How to add authors to your Wordpress website


How to add authors to your WordPress siteAn author display box at the top of any article is one of the best ways to let your site visitors know who is the actual person behind the content creation because if you don't In the author box, the whole blog / post is incomplete. This allows you to improve the reliability of your WordPress blogs as well as increase the authenticity of your website authors among users. Moreover, adding social media links with the author's display section allows your readers to establish a connection with your author so they can increase their fan followers on the media. society.

1) Why is adding author box useful in your WordPress blog?

  • Introduce the author of blogs, articles and content.
  • Make your blog more authentic by letting your readers know who is behind it.
  • Increase the credibility of your blog.
  • Provides easy ways to get to know the author and connect with them through social media, contact form, etc.
  • Organize and display the latest blogs / posts by specific authors.
  • Promote many authors in the blog.
  • Displays twitter feed and RSS feed from author

The author box, is one of the key elements for a blogging website built in on different WordPress templates. However, there are still many WordPress themes on the internet that don't support the author box by default. If you are a user of such themes then don't worry, there are plenty of WordPress plugins available to add author boxes for WordPress websites along with lots of features, layouts and custom options. For a free WordPress plugin with basic features, you can access the WordPress archive. While for premium functionality, you can buy the author's bio box plugin from the CodeCanyon marketplace for a fair price.

In this article, we did a short tutorial to add author biography on a WordPress blog post. The plugin we use is Ultimate Author Box Lite.

2) Step by step instructions on adding an author profile box in your WordPress website or blog.

Step 1: Install

Download the Ultimate Author Box Lite plugin from repository. Then install the plugin. If you need any help with the installation then you can consult the documentation.


Free WordPress Plugin Author Bio Box: Ultimate Author Box Lite

Step 2: General settings

Now, on the WordPress dashboard, you will see the Ultimate Author Box Lite Lite Box on the sidebar of the menu. Click on it to start customizing your author box.

The general settings of Ultimate Author Box Lite include display options and location options for your author bio box. Configure them and display author profiles on your favorite locations. Moreover, you can also notify the author you want to display to your audience.


Ultimate Author Box Lite: General Tab settings

Step 3: Set permissions

Then, click on permission settings and select the user you want your author profile box to be displayed on your WordPress site.


Ultimate Author Box Lite: Tab Setting permissions.

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Step 4: Install layout

After selecting a user, go to the layout settings of your author box template. The plugin comes with 5 pre-designed templates and if you want more samples, you can upgrade the plugin to the premium version - Ultimate Author Box.


Ultimate Author Box Lite: Set layout

Step 5: Custom installation

After choosing the right template for your website, you can customize its color from the custom settings tab. The plugin contains unlimited color schemes and will allow you to set any color for your author box.


Ultimate Author Box Lite: Custom Settings tab

Step 6: Add author details

When all customizations are completed and saved. Go to Users> All Users to add the author profile box on your website. Select the user you choose and fill in the details provided by the default WordPress and the last author box. After filling all details update author profile.


Ultimate author box Lite: Install


Here are some examples of what the author box looks like on your WordPress website


This way, you can add the author's biography above webpage WordPress her in minutes. The plugins used on the blog are well tested and maintained by the author. So, if you are interested in adding author bio boxes by taking advantage of the free WordPress plugin, then you can download the plugin and follow the steps in our guide.

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