Instructions to build high quality backlinks to defeat all opponents

Looking for white hat backlinks? Or a black hat? Or yellow hat, brown hat!

No matter what link you want to get, you've come to the right article.

Link building and outreach remain the backbone of SEO - without high quality links, there will be no organic traffic. To help you out, I've collected 24 techniques for creating backlinks of hats that work well

Quality over quantity.

A futile effort or your best return on investment is what you generate from link building. It is not merely black or white.

With the proliferation of comprehensive SEO tactics, more and more marketers will be focusing on making meaningful connections.

This post contains 24, sustainable link building tactics, and it's important that it still works by 2020 and is guaranteed to help you get quality backlinks.

As simple as they are, you still have to make them really work by applying some common sense:

  • Related . Focus on more targeted opportunities, instead of using spray and prayer.
  • Create a connection with your potential customers . Do not drop bombs before you speak.
  • Do not promote - serve. Respect is the key.

This post should act as a quick reference for the best ways to get white hat backlinks. Please take note of these classic tactics and get started.

#first. Internal linking

Yes, that's right. Internal linking is something most people overlook, but internal linking is great. The first internal link is something you have total control over. Not only do internal links help you to transfer link juice between your pages, they also help Google crawl your site faster.

Note: Be careful with the use keywords are targeted in links throughout your site, as Google may consider this a spam element.

Reputable reference resources

#2. Blogrolls strategy

Ask your friends, staff and colleagues to place a link in your blogroll

Friendly blog listings

Note: The blogroll rule This is an unwritten rule in the blog world that if a blogger places a link to your website in your blogroll, you should add that blog's link on your own website. friend.

This strategy is quite popular among Vietnamese bloggers

# 3. Send courtesy / partner requests

Whether you run an SEO agency, or you are a freelancer, you should request credit from your clients or partners.

For example, at CompaMarketing, we ask our readers if it is okay to place sales website design support without programming in the bottom of their website.

The best time to request this link is when the customer is at the peak of happiness. Also, make it easy for them. Put the link on their website or provide an embeddable HTML snippet with the link.

# 4. Ask your suppliers and distributors

If you are buying a product or service from someone, ask them to link to your website. Because you have paid them (although not for the link itself), your providers tend to link back to you more, because they want to see you succeed.

# 5. Create message board signatures

Include a link to the site in your forum signature.

Although mostly devoid of tracking, these links can bring good traffic to a website and also help you keep up with your natural link profile.

Directories and Resources

# 6. Resource page

Another easy way to get links. Just use the Google search parameters like:

  • "Keyword" + list,
  • Try this - “keyword” + resources,
  • "Keyword" + tips,
  • "Keyword" + links,
  • This is great as well - "keyword" + inurl: links.

Depending on your industry, you should probably find at least a dozen solid affiliate opportunities.

# 7. Phonebook

Be careful with generic Contacts directories, because some of them have low profile links and you don't want to link your website to them.

List of 50 contacts allows you to put your blog on

No.Blog DirectoryPRAlexa RankingsRegistrationRequest List
twelfth www.blogrankings.com618650YesYes
13 www.plazoo.com626607NoYes
14 www.redtram.com62040NoNo
thirty firstwww.sarthak.net487571NoNo
43www.blogsitelist.com3 153444NoYes
44www.blogfinds.com3 238807NoNo
forty sixwww.addyourblog.com2 399596NoYes noneNoYes
48www.theblogresource.com2 270322NoYes

#8. Paid contacts

Some advanced directories will require you to pay to list your site on their site. The problem with them is that it's hard to tell which is worth the money.


There are many good directories, please keep in mind the relevance of the directory to be more valuable for it for your website. I list out a few quality paid directories

  • - In Vietnam

# 9. Web design library

This type of directory deserves a separate place because you can get some traffic from them. This tactic works best if you have a unique, creative design.

Use a service like CSS Library list to submit your website to all web design galleries for $ 50.

#ten. Please mention your brand

Use a service like Mention or Buzzsumo to track mentions of your brand. Make sure your brand name links back to your website.

If your competitors are in a higher position on the SERPs than you are, they have to do something right with their link building.

You can use Linkody or Ahrefs to find all competitors' backlinks. All you need to know is their website and Linkody will do the rest.

  1. Find your opponent on Google or with SimilarWeb .
  2. Add them to the Linkody.Spy on competitors
  3. Linkody will find all the backlinks of your competitors.
  4. Contact the webmaster and say your tool will be a great addition to the site's resources.

You can also use Ahrefs as a way to track backlinks - it allows you to get inbound link data for any site: number of backlinks, new and lost links, their type, referring domain name, etc.

#first2. Create video tutorials and share them on forums

Most bloggers share their guide on forums either in whole or in link with them. Links do not work often since moderators remove them. Sharing the entire guide gives them little incentive to return to your site.

What I have seen many times working is sharing tutorial videos. Labeled with your blog's name, with an external billboard that provides links back to your blog, these videos work wonders in getting visitors to your site.

Instructional videos are often stuck in relevant categories and sending a good traffic after you stop advertising.

The additional advantage is that there is no problem sharing an internal forum thread elsewhere on the forum. You can always support the topic if it's relevant to the discussion.

