Fractal Bitcoin 2015 expects prices to rise sharply in the coming months

The digital asset markets have begun to recover this month, whereby Bitcoin leads the charge. Industry analysts expect the current trend to be sustained and BTC remains the leader of the broad crypto market.

Until this month, Bitcoin has risen nearly 14% when it returned to its opening price of the year. As such, the recovery process of cryptocurrencies is faster than traditional assets, such as stocks and industry research, shows that the trend is set to continue.

Bitcoin take control of the market

ETH is the most rising coin this week in terms of profit and LTC has led the previous gains, but the researcher at predicts Bitcoin will be the factor that continues to drive the overall price action of the market. electronic money.

"We anticipate BTC will continue to drive overall price action of the industry electronic money.

In news The latest monthly, wallet and exchange provider has summarized that the crypto markets are recovering since the mid-March crash. At the same time, Bitcoin's dominance rate at 65.3% will continue to increase throughout the coming year.

The study cites positive on-chain data as a basis. In particular, the hashrate has started to rise again thanks to Bitcoin price recovery and lower difficulty adjustment. Hashrate has increased by more than 100 EH / s, not too low compared to ATH.

In addition, inefficient miners are forced to sell more Bitcoin due to price drops and halving that takes place after 32 days. This is considered to be beneficial for potential miners in the mining ecosystem, as they are less pressured to liquidate coins, thus reducing selling pressure.

Other metrics, such as the hash range, also indicate that there is less likelihood of surrendering to miners and that smaller miners may have stopped working while waiting for the price to recover.

The report also mentions an enhanced 'digital gold' thesis as an emerging macro fence to predict future Bitcoin performance. Blockchain maturity as compared to other digital assets and more on-ramps fiat are also factors that will contribute to the dominance of leading assets next year.

Still a safe haven

The report concludes that March is one of the most turbulent months of financial market history. Bitcoin has outperformed stocks but was beaten by gold because it remains the safest haven in the world.

Analysts such as master charter Willy Woo still claim that Bitcoin is a safe haven. His latest chart compares the growth of Bitcoin's value against other assets and has been logically expressed over the past decade.

"HThey told me that Bitcoin is a volatile and risky asset ...

(Plotted in the chart log so % profit / loss proportional to each miniature chart respectively)

At least from these charts, Bitcoin was a more stable investment with greater growth when compared to the S&P 500 and real estate.

New gains in the coming months

Trader Dave The Wave tweeted the BTC chart showing two long-term moving averages (MA) 200 and 30 weeks. Once they intersect with each other, a fast upward move will probably occur. He also outlined the period of BTC price movements in 2015 in which the upward move occurred as soon as these MAs touched each other.

"MDA 200 (MWA 30) not yet intersection with the road Average MWA 200.

Intersect on 4th quarter and later price racing ...

Fractal 2015

In January 2015, the BTC price fell below MA 200 weeks. However, it produces a lower long wick and closes above. The subsequent up move has brought prices below the 30-week MA, before confirming the MA 200 again.

After that, the price rose above the 30-week MA, before returning to confirm the third and final 200-week MA 200.

Next, 2 MAs crossed before prices started rising which eventually led to ATH in December 2017.

The period of time from when the price first reached MA 200 weeks until the start of the move up is 273 days.


Bitcoin chart | Source: Trading View

Motion 2020

In 2020, BTC has reached the MA 200 week on March 11. Similar to 2015, the price initially dropped below this MA but closed above it. The next upside move has brought prices almost to the 30-week MA.

If the 2015 pattern is repeated, the price of BTC may drop to MA 200 weeks before starting to move up and then falling to this MA for the third and final time.

After that, prices are expected to begin to move up. If the entire model has the same time period as 2015, the uptrend is expected to begin on December 7.


Bitcoin chart | Source: Trading View

In summary, BTC price movement compared to the current MA 200 is very similar to January 2015. If prices continue to follow this pattern, it will begin to move up in December of this year.

You can see the price of BTC here.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Investors should research carefully before making a decision. We are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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