ETH is about to face a lot of difficulties with volatility

ETH, the largest altcoin in the crypto market, seems to have had a rough start this year. In the first few weeks, its price increase made Bitcoin and the rest of the market blurred; But with the ever-changing king coin, the altcoin movement has become a little silent.

On both the spot and derivatives fronts, ETH is less volatile, especially in the short term. Since the Bitcoin-led price crash collapsed the collective market on March 12, altcoins have experienced less volatility.


Source: Skew

According to data from Skew, volatility for ETH on the shortest 10-day scale has plummeted, falling below the equivalent of 1 month and 3 months. Since March 23, volatility for ETH has dropped from a whopping 403% to 105%, due to the price being held steady.

Since falling to $ 110, with fake two-digit transactions, ETH has been trading in a range of $ 110 to $ 140. Due to this quiet move, although Bitcoin moved by a larger portion of the price, altcoin volatility has dropped significantly in the past two weeks.


Source: Skew

With this trend, options traders are hoping that altcoins will move less erratically in the future. The default for 1 month for ETH has dropped below its 3-month equivalent, based on the valuation of option contracts during the aforementioned time periods.

Moreover, the structure of ATM volatility for altcoins also shows optimistic movement, with actual pullbacks. Traders expect that ETH will exhibit gradual volatility by the end of the first week of April, before it returns to normal on April 10 with a new decline. This fluctuation will continue until September, then gradually decrease until December.


Source: Skew

In the long run, traders are expecting ETH to fluctuate in stages, with each stage more volatile than the previous.

In summary, with the price of ETH stable over the past few days, volatility occurring consistently, an expectation of a strong advance can be determined.

Thuy Ngan

According to Ambcrypto

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