How to install WordPress Theme - Step by step guide for newbies

Want to learn how to install WordPress themes? WordPress covers 33% of the most popular websites that use incredible and beautiful WordPress themes. There are lots of free and paid WordPress themes on the web.

In this article, I will introduce an easy guide to install WordPress themes from WordPress Directory and install WordPress themes manually.

Let’s start,

Install WordPress Theme from the WordPress folder

Have a lot of Free theme available in WordPress theme repository. Start:

Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and then go to Appearance >> Themes.

After you are at the theme page, Click the Add New button to enter the WordPress theme directory.

You can see many options to choose themes such as featured WordPress themes, popular WordPress themes, latest WordPress themes and favorites.

In the Filter Features section, you can see many options that you can check in the box you want on your topic. When you click the Apply Filter button, topics will appear that meet your criteria.

Alternatively, you can search for topics on the search box. Example: I searched F photoenic and Click the button Install.

Next, click the Active button. Then the theme was successfully installed.

Manual WordPress Theme installation manually

The manual method is used to install premium themes (Themes) such as Astra, Generate Press or DIVI or themes downloaded from third-party sources.

In this method, the file needs to be in zip format to upload and install themes. Start:

Same as above, Skip to Appearance >> Themes.

You can see the Upload Theme button on the top of the page. Click on it.

When you click, select the theme zip file you have downloaded and click the button Install Now.

Finally, click the Activate button. You have successfully installed the theme.

How to install WordPress Theme using FTP

Summarize the process of installing the Theme by FTP as follows

  • Download the FTP Client on your computer
  • Create FTP account in your hosting account
  • Download the theme you need for your computer and extract it
  • Download the theme directory via FTP to install your WordPress
  • Activate theme from your WordPress dashboard

Step 1: Download FileZilla

To set up your WordPress website with FTP, you first need to have the FTP client on your computer. Client FTP Client, which is the abbreviation for Protocol File transfer protocol, and the technical term for a downloaded software tool will allow access to files that can be pulled from your computer to be uploaded to mail. item on your website. It is really a powerful thing and if it is used properly, you can really mess up your site once everything is going on. But since this is a new installation, we don't have to worry about that part right now.

Step 2: Create an FTP account in your Hosting

Now you need to make sure you have access to your storage from the FTP Client. Usually, you must set your own FTP user access rights in your hosting. This is a different process for each hosting company because their backend environment is different. But the end goal is the same. You need to create an FTP user account. You will create a username and password (remember to make your password as strong, as difficult to remember as possible, and you only need to save that password with the file!)

A powerful tool for creating passwords Secure Password Generator

Step 3: Download the Theme to your computer & extract it

Most of you will have the file downloaded to your computer. But for those who don't, go ahead and download it from its source.

Step 4: Upload the theme folder via FTP to your WordPress installation

This is where you can mess things up if you're not careful. In your FTP client navigate to the root of your WordPress installation. Then go to wp-content directory> topic. Upload the folder you just extracted here. DO NOT upload the contents of the directory separately. You MUST upload the entire directory here.

Depending on the size of the directory and your Internet speed - this may take a while. Now would be a good time to refresh your cup of coffee.

Step 5: Activate the WordPress theme

You have now successfully installed your WordPress theme via FTP!

Therefore, these are beginners guide to installing WordPress themes. If you find this article helpful, don't forget to join my newsletter for more informative articles and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Do not forget to leave a comment below this Post if you have any problems during the installation of WordPress Theme

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