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Have you built a WordPress website on localhost with Xampp and currently want to put your website on your hosting? You are wondering how to bring WordPress from localhost to hosting? In this article, HOSTVN will guide you an easy way to do that.

Instructions to bring WordPress from localhost to hosting

Step 1: Prepare

To be able to put the website online and other people have access to the first thing you need to do is register a domain name and hire a hosting that suits your needs. To do that, you can refer to 8 criteria to choose the best WordPress Hosting 2020 and 7 criteria to choose the BEST domain name in 2020.

Also you can call the Hotline of HOSTVN For advice on choosing the hosting that suits you best: (024) 4455 3333 / (028) 4455 3333 branch 1 to meet sales, branch 2 to meet technical staff.

Step 2: Install All-In-One WP Migration plugins and backup data

Once you have hosting and domain name, you should backup data on localhost. The easiest way to do this is to use plugins All-In-One WP Migration. If you do not know how to install plugins for WordPress, please see the HOSTVN installation plugin for WordPress.

install All-In-One WP Migration

Once you've installed and activated the All-In-One WP Migration plugins, go to it All-In-One Menu WP Migration -> Export


Here you click on the button EXPORT TO (EXPORT TO) -> FILE (FILE)


Next the plugins will start backing up the website on localhost. During this process, please do not turn off the browser


After the backup process is complete you will receive a link to download the backup file. Please download and save this file to a convenient location on your computer to restore it on your hosting.


The backup file will look like this: hostvn.test-20200402-084503-mziblw.wpress

Step 3: Install WordPress on hosting

While waiting for the WordPress backup process on localhost, you should install new WordPress on the hosting that you have purchased. To install WordPress on hosting the easiest way, please follow the instructions to install WordPress automatically with Softaculous

Step 4: Install plugins All-In-One WP Migration on hosting

After successfully installing WordPress on your hosting, install plugins All-In-One WP Migration same as installed on localhost.

Step 5: Restore backed up data on localhost

Next, you proceed to restore the data from the backup file backup in step 2 to the WordPress website installed dadwtj on hosting in step 3. To do this, visit All-In-One Menu WP Migration -> Import


Click on the button IMPORT FROM -> FILE (FILE) and select the backup file on your computer

Screenshot_35 - take WordPress from localhost to hosting


Plugins will proceed to upload the backup file and you click CONTINUE when asked

Screenshot_38 - take WordPress from localhost to hosting

Now you just need to wait for the recovery process to complete. This process you note do not turn off the browser

Screenshot_39 - take WordPress from localhost to hosting


Step 6: Change the URL

Next, you will need to change the website URL to match your domain name. To do this, see the Guide to changing website URLs for WordPress websites.

Step 7: Install and activate SSL

Currently the whole hosting of HOSTVN all support free SSL. To activate free SSL you can follow these instructions: Instructions for activating Let’s Encrypt SSL on WordPress hosting using cPanel

After enabling SSL on hosting the next thing to do is to transfer the entire link from http to https. With wordpress you can do it very simply with How to enable SSL on wordpress with Really Simple SSL plugin.


Through this article HOSTVN I showed you how to put your WordPress website from locahost to hosting as well as how to enable SSL for your website. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below. Also you may want to see more WordPress Security Enhancement Guide.

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