How to create a Woocommerce Coupon


To earn more profits from WooCommerce store, you probably need to create attractive promotions. One of the tips is to issue a coupon and don't want to get a discount? In this article, we will show you how to create a WooCommerce coupon. Let's start!

Why use WooCommerce coupon?

First, what is a coupon? This is essentially a discount code for customer orders based on the total purchase price.

Customers enter coupon code before the transaction occurs. After that, they will receive the corresponding discount according to a percentage or amount determined.

Using coupons will benefit WooCommerce store because it will make customers happier when they save money and buy the products they want. You will also attract interest from new customers. Either way, it will drive conversions for your store.

WooCommerce has a feature that allows suppliers to add coupon codes to stores. There are 3 types of WooCommerce coupon codes you can create:

woocommerce coupon types

  • Discount by percentage - Percentage discount for entire cart.
  • Shopping cart discount at a fixed price - fixed discount for the entire cart.
  • Discounts on fixed products - This coupon is different from the previous ones because it only applies a fixed discount for a specific product, not the entire shopping cart.

How to add a WooCommerce coupon to a website

So how to add coupon WooCommerce? Here are the step by step instructions that you can follow:

  1. First, go to the store's dashboard, then click WooCommerce, choose Coupons.
  2. Click on it Add Coupons
    add woocommerce coupons
  3. You will then be asked Enter the code About events related to running coupons. For example, let's add XMAS2019 as a coupon code, which will be rolling out around Christmas 2019. You can too Add description it's up to you.
    coupon code
  4. Below the coupon code bar and description bar, there is a box Coupon data contains 3 different tabs, including general tab, usage restriction tab (usage restriction tab) and usage limit tab (tab limited use). Fill all to set the rules for the coupon you made.
    coupon data box general tab
  5. If the coupon data box is filled out, you can publish coupon.
    wordpress publish box

Now we have to complete the box Coupon data to complete the coupon creation. Please go through each tab individually.

General Tab

The first tab will allow us to set the main aspects of the coupon, such as species coupon, amount of money discount and expiration date.

coupon data box general tab

  1. Go to the first field in the general tab. Discount type will ask you to choose the type of coupon you want to create, including a percentage discount, a fixed discount, or a discount on a fixed product.
  2. Then choose the amount of discount on the bar coupon amount. If you want a 10% discount, just type 10 in this box.
  3. Then you are allowed to check free shipping box (free shipping box). This box allows customers to receive free shipping from the coupon. If you don't want free shipping, just uncheck the box.
  4. The last line on the general tab is coupon expiry date (coupon expiry date). You can choose the date the coupon ends.

Usage Restriction Tab

Now, for the next tab, usage restriction tab. In this tab, you can set some rules that customers must follow to activate the coupon.

limit of coupon code

  1. The first line you should enter is Minimum spend and Maximum spend. This is the section for you to determine the minimum and maximum amount that customers must buy to be able to use the coupon.
  2. Then, if you don't want to use the coupon at the same time as another coupon, you can check the box Individual use only. You can also check the box Exclude sale items If you want to exclude coupons for items.
  3. Same with the lines Products and Exclude products. If you want to include or exclude coupons for specific products, simply select the item you want to apply.
  4. Product categories and Exclude categories The same function is to include or exclude coupons for specific categories.
  5. Finally, if you want to restrict or allow specific emails to be sent to the coupon, you can fill out Allowed emails.

Usage Limits Tab

As the name suggests, usage limits tab Provide some rules to limit the use of each coupon.

  • coupon data usage limit box
  1. Usage limit per coupon On each coupon bar can determine the number of times customers can use the coupon. If you want to gift your coupons to 25 lucky customers, just type 25 in this line. After 25 coupons are used, the coupon code will end.
  2. Limit usage to X items Can limit the number of coupons used for 1 product by 1 customer. If you want to allow customers to use coupons on 1 product only, set it to 1.
  3. The final limit is usage limit per user, Limit the number of times a user can use a coupon. For example, if you want to allow 1 customer to use the coupon 3 times, then you set the number 3.

Why use the WooCommerce Coupon plugin?

WooCommerce coupon integration feature is easy to use and easy to increase sales. But not only that! You can install plugin to set more rules.

To help you choose the most useful plugin, we have a list of plugins. Let's take a look!

Ninja Popups

ninja popups

When you create a coupon, make sure you advertise it. If nobody knows about your coupon then nobody will use it!

Ninja Popups is a plugin that allows you to create popups for many different purposes. One of them is to provide coupon or discount codes.

If you add pop-ups to your site, you will be offered a limited time limit by accident. This sense of urgency has the potential to make customers buy.

This plugin is easy to use so you can use this good popup right away!

Discount Rules for Woocommerce

discount rules woocommerce plugin

If you think WooCommerce coupon integration is not flexible enough, Discount Rules will be the right plugin for you.

With this plugin, you will be able to add more rules to your coupon. For example, you can add discounts based on quantity, product, and based on other factors.

You will also be able to distinguish discounts based on retail or wholesale purchases. Pretty cool, right?

If you want more freedom to adjust the rules for your coupons, this plugin is required.

Coupon Wheel

discount rotation

The good news for you is that this tool can increase conversion rates for your website.

Coupon Wheel will show when customers want to close the website.

After that, customers will be asked to spin the wheel / wheel, to have a chance to win discounts from many different coupons.

This plugin not only prevents customers from leaving, but also increases their participation thanks to the use of coupon codes.


Coupon is a great way to increase conversion rates for WooCommerce store. You can easily create coupons in your WordPress dashboard.

If you need more support or need more rules on discounts, check out these plugins:

That's it, this is all you need to know about WooCommerce coupon! If you have any other ideas on coupons, please leave a comment below to discuss with us.

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