Flaunting money on Instagram, the Russian rapper was arrested by the FBI for being involved in the BTC-e exchange

Posting photos showing off money on Instagram, the Russian rapper was arrested by the FBI for being related to the BTC-e exchange

Posting a photo showing off large bundles of money on Instagram has led a man to be arrested by the FBI in connection with crypto-money trading platform BTC-e.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested Maksim Boiko - a Russian rapper, at an apartment building in Miami, authorities accused him of laundering money through electronic money, including through the exchange. BTC-e transactions.

According to the report of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the FBI suspected that Boiko was cooperating with the international hacker group QQAAZZ and calling him an important cyber criminal. The FBI alleges that the group stole tens of millions of dollars in previous cases.

When Boiko arrived in the United States on January 19, he announced that he would only make $ 20,000 by investing in Bitcoin and leasing real estate in Russia.

Despite these claims, customs officers continued to follow Boiko through his social networks. The photos showing off the "rich no exit" style of money published on Instagram account has raised doubts among government officials about the money he has.

Social media Instagram and Apple's iCloud account include photos of him in huge amounts dating back to 2015, when the arrest warrant was finally announced on March 27.

The investigation claimed that Boiko was affiliated with BTC-e, a cryptocurrency exchange that handled about 3% of global Bitcoin transactions in 2015 but stopped working in 2017.

A search of the FBI database showed that Boiko's email account was used to register an account on BTC-e. The registered email user provided the name "Maksim Boiko" and used the nickname "gangass". Data from BTC-e shows that Boiko's account received a deposit of $ 387,964 and withdrew about 136 Bitcoin.

If he still holds this Bitcoin, it will now be worth nearly $ 1 million.

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