How to integrate Google Docs in WordPress through the Plugin


How to integrate Google Docs in WordPress through the Plugin_We know WordPress is easy to use, but sometimes frustrating when it comes to integrating with other platforms. Today, many WordPress bloggers hire copywriters on their content every day. While WordPress does not allow real-time collaboration in the same way - some tools, such as Google Docs, can help people with this. People can easily share drafts and collaborate in real time without any hassle.

So in this article, I will tell you how you can connect Google Docs on your WordPress site.

Is Google Docs good to use?

In many jobs, copywriters often blog with Google Docs because it's easy to collaborate. However, these blogs are published at blogs and websites provided by WordPress. Before posting, copywriters complete parts of their content by adding images and links, and often format that section as required by WordPress.

Given the volume of publishing at the popular WordPress site, manually doing this job can be very time consuming. However, there is a solution to automate this process and ensure that all participants work effectively in the workflow thanks to Google Docs.

Benefits of using Google Docs with WordPress

  • Is limited to share for only your company or only specific people.

  • Outline and edit your posts in real time.

  • Easily collaborate with other users.

  • Editing directly from Google Docs to and websites of

  • You do not have to give your admin administrator to contribute to the content.

Integrate Google Docs into WordPress

In this section, I will tell you how you can integrate Google Docs into your WordPress website.

Google Docs for Jetpack WordPress website connected

Every time you copy content from Google Docs and paste it into the WordPress editor, all images and custom formats are lost. Redoing all the formats and inserting images again is really a waste of time, but you can do it quickly using Google Docs. for Google Docs is a great utility that simplifies the process of drafting directly from Google Docs to and's Jetpack websites.

Once the utility is installed, you only need to open to add Google Docs directly from Google Docs and then connect the two websites.

  • Step 1: Install the add-on

In the Google Docs menu bar, go to Add-ons → Get add-ons.


Next, search for Google Docs, then click the FREE button.


Next, when the window opens, it will ask you to select your account. Then proceed to the next step below.


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  • Step 2: Add and authorize WordPress

Once the installation process has finished, go to your document and navigate Add - on → to Google Docs, select Open and then add the WordPress website from the Right menu. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will choose a Jetpack-connected WordPress site.

Log in to your account and select the site, click the Approve button to authorize the site.


After clicking the Approve button, reload your Google Doc page and you will see a popup window to the right where you see the post details.

You are now ready to outline your Google Docs on WordPress websites. For this step, you must click the Save button.


Now that your post has been successfully posted, click on the link to view the post.


You can see the result by viewing the following image.


The draft appears in the list of WordPress posts. Make sure you can only save drafts and update draft posts. If you want to post your post, go to Admin Panel → Post and post the post. You can also add something here if you want.


Now, you can publish your article whenever you want.

How to handle 502 Gateway error

If you get a 502 Gateway error, go to WordPress admin panel → Jetpack → Settings and turn off the Sign in button once. For more information on this, please see Jetpack Security Features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: What can I do if my website has a TypeError?

Answer: To fix this error, you need to delete the List items. Go to your files and rewrite them. This will help solve the problem.

  • Question: Can I compose exclusively for WordPress?

Answer: No, switching Google Docs to WordPress is a great add-on that simplifies the process of drafting directly from Google Docs to the WordPress website provided by Jetpack.

  • Question: Is it allowed to add separate images?

Answer: No, it will outline all your content on your WordPress site including images, content, etc.


By now, you should know how easy it is to publish Google Docs drafts directly to WordPress through for Google Docs. This is a great way to save your time and investment and risk.

If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask me through the comments section below. Or if you have experienced this then let me know what your experience is when integrating Google Docs into your WordPress website.

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