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To continue the topic array about calculating time values ​​in Excel, in today's article, I will continue to share with you another application of the WEEKDAY function formula, to calculate the day-day value. start and end of the week, based on any date.

This method will help to set up specific spreadsheets and timelines on Excel files in a simpler, more efficient way. You can see some more articles about timers that I have shared before:

#first. Use WEEKDAY to calculate the second day (first week)

+ Step 1: First you open the Excel file to be processed. Here you click on the value export box.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-1 (1)

+ Step 2: Then you enter the function formula =A3-WEEKDAY (A3; 2) +1 => and press Enter to enforce cell count for the first day of the week A3.

Inside: A3 is the day you want to count.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-immediately (2)

+ Step 3: Then you Fill the result of the formula cell to the whole worksheet to apply.


Finally we get the results as shown below.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-immediately (4)

#2. How to use the WEEKDAY function to find out the dates, and weekends

Similar to the calculation of a Monday based on any day. To find out the Saturday you also use the WEEKDAY function with the formula below => Then press Enter to stay up for the exam.

=A3+ 6-WEEKDAY (A3;2)

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-immediately (5)

Then you fill the formula cell down the whole list to get the results of Saturdays based on an available date.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-6 (6)

In addition to calculating Sunday, or other days (Tuesday, Wednesday ...) of the week, you can use the WEEKDAY function structure and adjust the condition to the first day of the week plus:

  • +7 by Sunday.
  • +6 by saturday.
  • +5 by the sixth.
  • +4 by the fifth
  • +3 by the fourth.
  • +2 by the third.
  • +1 by the second.

Applied to the example, here is the formula to find the Sunday based on any date: =A3+ 7-WEEKDAY (A3;2)

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-7 (7)

Then fill the formula down the list to get the result as below.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-collection-immediately (8)

Filter out Sunday results, from reference arguments.

how-to-use-WEEKDAY-de-crystal-collection (9)

# 3. Epilogue

Okay that's it, I have detailed instructions for you guys How to use the WEEKDAY function to find out the date - day, based on any date in an Excel spreadsheet Alright then.

At this point, my tutorial would like to pause. Hopefully this little tip will be helpful in your work.

Good luck !

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