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Install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu - Rocket.Chat is a free Web Chat Server, developed by JavaScript, using the Meteor framework. It is a great solution for communities and companies that want to build their own chat server or for developers who want to build and develop their own chat platform.

In this article HOSTVN will guide you to configure and install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu 18.

Instructions to install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu 18

1. Configuration required

1.1. Minimum configuration

  • 1 core VPS (2 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB disk

With this configuration you can deploy a chat server with up to 200 users, of which maximum 50 people operate at the same time.

1.2. Recommended configuration

  • 2 core VPS (2 GHz)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB disk

With this configuration you can deploy a chat server with up to 500 users, of which maximum 100 people operate at the same time.

To follow this guide, you need to have a VPS using the OS Ubuntu 18.04. If you do not have a VPS, immediately refer to the packages Cloud VPS of the HOSTVN.


2. Install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu

2.1. Step 1: Create a Swap

If your VPS has only 2GB of RAM, you should set up an additional 2GB (2048M) Swap to improve system performance. To create Swap you run the following commands:

To test Swap you can use the following command


2.2. Step 2: Install the necessary packages

Update system and apt configuration to be able to install MongoDB with the following commands:

Add the Node.js installation package with the following command:

Setting build tools, MongoDB, nodejs and graphicsmagick:

Install inherits and n needed to run Rocket.Chat

2.3. Step 3: Install Rocket.Chat on ubuntu

Download the latest version of Rocket.Chat:

Proceed to install Rocket.Chat (This article uses the directory / opt but you can choose another folder if you want):

2.4. Step 4: Configure Rocket.Chat service

Add rocketchat user and proceed to set owner for the Rocket.Chat folder:

Create Rocket.Chat service file with the following command

  • Note: Replace by your domain name

Set up storage and copying tools for MongoDB, and start MongoDB and Rocket.Chat by running the following commands:

2.5. Step 5: Open the port if using UFW

If you use the UFW Firewall you will need to open port 3000 to be able to access Rocket.Chat. To open Port, run the following command


2.6. Step 6: Create an Admin account

After completing the entire installation process you access http: // your domain name: 3000 to set up Rocket.Chat. At the first step you will be asked to create an Admin account. Fill in the required information and click tiếp tục


The next step is to fill in the information Company / Organization of you and click tiếp tục


In step 3 you name the website, select the display language, server type (private, Public) and options 2-layer authentication by email


In step 4 select the appropriate type you want (Use the Rocket.Chat services provided or choose to configure the settings yourself) and click Continue

Screenshot_17 - install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu

So you have completed the process of setting up, click Go to your workspace to access Rocket.Chat

Screenshot_18 - install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu

Screenshot_20 - install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu

3. Reference link

4. Conclusion

Through this article HOSTVN I showed you how to install Rocket.Chat on Ubuntu 18. If you have any comments, you can leave a comment below. Also you may want to see the Jitsi Meet Installation Guide on Ubuntu 18.

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