown above of Cloudflare's instructions:

Then go back to Cloudflare interface, proceed to Check Nameserver again

LImportant advantages: In the meantime, Cloudflare recommends you some settings, however, please choose Setup Later And I will guide you to activate the following:

Note: After Setup Later done, press Recheck as shown below, to confirm that the Nameserver change has been successful.

Proceed to view status from Cloudflare, if the system reports Active, ie has changed Nameserver successfully

Perform the Deploy Server steps and run Worpdress from Vultr

#first. First, create an SSH key from Puttygen

Step 1: Download PuttyGen at . Select the corresponding operating system, and install

Step 2: Open the software Puttygen up, proceed to create SSH Key

Step 3: Proceed to save SSH Key, form private. Attention, key created, has not turned off the software

And save the file as well Public Key

Step 4: Save to a Folder in the computer

Until this step, has not turned off Puttygen software.

#2. Add SSH Key to Vultr:

Different providers will have different interfaces, but in general, they also find a place for Add SSH Key.UpcloudDigital OceanLinodeVultr

Step 1: Via TAB SSH Key on Vultr interface

BStep 2: Enter SSH Key information from Puttygen

# 3. The Deploy Server is based on the SSH Key added in the previous step

Recall the ingredients to do:

Ubuntu + Nginx + Wodpress with Caching.

Here I do all 4 suppliers, according to each Tab:UpcloudDigital OceanLinodeVultr

Create a new VPS on Vultr

Select Ubuntu on Vultr, and the accompanying parameters as shown

Choose $ 5 / month on Vultr

Select the key of Add and press Deploy

Successful setup of VPS on Vultr Cloud

Done, so corresponding to a VPS is created, it will have a certain IP4 address.

Note: From this tutorial, I will get the IP address of VPS on Digital Ocean, in Digital Ocean tab above. Instead of using the IP address of Upcloud, of Vultr, of Linode to do.

So, When you create a VPS, what an IP address is, save it and track my every step to make correct.

Do not forget Replace the IP address I am demoing with the IP address from your VPS

And now it's time for you to enter that IP address into Cloudflare.

Go back to Cloudflare, the domain's DNS tab

Create A record as shown, and note off the yellow cloud, so that it displays in gray

Note: get the IP address of VPS did in the above step in the box IPv4 Addess.

You note, do not care about the IP address on my screen, this is just For example, I am finished I will Destroy VPS, but revealing this information is also quite dangerous. So focus on your IP address

Continue to create 1 record CNAME with values ​​as shown.

Because here I use rather than use

Check that your domain name points to the IP address of VPS or not?

If the computer you are using is Windows operating system, then use the CMD command by pressing the Window button

Then type CMD , then select Command Prompt same picture

Continue typing the command: ping

Such IP system has been successfully updated.

Or check directly on

# 4. Access SSH with Bitvise

Step 1: Download Bitvise here:

Step 2: Open Bitvise software, manage Key by the following

Create New Profile

Name it, then save it on your computer, the tail will be .tlp

Then proceed to enter the SSH Key as created in the previous step into Bitvise, click Client key Manager

Choose Import key

After that, enter the Private Key you did at creating SSH from Puttygen on:

Enter the password, continue:

Then choose Global, and continue. Well, don't remember the number 114 do, my other, your other. If you have any Global numbers, use that Global

Okay, now continue to login SSH to create WordPress.

Remember to choose the parameters as shown. Part Passphrase then enter as in the image created in Puttygen.

Check finished, press Login

Check finished, click Login, then select Accept and Save

At this point, you have successfully accessed VPS with SSH.

The interface has 2 windows, 1 command prompt window on Linux (black) and FTP window to transfer files on VPS from your computer.

# 5. Proceed to run the script to build the WordPress website

With Easy Engine. First, install EasyEngine on your Server by going to the Terminal screen (black) and typing

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

An alert like this will have EasyEngine installed on your server

Continue to use the following command line to install wordpress with Redis Cache:

ee site create --wpredis

Explain the meaning:

ee site create : create website with hostname is

–Wpredis: install Redis Cache

Make sure to me that you have copied all the information in the above table that EasyEngine has installed for you

Continue to set up SSL for the website

ee site update --ssl=le

At this time the system will ask you to enter Email, just fill it out.

At this time, the website has been set up. Please visit the admin to change the password

Proceed to install Admin Tools for the website, run the command

ee admin-tools enable

See username / password to login:

ee auth list global

The result looks like this:

Access the admin tools of EasyEngine with the login information above

Select pma to access PHPmyadmin

We will get information and crazy pictures in the previous setup.

That's it, enjoy the website with loading speed and extremely safe wind for your website yet 😀

In addition, you can see more EasyEngine commands at:

# 6. Set up Cloudflare CDN and configure your website on Cloudflare

Cloudflare helps you fight Ddos and save website bandwidth when using the Cloud platform.

Log into Cloudflare.

On the DNS tab, turn on the Cloudflare CDN by turning yellow

In SSL / TLS Tab, Overview, select as shown and encryption mode is Full, because SSL has been installed on Hosting already

IN Edge Certificates. switch over to HTTPS

In Part HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) . Select as shown

Switch to Tab Speed, On Browser Insight

As for Optimazation, do not select on Auto Minify okay, because the Plugin in WordPress already does this

In the Tab Caching, choose Browser Cache TTL is 1 year

In the Tab Network, turn on these 2 features

The setup is done, Enjoy 🙂

Wish you success with website projects "Several tens of thousands of traffic / day"

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About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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