How Fake IP online to access websites blocked in Vietnam 100% Ok

For a number of reasons such as site access to register w88 but sometimes you will be blocked access, can not visit an international website in Vietnam. Now you can use some solutions such as changing DNS, fixing host files, changing IP addresses (VPN, Socks, Ssh), etc.In which, Fake IP is considered a bright choice. Why and how to Fake IP effective? The following article will guide you specifically!

What is Fake IP? What is the purpose of Fake IP?

Fake IP is hiding IP, hiding IP and using an IP in another country to bypass access limit.

Principle of operation of Fake IP: Your Computer => Proxy Server => Website. So when using Fake IP, you will achieve a few goals as follows:

  • Help you access blocked websites easily. For example: Vietnam does not allow Facebook to use, you can convert IP to US and get in quickly.

  • With a fake IP helps you to surf safely and avoid hackers.

  • You can Fake IP to any country you want.

  • Easily bypass the firewall (Firewall) of some websites blocking Vietnam IP.

If compared to many ways to access international websites in Vietnam, Fake IP is considered a simple, easy to use method, just install a software on your computer, each time you want to change IP just One mouse click is all right.

Suggest the most effective Fake IP software to use

Sometimes you want to access an international website but you cannot access it because IP Vietnam has been blocked or you want to freely surf the web without being followed by someone. Then use Fake IP software is considered a great solution for you. With the free software, easy to use below, you can roam the world in the safest way.

Hotspot Shield - Free, fast speed

Instructions on how to Fake IP online to access blocked websites in Vietnam

Hotspot Shield is considered a free and best Fake IP software, extremely fast IP hiding speed helps you use it quickly, and has extremely good IP security, this software not only helps you overcome it. effective access restrictions, but also a great shield for computer protection.

Details about the software, see more here as well as detailed usage of the software here.

Ultrasurf - High security

Instructions on how to Fake IP online to access blocked websites in Vietnam

Ultrasurf has a similar operating principle to Hotspot Shield, which means it will help your computer create a fake IP to be able to access any website. That is, it will allow you to access blocked websites through the source code, bypass the firewall as well as change the proxy.

Notably, Ultrasurf is extremely secure, any data uploaded & downloaded via this software is kept private, fully supports HTTPS and HTTP protocols, maximum protection of privacy. User privacy when accessing the internet.

Details about the software see more here.

FreeGate - Many powerful features

Instructions on how to Fake IP online to access blocked websites in Vietnam

FreeGate is being appreciated by users because it has extremely powerful Fake IP function including: Automatically changing IP addresses, securing real IP addresses, creating fake IPs, breaking cracked by censors Strictly, blocking Web helps you to freely access the Website, Proxy conversion speed more quickly, automatically clears access history, is compatible with quite a lot of web browsers and many popular protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SHOCKS ...

Details about the software see more here.

DNS Jumper - Provides lots of free IPs

Instructions on how to Fake IP online to access blocked websites in Vietnam

If you are blocked by your country when accessing an international website, then using DNS Jumper software to Fake IP is considered a reasonable solution. Because DNS Jumper will give you free domain name system, IP address and is accepted by all countries in the world such as Google DNS, Open DNS, Ultra DNS or DNS Advantage, ... This software also supports multi The language should be very easy to use.

Use the above extensions on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge to Fake IP effectively

Fake IP can be done on the above free software or you can also use 4 extensions on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge to help you access international websites or blocked websites in Vietnam.

Hola VPN utility - The best Fake IP

Hola VPN is an extension that supports all 3 free, best Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. This utility allows you to fake ip on certain websites, with it you can bypass firewalls to access IP blocked websites such as BBC, Facebook (if blocked) easily with just one click.

Adguard VPN Utility - Easy to use

Adguard is known for being a very popular ad blocking software but recently it has invaded into the VPN field, so Adguard VPN is a great utility to fake ip that you should not miss. Adguard VPN is currently free and you can use it simply by signing in to Gmail. The biggest drawback of Adguard VPN is that it only allows users of Fake IP in certain countries mainly in the US.

Hotspot Shield VPN utility - Millions of users

Hotspot Shield VPN with over 2.5 million users on Chrome and getting 4.5 stars rating from 66 thousand users, it is no exaggeration to put Hotspot Shield VPN in the top of the best Fake IP utilities and completely free. It's great for newbies with the incredibly simple set up. The built-in WebRTC blocker helps prevent IP leaks and it also has an ad blocker and malware.

SaferVPN Utility - Fake IP security

SaferVPN is highly appreciated because the installation to use is very simple with just one click, especially this application also encrypts all your browser information so you can rest assured Fake IP with the utility. SaferVPN without worrying about leaking information.

Also you can refer to utilities Geoproxy Please.

A few notes when Fake IP to access the website is blocked in Vietnam

If you regularly use your computer to access foreign websites, you need to protect the most secure information or easily access websites blocked by the network, it is best to use Fake IP software as a way to create IP The best, safest fake for your computer.

In addition to Fake IP, change IP to access blocked websites in Vietnam, you can also access them easily with some tips such as: Accessing blocked websites thanks to VPN; use Opera browser; use Google Translate; access the web by IP instead of URL; use of proxy; use the TOR browser; using the network's public DNS; use SSH Tunnels; etc ...

According to the evaluation of House Blog, Fake IP is a way to access blocked websites, bypass firewalls, secure information effectively, safely, quickly and especially with a lot of free software to help you successfully Fake IP such as Hotspot Shield , Ultrasurf, FreeGate, DNS Jumper, ... Now you just need to choose a tool like that and use it to serve the purpose of international surfing very easily.

Good luck!