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In the process of installing applications on the system, there will be some applications that require you to authorize startup with Windows.

You can check the list of applications that are starting with Windows in the tab Startup of the Task Manager tool.

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Besides the useful applications, there are also many dead apps on this list. Therefore, you should clean them immediately to make sure the system works smoothly and smoothly.

So what is the dead application? Why is this happening and is it harmful to your computer? All questions above will be answered in this article!

#first. What is a dead application that starts with Windows?

A simple and straightforward explanation, the "dead" applications are those that you have installed on your computer and have authorized it to start with the system. should have agreed to grant permissions).

And when there is no need to use those software / applications anymore, you have removed them from the system. But despite being uninstalled, the keys, Registry values ​​and their boot permissions are still in Startup of Task Manager.

Actually, these dead applications do not affect the computer system much, but I feel uncomfortable that I just shot it 😀

Just kidding, a clean computer, no redundancy of junk files, temporary files and dead Registry keys ... will surely operate more efficiently and reliably than a garbage-filled computer.

#2. How to know if an application is "dead" on Windows?

How to identify these dead applications is very easy, first you use the key combination CTRL + Shift + ESC

Or Right click on the Taskbar => and then select Task Manager to open Task Manager of Windows

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In Task Manager switch to the tab Startup for myself. Here you can easily recognize the dead application is very simple, if any application has been uninstalled by you but still on this list, it is a dead application.

For example, as shown below, application Google Sync I've removed it already, but it's still on the list. To check if this application is really dead, right-click it => 2 lines will appear Properties and Open file location blurred out.

You can do the same with other apps.

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# 3. Instructions for removing dead apps with Autoruns

Deleting these applications requires you to find and thoroughly delete them in the Registry, but when doing this, if you mistakenly delete a certain key, the risk of a Windows error is very high.

Therefore, Microsoft has created a tool called Autoruns to help users solve this in a simpler way.

I say so, you probably understand the function of Autoruns already: it will help display and manage applications that start with the system.

Perform: First you access the link below and click on the link Download Autoruns and Autorunsc (1.6 MB) at the top of the page to download the Autoruns application.

Download link here or here!

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Extract the file just downloaded. Next you open the extracted folder to => and run the file named Autoruns64.exe to run the application Autoruns this.

assassination-on-windows-on-windows (4)

The first time it starts, the application will ask you to read and accept the terms of use to use it, press Yes to agree.

This is the main interface of the software, it displays all the software, Services will be started together with the Windows system.

As you can see there will be many different colors (like yellow, light pink, ...). I will explain all of the following:

  • Yellow: It is the dead applications that we are talking about in this article.
  • Green Blue: Newly installed applications, I don't have them here.
  • Purple: Location of boot files in list, on drive, settings or Registry
  • Light pink: Only anonymous applications, no information, the electronic signature of the person / developer. Sometimes it can be viruses, trojans, etc.

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If you are unsure about the application is light pink as Explorer.exe and Svchost.exe Gameloop's like in the picture, assuming I suspect it is a virus, the way to check it is very simple.

Right-click on the application with pink color => and then select Search Online then the browser will open a Google search page for that application. If you do not have Google search, then delete it, how to delete it, read on.

assassination-on-windows-in-windows (8)

To delete a dead application, or the application with the light pink above => right-click on the application => and select Delete.

Or Select the application and then use the key combination Ctrl + D but not Ctrl + Delete dentist.

assassination-on-windows-on-windows (6)

You will be asked to confirm again before deleting the selected application => click Yes or press Enter to delete the selected application. That's it then, now open Task Manager and check it!

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# 4. Epilogue

So I have just instructed you how to remove dead applications from the Windows system.

It should be noted that this will not help your computer boot faster, it will only help your Windows Registry and C: drive cleaner, tidy only. Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you success!

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