ERP solution and how to choose the best plugin for WordPress


ER solution and how to choose the best plugin for WordPress -Before using ERP Solution, you must know what ERP is? Otherwise, you cannot use an ERP solution from the start.

Put simply, ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP solutions empower businesses to conduct day-to-day business operations.

ERP terminology - Enterprise resource planning was first used in the 1990s. ERP systems have found utilities in various businesses including engineering, finance, accounting, human resource management. , projects, etc.

The term combined management of each of these business components is known as ERP today.

Why is using an ERP solution a good idea?


Organizational management is likely to be difficult. Managing employees is the hardest job in the world. Bill Gates prophesied a few years ago:

“Competition to hire the best people will increase in the next few years. The company that provides additional flexibility to employees will have an advantage in this area. ”

That is why, it is important for businesses to find, develop talent, take care of employees to increase the performance of the most worthy people. Managing this entire process is very difficult if not properly managed. This is where the idea of ​​ERP solution works.

Netsuite was the first organization to launch an ERP system. ERP from Netsuite was created for the internet. Today, there are hundreds of available ERP solutions developed by different companies. Because WordPress is the most used content management system worldwide, the logic is that ERP has moved to WordPress.

The best WordPress ERP plugin

Unlike a full web application, the best WordPress ERP plugin turns your existing website into an official ERP system. All you have to do is install the plugin. It takes no more than a few clicks.

A fully functional ERP system capable of managing Accounting, CRM, Human Resources, Project Management - with just 1 click? We are truly living in the new millennium.

There are several common WordPress ERP solutions that you can use for your enterprise to manage. The most common ERP solutions are:

When you consider ERP solution for WordPress - there is no better plugin than WP ERP. This is the first type, the oldest. Comprehensive plugin, additional features, updated regularly.

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Why choose WP ERP?


WP ERP is a comprehensive ERP solution. The plugin offers a Customer Relationship Management Module, a Human Resource Management Module and an Accounting Module that is free of charge. There are 23 extensions available to serve all your needs. Whether it's accounting, attendance, human resource management, payment gateway or your company's asset management, WP ERP has helped you get insured.

HR module

You control everything related to HR with the HR module. View full list of employees, search employees by department, view all indications, give notifications to all employees.


CRM module - Total CRM control in one place

The CRM module gives you an overall preview of the month, day, and week. It also shows you the number of customers, leads, opportunities, subscribers. This provides an eye view of all CRM needs from you. Extensions are free, so you pay nothing.


Accounting module

You track everything related to money through the accounting module. The fact that you track every bit of finance from the Accounting Dashboard is impressive. The dashboard is very intuitive as it displays graphs to better understand spending.



With HRM, CRM, Accounting, WP ERP other important feature packs include extensions. Here are some of the best WP ERP extensions.

  • Support payment gateway: The plugin supports all popular payment gateways including Stripe, You can also pay via customer credit cards.

  • Email automation: You automate your business by automating email when the event happens. You also create an email campaign where the ERP software handles everything for you.

  • Workflow management: Managing good work processes saves you loads of time. The feature work of WP ERP helps you get there easily. Workflow management is important to increase the productivity of your business.

  • Attendance Management: WP ERP includes groundbreaking attendance. It is very annoying to keep employee attendance records manually. Attendance Manager keeps track of each employee's attendance along with working hours. What's great With the self-check feature, restricting IP - your employees can register the system when they come to the office. You don't have to worry about setting up other punch cards, biometric devices for that.

  • Integration with WooCommerce: Excellent compatibility with WooCommerce? Check!

  • Payroll Management, Return Services, Document Management, Inventory Management: WP ERP has provided most enterprise features that businesses must have. Features like payroll management, reimbursement services, document management, asset management, personnel automation, inventory management and more. There are extensions with different uses. If you want to use the extension - just enable it. Do not like the extension or do not feel necessary? Disable it anytime you want.


In this article, I discussed how an ERP solution manages business operations effectively. If you are using WordPress, then you have the WP ERP plugin. Website will remain fast and responsive. WP ERP does more with less. Plugin helps you perform most tasks for businesses, maximize output, help manage planning, manage resources more seamlessly.