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In the previous article, I have very detailed instructions for you to create automatic table of contents in Word in an extremely easy to understand already.

And I can guarantee that if you have read through that article of yours, surely you can do it easily.

So why is there this article?

Yes, this article also shows you how to create automatic table of contents in Word, but this method will be a lot more professional.

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With this approach, you can easily customize the title tags such as color change all titles, bold, italics, change the font size ... even when you have completed the table of contents.

And you can quickly move to the content in the Word file you want to read by clicking the corresponding item in the Table of Contents. To make it easier to imagine, it is identical to the table of contents on my blog.

When you click on it, it immediately moves to that part of the content for you to see.

Generally How to create a table of contents in Word This is extremely professional. And I said before the article will be a bit long, but the way to do it is extremely simple.

I. Preparation

  1. If you have a Word file to practice, it is good, if not, download the file you have done a demo here or here ! You can download the file blogchiasekienthuc-demo Come on to try it out.
  2. Set up unit transfers inches to the unit cm And some settings like in this article!
  3. You need to determine in advance which is the Heading 1 card (Level 1), which is Hading 2 (Level 2) ... ..

For example, my Demo file has main header and interpolation sections that can infer Levels as follows:

first. Introduction => Level 1

2. What is it like to join the author group of the Knowledge Sharing Blog? => Level 1

2.1. CASH ($): => Level 2


3. WRITTEN & SHARED Correspondingly => Level 1

4. Supported accounts Fshare Víp => Level 1

5. Practicing writing ability => Level 1

6. Request => Level 1

6.1.1 Knowledge of one of the following areas => Level 3

6.1.2 The content in the article must be written by you => Level 3

6.1.3 Author registration form => Level 3

…………………………………………………………………… ..

=> There, so we will have 3 Levels => you must determine such a level first. If any item => then it is Level 4, just like that. Done this step!

II. How to create a table of contents in Word with Multilevel List

Ok, after you have determined the Level is completed, we will start to do it now.

#first. Create Style for Multilevel List

// You just need to create a Style for Word once, the next time you just use it, do not take time to recreate it.

// This tutorial I made on Word 2016. You can apply to other versions of Word such as Word 2007, 201o, 2013, 2019 ... ..

// In the tutorial, you can click on the image to enlarge it if you can't see it clearly.

+ Step 1: Open the Word file to handle. Then on HOME (first) => select Multilevel List (2)=> then select Define new Multilevel List (3) as shown below.

how-to-find-word-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: The next window appears, click the button More>> to expand the setup.

how-to-find-word-in-word (2)

1.1 Create Style for Level 1

+ Step 3: Next, at the level Level 1 (first)=> You remove the blank in the line Enter Formating for number (2)=> and section Number style for this level (3) You choose the type 1, 2, 3…

how-to-find-words-in-word (3)

Then you do the following steps:

  • Add accents . after the number 1 at the line Enter Formating for number(4).
  • In section (5) You set up as follows: Number aligment you choose is Left, Aligned at you to be 0 cm, Text indent at You also to be 0 cm => then click the button Set for All leves….
  • The next window will appear (6) => you to be 0 cm All over.

how-to-find-words-in-word (4)

+ Step 4: Continue you assign Level 1 was Heading 1 in section Link level to style(7). Section left Follow number with(8) you to be Space (a space).

how-to-find-words-in-word (5)

1.2. Set the Style to Level 2

+ Step 5: Now we will continue to create styles for Level 2. Switch to Level 2 and set the following:

Perform: Choose Level 2 (first) => Delete blank lines you erase at line Enter Formating for number (2)=> in the section Include level number from you choose is Level 1

how-to-find-words-in-word (7)

+ Step 6: Add accents . after number 1 in the section Enter Formating for number (3)=> and section Number style for this level (4) You choose the type 1, 2, 3… 

how-to-find-words-in-word (6)

+ Step 7: Then continue adding diacritics . behind the number 1 in the frame Enter Formating for number(5).

AND continue to assign Level 2 was Heading 2 in section Link level to style (6). Section left Follow number with (7) You also to be Space (one space).

how-to-find-words-in-word (8)

1.3. Create Style for Level 3

+ Step 8: Okay, now we will move on Level 3 (first) to continue, you also clear the white in the section Enter Formating for number(2)

=> In the section Include level number from(3) you choose is Level 1

how-to-find-words-in-word (9)

+ Step 9: Add a bookmark . after the number 1 in section Enter Formating for number (4)=> continue to choose Level 2 in section Include level number from(5).

how-to-find-words-in-word (10)

+ Step 10: You continue to type one more sign. after the number 1 in the section Enter Formating for number(6) => and select a style 1, 2, 3… in section Number style for this level(7).

how-to-write-in-word (11)

+ Step 11: You also assign level 3 with Heading 3 in section Link level to style(8). Section left Follow number with(9) You also to be Space.

=> Then you press OK to complete the Style creation for Word.

how-to-find-word-in-word (12)

Similarly, if you have more Levels, you can do that ……

#2. Start assigning Heading to create a table of contents

+ Step 12: As you can see in the tab HOME This will now add the styles you have just created.

If your Word file has been numbered before, delete it to create it yourself. For example, here I will delete I. Go before assigning.

how-to-write-in-word (13)

+ Step 13: In your Style section nhấn vào mũi tên để mở khung Style out as shown below.

Then you put the cursor in the line Giới thiệu => and assign it as Heading 1 => now the tagline is Level 1.

how-to-find-word-in-word (15)

Similarly, drag down to assign to the Heading (thẻ tiêu đề) next.

how-to-find-word-in-word (16)

Based on the Levels that I have determined in the preparation step, you just assign it. For example Tiền ($) then you assign as Heading 2 Come on, very simple.

how-to-find-word-in-word (17)

Similarly, Level 3 then you tag the title as Heading 3 ok ... Just do sequentially from top to bottom text is finished.

how-to-find-word-in-word (18)

+ Step 14: After finishing the assignment, you may find the size of the text is small, very mixed, very bad. Please do the following:

Place your cursor in the title tag you want to change the font size => and then click Style respectively is okay.

how-to-find-word-in-word (19)

If you want to customize the display to look even better, do the following: Right-click Heading 1 => select Modify…

how-to-find-word-in-word (20)

Here you can choose the font for the title, font, type (bold, italic, underlined) .... And another very important part is adjusting the distance of the title tags with the text content.

Perform: You clicked Format => and select Paragraph…

how-to-find-words-in-word (21)

Later in the section Spacing you set up Before and After was 6pt => press OK to apply.

how-to-find-word-in-word (22)

That's pretty nice already, now we will come to the menu insert into the Word file.

+ Step 15: You place the cursor at the beginning of the text => select Layout => select continue Next Page.

In Word 2007 and 2010 are Page Layout okay guys.

how-to-find-words-in-word (23)

+ Step 16: Now Word will create a blank page at the beginning. You put the cursor in the blank page => then select References => and select Table of contents.

how-to-find-word-in-word (25)

And you choose the display type is done.

how-to-write-in-word (26)

There, we have created the table of contents, you can go to the tab HOME to change the color, font size ....

And to quickly move to the content you want, hold the key CTRL => then click on the title card in the Menu to move to.

how-to-find-word-in-word (24)

III. Epilogue

So I have detailed instructions for you How to create a table of contents in Word with Multilevel List in a way that can't be more detailed.

This guide is verbose, but it is super fast. Moreover you only have to install 1 time, the next time so that only use it. Very professional and fast again.

If you have any questions need support, please comment below I will support offline. Good luck !

Kien Nguyen -

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