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Vether - the cheapest USDT project in the market, is expected to launch Testnet in mid-April 2020. This is an important milestone on the development roadmap of this promising project.

Vether is the cheapest USDT solution in Vietnam.

Vether takes USDT directly from Tether parent company and major distributors, without any third party participating as an broker (exchanger / broker), eliminating tiers in the supply chain. , reduce USDT import costs to the lowest level. Therefore, Vether can always provide the best USDT rates on the market.

Through this model, 3 main benefits of Vether are:

  • Buy and sell USDT quickly through high-tech applications
  • Eliminate intermediate distribution floors, bring USDT to users with the best price and most stable
  • Maintain a balance between supply and demand of USDT in Vietnam market

Vether is the ideal solution for payments and exchanges between fiat currency and USDT. With a customized product line and a unique rich supply, Vether helps users own USDT with just a few clicks. And more importantly, GUARANTEED BEST PRICE market.

In the first months of 2020, Vether has organized many activities to reach the community and promote Vietnam market.

In mid-March 2020, Vether had a meeting and debuted to investors, introducing the project closer to the public.

Through this, Vether also announced the development roadmap of the project, committing to speeding up the process of bringing cheap USDT trading solutions to Vietnamese users.

April is a promising month for Vether. The team is expected to launch the first version of Testnet in mid-April 2020, confirming the project's steps according to the plan, and a commitment to quickly bring the best product to. with user.

Testnet Vether will test the web-based trading interface. Thereby, users can register for an account, KYC and conduct purchase and sale of USDT at an affordable price at

Vether chooses fast, yet solid steps to reach the market and offers the greatest benefit to users!

Learn more about the project:

April 2020 hot spot: Vether launches Testnet version for the first time

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