Facebook sued the company that created the software to help 'hide' fraudulent cryptocurrency ads, Covid-19

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On April 9, Facebook filed a lawsuit against the founder of a software company, which owns tools to help scamers run fraudulent ads on the world's largest social networking platform.

According to one notification On Thursday, Facebook said it was suing Basant Gajjar, the founder of a company called LeadCloak, for selling "hidden" parts to circumvent Facebook's automated ad review system. This cloaking software helps scammers through Facebook's eyes to promote unauthorized products on the platform. While users may see a specific product in the ad, this ad takes them to a website that offers a completely different product.

The article explains:

“In this case, the scamers used Leadcloak's software to hide fraudulent websites related to COVID-19, cryptocurrencies, pharmaceuticals, weight loss drugs, and fake news sites. . Some of these hidden websites also contain pictures of famous people. ”

“In addition to filing a lawsuit today, we have implemented technical enforcement measures against Leadcloak and accounts that have used their software we identified, including disabling fish accounts. and Facebook and Instagram advertising accounts, ”wrote Jessica Romero, Facebook's director of compliance and litigation. "This lawsuit will also continue our efforts to identify Leadcloak's customers and take additional actions against them."

According to a Reuters report, this lawsuit was filed by Facebook in the Northern California District Court, USA.

In May of last year, Facebook changed its advertising policies to make it easier to accept cryptocurrency advertising - namely, ads related to education, events, and news. when top social networks banned it completely in 2018. Currently, crypto-related ads are still approved on Faceboo, but with stricter control requirements.

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