Crypto News: April 8: Bitcoin will soon reach $ 13,800 with news of Binance Coin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Bithumb, Cryptopia, ConsenSys, Paxful

From the outlook could hit $ 13,800 in late June to Italy using Blockchain to combat fake news about the corona virus. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

Bitcoin almost hit the $ 7,500 mark earlier today, hitting its highest level since March 12. On that day, the cryptocurrency market collapsed, with Bitcoin falling below $ 4,000, the lowest level of the year. now on. Currently BTC is on track to double its value against the lows in March and it could go further than that.

Trader Jack Sparrow shared his views on Twitter, anticipating that the price of Bitcoin could reach $ 13,800 by the end of June. However, he stressed that he could not accurately predict the issue.

According to technical analysis, the price of Bitcoin will consolidate above the threshold of $ 9,100 by the end of this month. Bitcoin has just formed a double peak and therefore this is entirely possible. After a fall, the market tends to reverse. If the price can sustain the breakout above the $ 7,500 threshold, it will be able to test the next resistance level at $ 9,000.

Bitcoin halving is the catalyst for a new bull run

Nigel Green, executive director and founder of international financial advisory group deVere Group, said Bitcoin halving and global macro factors are set to catalyze a new bull run of the cryptocurrency market.

Green said that Bitcoin halving will help cut the supply of new BTC in the market by half, which has created huge buying pressure in the past and halving in 2020 will make the same thing happen. But this time, Green believes that Bitcoin will also be supported by the economic environment, helping to create favorable conditions for cryptocurrencies.

“We are headed for an era of zero interest rates. This reduces the incentive to hold fiat money. In addition, interest rate cuts often lead to higher inflation, which reduces the purchasing power of traditional currencies. Therefore, Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies become more attractive and the price will adjust accordingly. ”

Binance Coin news

The news of Binance acquiring Coinmarketcap (CMC) is clearly a bullish signal for Binance Coin in the market. This event marks another milestone for Binance and continues to consolidate its position as the largest exchange in the cryptocurrency industry.

Currently BNB / USDT is trading at $ 14.99. Trading volume has risen sharply, prices have broken the rising wedge pattern (orange) and the $ 14 resistance level as well as continuing to retest the $ 15.50 level.


6-hour Binance Coin chart Source: TradingView

Currently, prices are moving above the 50 (white) and 100 (yellow) moving averages, with the 200 (blue) line still not broken. This is a strong bullish signal for BNB.

MACD indicates that BNB / USDT may undergo a small correction or sideways movement for a short time. The resistance levels of BNB are currently at: $ 15.50, $ 15.95 (0.618 Fib), $ 16, .33 and $ 17.52.

Stellar News

Crypto analyst Michael said that XLM is one of the coins that has attracted his interest. Looking at the XLM / USD chart, if the asset breaksout at $ 0.0395 to $ 0.04, then he might consider long-term participants to the $ 0.075 and $ 0.088 threshold. He also gave a bullish forecast for the XLM / BTC pair.

Bitcoin Cash news

On April 6, Coinmetrics published data indicating that 6 million BCHs have not been moved since the blockchain split from Bitcoin on August 1, 2017. With nearly 18.4 million BCH in circulation, there are meaning that about 32.6% of the coins are currently lost or held for a long time.

Coinmetrics also estimates that 12.5% ​​of the circulating supply of BTC has not moved in more than 5 years. The data changed significantly compared to the analysis generated by Unchained Capital with an estimate that nearly 4 million BTC or 21.65% of the circulating supply has not moved within 5 years or longer.

News Chainlink

Kris Humphries, a former professional basketball player, hailed Chainlink on Twitter as the only solution to bring data into smart contracts.

In a recent tweet, he told his followers that the world will soon rely on smart contracts.

“The world is increasingly dependent on data. Smart contracts will be the best technology for this. Chainlink is the only solution that brings data to smart blockchain in a decentralized and secure way. ”

Bithumb news

Large Korean trading platform Bithumb has released Leverage trading for Bitcoin and Ether on its global platform.

The introduction of Bithumb's margin trading, less than four weeks after the record drop on March 12, saw the prices of many cryptocurrencies drop by more than 50% in less than two days.


