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This may be bad news for the SEOr brothers.

Google just announced an update with Review Rich Results.

If you don't know, here are some schema reviews (currently on search results)

The purpose is nothing more than to squeeze more than spam schema reviews themselves.

Before everyone will see reviews 4, 5 No one's ever judged it. Now will disappear.

In addition, the schema will only be applied to certain types of content.

In addition, the attribute "name" will be required.


Review Rich Results

Review Rich Results are the reviews or votes displayed on search results.

It has been very well explained, in the literature Google's guide to review snippet.

Google will take structural data on your website, and display it on GG search.

In the form of yellow stars voted 1 »5

For example, the image below:


I have a full explanation in the article: What is a rich snippet? How to add schema markup to WordPress.

Do not ignore it.

Limit the types of content shown

Google notices that the display of these reviews will be restricted.

This means the content type you are not on the list will be removed.

Here are the schema types (content types) shown:


At a glance, is not on this list.

This means that those who use schema type article to create reviews for posts will be "BAY".

Self-review of your service will no longer be allowed

Now self-assessment of your service will no longer work.

Google will not now display self-reviewed reviews on featured snippets.

Google has explained it as follows:

“We call reviews“ self-serving ”when a review about entity A is placed on the website of entity A - either directly in their markup or via an embedded 3rd party widget. "

In short, I can not review myself anymore 😀

The "name" attribute will be required

Perhaps the biggest change for Review Rich Results.

Required requirement of the attribute name in featured snippet (featured excerpts).

If you are using a schema plugin (check if the name attribute is available).

If not, ask the manufacturer for updates.

Or wait for the next update.

Will results disappear if the "name" attribute is missing?

Google did not mention this issue.

They just say attributes name is a must-have requirement.

"With this update, the name property is now required, so dramatically want to make sure that you specify the name of the item that’s being reviewed."

This is an important update for anyone who is using structured data review.

Check your data structure now.

You can read Google's full publication here.

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