This technique works better and requires more effort than any other forum advertising technique you may have heard.

For Internet marketing, the best forums for this would be Warrior Forum, Black Hat Forum, etc.

# 13. Guest blogging (Guest Post)

Bloggers have an idea for a blog post and ask them if they are happy to publish it.

If you are just starting out with guest blogging, you will be more fortunate to use one of the effective Guest Post networks. Because you are contributing to their blog with valuable and quality content

# 14. Provide premium content

These tactics involve providing content upgrades such as ebooks, reports, infographics, etc. for other websites.

The reason for upgrading content so well is:

  1. You can provide something specific to the website you are advertising
  2. It is much more scalable than guest post

Suppose you wrote a great article about cat health. You can repackage the entire post as an eBook and provide it as an exclusive resource for a relevant website.

# 15. Write a testimonial

Nothing makes a person happier than seeing his or her customers use their products. Endorse the products you use and ask them to share your testimonials on their website.

For example:

Extremely quality backlink from the homepage of WPX Hosting. 10 points for the quality

# 16. Write typical casestudy

This tactic is like the previous tip, except you go for more details and write a complete case study, describing how you use the product / service.

For example, at this article

The author shared casestudy and received a backlink.

With blog comments, you may get some unfollowed links, which is perfectly fine, but you can also find a large number of blogs that allow follow-up comments.

Note, Blog Comment means contributing to the author for thanking or expressing the value of their article which gives us information through that article. Here Brian Dean has allowed my comment to be on the list of other comments. Also synonymous with giving will be a quality nofollow backlink from Backlinko.

You can see here:

# 18. Answer the question

Answering questions on Quora and Yahoo Ask not only brings traffic to your website but also helps you build credibility as a thought leader in your business.

# 19. Create a free tool

Build a free plugin or browser extension for your main product or service.

A great example is the EmailHunter Chrome extension:

Not only will this potentially attract white-hat backlinks to your site, but your likelihood of retaining customers will increase.

# 20. Find broken links

  1. On Google, you can find websites (or posts) related to your site.
  2. Then look for broken links on the site - this The app will do it for free.
  3. Finally, you give the website owner to replace the broken link with your post.

There are several free tools that will help you identify broken links on a website. One of the most hassle-free plugins is Check My Links for Chrome. In the example below the red link is a broken link.

# 21. Create your own blog network

If you are serious about SEO and plan to join the game for a long time, then creating your own blog network (PBN - Private Blog Network) is one of the best things you can do to succeed long. long.

And I don't mean one of the networks like Envato advertises itself on every website. Although they can work very well, too. I mean a network of really private websites that have nothing to do with each other, other than your own.

It is the best way to access small websites without big financial support.

The benefits of PBN are enormous:

  • You have many independent websites and streams of income so you don't have to suffer if one or some of them are penalized or not indexed (temporarily or permanently);
  • Create backlinks between websites whenever you need to rank for any keywords or need to quickly get a new website;
  • Control your SEO more, as backlinks become in-situ optimized for you.

I would say that anyone who will do Internet Marketing for a long time should at least try to build their own niche small blog network.

Note: This is a gray hat link building technique and can get your site penalized.

My worth reading about PBN:

#22. Maintain an account on Reddit and communicate

Social media accounts are primarily a long-term strategy because they rarely get results in a short time.

Well, not counting successful submissions to Reddit and the like. These sites are worth most of the time in terms of rankings. As long as you get it right

I recommend creating and maintaining (either yourself or through automation), most importantly a Reddit account.

In fact, if you just choose a website, I would recommend Reddit for a few reasons:

  • It's easy to create some accounts there (not contrary to the terms of service);
  • You can submit stories on almost any topic and they have a real chance to get to the front page in the appropriate subreddit (which will give you direct traffic and most likely a white hat backlink from the site. other);
  • And a little-known secret - Reddit comments are indexed by Google and Bing.
    • Most importantly, any link will automatically remove the nofollow tag if the comment receives any upvotes.

# 23. Build links from Wikipedia

See the example below:

This is an example link in which Wikipedia

Or can use WikiGrabber to find broken links

Anything could be better than this? Relevant links from a domain that Google loves.

# 24. Multi-tier link building (Important)

The basic idea of ​​link building is to create several layers that link back to each layer pointing to the upper layer until finally you get to the first layer (level 1) pointing directly at the site. friend.

Tier 1: Point directly to your website.
Tier 2: Point to your level 1 links.
Tier 3 3: Point to your level 2 link

By using tiered link building, you can transfer valuable link juice to your money sites through each link layer.

PBN Links, or web links 2.0, Guest Post links, Link Q&A or PR links, is basically a link with high index, strength

PBN Link, Footer Links, Side Wide Link, Profile Links, Syndication Links, Forum Links

Spam link, Directory Links ...

White hat backlink combining link building is a never ending story about new tactics and SEOs that surpass themselves by looking for new opportunities to grab a link.

This list of evergreen link building techniques will serve you well as a starting point for creating countless white hat backlinks.

And don't forget - it's all up to you to make these tactics work.

Share what your "favorite strategy" for getting sustainable backlinks is below this comment

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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