Volume of open leverage on the market | Source: Skew

Data from Skew published on the Coinbase blog shows that the collapse has led to a record price drop in the Bitcoin market. Skew estimates that before the incident, BTC leverage positions worth about $ 4 billion were opened on Deribit, CME, FTX, Bitfinex, Huobi, Bakkt, OKEx, Binance, Kraken, Bybit and BitMEX. . After the accident, the leverage positions opened on 11 exchanges were less than $ 1 billion, down more than 75%.

Cryptopia news

2019 started with consecutive hacks of Cryptopia, in the process of which about $ 30 million of cryptocurrencies were stolen. The total amount of NZD 170 million in various crypto assets remains on the Cryptopia accounts after the attacks (worth $ 101,198,450).

Then, in May, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that they would be liquidated. And currently, Cryptopia has officially announced its recent court ruling.

Cryptopia shared a 74-page court document, stating that all assets belong to the account holder and not the company.

Court documents state that all cryptocurrencies are held in special trusts (each trust dedicated to each cryptocurrency) created for the holder and account holder as co-beneficiaries of those trusts.

News ConsenSys

ConsenSys Health has announced On April 7, the "STOP COVID-19 Vitual Hackathon" event was launched from April 13 to May 11, 2020.

This initiative is sponsored by Gitcoin, Hyperledger, ConsenSys, One Million Developers and OpenMined, aiming to leverage blockchain and other technologies to facilitate data access for researchers as well as healthcare professionals. , who are seeking to curb corona virus and prevent future pandemics.

Hackathon Virtual also hopes to foster the link between life sciences and next-generation experts, to develop community health enhancement solutions without sacrificing user privacy.

Paxful news

Paxful's peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency market announced support for trading between gold and Bitcoin on the platform on April 7. According to the announcement, Paxful currently facilitates transactions in 16 different countries.

Paxful CEO and Founder, Ray Youssef has decided to support the deal with gold due to rising demand from customers.

Once the transaction is made, Bitcoin will remain in the Paxful deposit account, until the actual delivery of gold is confirmed. Transactions must be completed within 21 days of being opened on the platform.

Steamr news

On April 7, Streamr's open source blockchain infrastructure was available announced integration with the Binance exchange, in which Streamr will provide real-time trading data source of the exchange in its market.

From now on, Binance's real-time data quotes and transactions, will be available on Streamr, aimed at algorithm traders.

According to Streamr, traders will now be able to gather data from other markets through a single technical application.

SoFi news

California-based and financial-friendly social finance company, SoFi, is acquiring Galileo digital payment platform.

In Press Release On April 7, SoFi announced that it had signed an agreement to pay $ 1.2 billion to Galileo Financial Technologies. According to the report of CNBC, the payment would include USD 75 million, USD 875 million of stocks and USD 250 million of seller financing debt.

"Together with Galileo, we will work together to strengthen financial technology innovation, providing these products and services to all current and future partners."

Other news

The developer Cooking Mama denied rumors of mining Crypto

The 1st Playable developer rejected the rumor, one of their games was used to hijack Nintendo Switch to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While Nintendo recently released a new game, Cooking Mama: Cookstar is connected to blockchain technology, which makes some players unsuspecting on this issue.

To address the rumors, 1st Playable posted a tweet stating that there was absolutely nothing shady in its code.

“As developers, we can say with certainty, nothing to do with cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything shady in the code. Nintendo Switch is a very secure platform, with no data and privacy issues associated with some games on mobile devices and PCs. ”

The leading Italian news agency uses Blockchain to combat fake news about corona virus

During the global pandemic crisis, the importance of ensuring reliable information to the public has become increasingly important, as the fake corona virus news can be a direct threat to life and The health of people all over the world.

While some global jurisdictions are imposing fines and arrests for spreading fake corona virus information, the major news agency in Italy is hoping to prevent this by deploying technology. blockchain.

ANSA, the big news agency in Italy gave launch Blockchain-based news tracking system to bring more accurate information between the company and readers. Called ANSAcheck, the blockchain-powered tool aims to allow users to verify the origin and history of news published on its platform and associated publications as well as third parties such as social networks. or other platforms.

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