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Backing up WordPress data is extremely important job. It helps you to restore website operation as quickly as possible when something goes wrong. In this article, HOSTVN will guide you step by step to backup data for WordPress website.

Guide to backing up WordPress data

The importance of backing up WordPress data

Backing up data is essential for any website owner. With an existing data backup, you can quickly restore the website's operation when an unexpected problem occurs or when your website is attacked by hackers and malicious code is inserted.

For HOSTVN hosting, there is a built-in automatic daily backup system and 14 backup archives within the last 14 days.

Steps to back up WordPress data

Step 1: Log into hosting

First you proceed to login to hosting. If using hosting at HOSTVN hosting credentials will be sent to your email when you sign up for the service

Screenshot_9 - backup WordPress data

Step 2: Back up the code

After logging in to the hosting you access File Manager and access the directory containing the website's code.

Note: For primary domain names (Domain name used when registering hosting) then Directory containing source code will public_html. For addon-domain or sub-domain then Directory containing source code will take the form or

Screenshot_10 - WordPress data backup

To ensure no file loss .htaccess When backing up you need to turn on the hidden file display mode on hosting by clicking the button Settings at the top right hand corner


Next please tick Show Hidden files and press Save


After showing the hidden file and seeing the file .htaccess press the button Select All to select all files and folders on source code


Next right click on the screen and select Compress


A window will appear allowing you to choose the type of compression, you can choose the type of compression Tar Archive then press Compress File (s) to compress the file



Then you will see the file appears .tar in the source directory. You Double click the left mouse button on the file to download the file to your computer.


  • Note: After downloading the file, you should delete the file on hosting by Right click on the file and choose Delete

Screenshot_23 - backup WordPress data

Screenshot_24 - WordPress data backup

Step 3: Backup the database

After completing the code backup, continue to backup the database of the website. To backup the database you access Backup

Screenshot_28 - WordPress data backup

Here you find the item Download a MySQL Database Backup and determine the correct database that website is using later Left click the database name to download the database to a computer

Screenshot_29 - WordPress data backup

  • Note: If you don't know which database your website uses, you can view the information define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); in the file wp-config.php


Through this article HOSTVN I showed you how to backup WordPress data on cPanel hosting. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below. Also you can see how to backup WordPress website to Google Drive.

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