Crypto News April 3: Bitcoin race is about to begin with Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinCash, VNDC, IOTA, Coinbase, Huobi, Factom, tBTC news

From the perspective that Bitcoin is about to start a long-term price increase race to Huobi Charity to support the distribution of aid to Indonesia against the COVID 19. The following are some prominent news on the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

Trader and technical analyst Tone Vays said that he was confident that Bitcoin would increase in price as halving approached.

Vays said Bitcoin's current price action may be similar to what happened in August 2015, when BTC dropped to $ 207 before the start of a long-term "race" and peaked thereafter, with the ATH near the $ 20,000 threshold.

Over the next two months, everyone needs to keep track of whether the price of Bitcoin can move above the 200-day moving average at the $ 8,000 threshold.

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Meanwhile, veteran trader, Peter Brandt, said he sees the potential for further price increases. According to Brandt, BTC is likely to form an ascending triangle pattern that can bring cryptocurrencies to $ 8,400 in the short term.

Mike Novogratz will give up BTC if the price does not reach $ 20,000 this year

Mike Novogratz, CEO of cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital, said he could give up Bitcoin if its price did not reach new highs this year.

In a recent interview with CNBC, he doubled his claim that top cryptocurrencies would skyrocket by 2020.

Ethereum News

ETH price has risen more than 5% and broke the $ 142. resistance level. The price has now surpassed the $ 145 level and is stable above the 100 hour moving average (SMA). Besides, the Fib 50% retracement of the recent rally from the low of $ 129 to the high of $ 150 also acts as a good support.

In addition, an uptrend line has been formed with support near $ 132 on the hourly chart. Intermediate support is at $ 135 and the 100-hour SMA.


ETH price chart | Source: TradingView

If the successful price rises above $ 143 and $ 144, it can open the door for another rise. The next stop of the bulls could be near $ 150, above which, the price will probably retest the $ 155 threshold in the near term.

Ripple news

XRP is gaining momentum

XRP is trading in a positive area above the $ 0.175 threshold. The price of XRP is likely to accelerate in the near future and retest the level of $ 0.188 as well as $ 0.2.


Ripple price chart | Source: TradingView

The bulls are now trying to defend the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the recent rally from a low of $ 0.168 to a high of $ 0.186. Also the uptrend line is forming with support near $ 0.177 on the hourly chart. The first resistance level will be at $ 0.18 level, above which the bulls will prevail and gain momentum.

Ripple partner, Azimo cooperates with Thai bank

Ripple, the blockchain giant that owns more than half of the total XRP supply, recently announced a partnership with the UK-based Azimo payment platform.

Now, equipped with RippleNet and the ability to transfer money worldwide much faster than before, Azimo has also announced a partnership with Thailand's largest commercial bank, SCB (Siam Commercial Bank). , to ensure faster remittance to Thailand.

Large amounts of XRP were moved

Over the past twenty-four hours, XRPL Monitor has detected 85 million XRP being moved, more than half of which (46.8 million XRP) has been moved by blockchain giant Ripple and Mexican partner Bitso. The other half was converted by Korean Coinone and Bithumb.


Whale moving XRP | Source: XPRL Monitor

Besides, earlier today, the XRP liquidity index reached an all-time high in this Mexican ODL corridor. However, analysts are expecting a downtrend in prices as soon as they reach $ 0.19.

Bitcoin Cash news

The fifth largest digital currency on the market has a market cap of 4.17 billion USD with 24-hour trading volume at 3.34 billion USD. BCH is forming a rising triangle pattern with the horizontal resistance at $ 243. The VPVR indicator also shows a strong resistance at the current price level.

The bullish target for BCH is at $ 298, while the bearish targets include $ 187 and $ 175.


Bitcoin Cash price chart | Source: Trading View

VNDC news

VNDC notification has officially reached over 50,000 users. This is an important milestone in the journey to make VNDC the first Stablecoin representing the Vietnamese community worldwide.


Statistics about VNDC | Source: Dashboard

It took the development team only 16 days to achieve the growth from 20,000 to 50,000 users, this really brings confidence about what VNDC has been pursuing.

In the coming time, VNDC said it will make more efforts to optimize the quality and product experience, and research and develop more useful applications for users.

IOTA news

Yesterday, the IOTA Foundation published a detailed explanation of the operation of the Coordinator, the centralized synchronization node in the IOTA network, as well as how the IOTA Foundation decentralizes the network's consensus mechanism.

As explained, the centralized Coordinator node is currently used to select valid transactions in the data structure based on Tangle DAG. Therefore, the Coordinator decides which transactions will be included in subsequent blocks and which ones will be rejected.

Coinbase news

Coinbase continues to increase support for decentralized financial applications (DeFi), with the announcement of a new $ 1.1 million investment through the USDC Bootstrap Fund for two projects in this area.

USDC Bootstrap Fund, launched by Coinbase and Circle as part of the Center Consortium in 2019, aims to encourage DeFi to grow by investing USDC funds in DeFi protocols.

As Coinbase did disclosure On April 1, the fund is investing US $ 1 million in USDC to decentralize Uniswap's USDC / ETH trading pool. It is also contributing 100,000 USDC to the daily prize provided by PoolTogether.

News Huobi

The Huobi charity has announced an aid distribution initiative to help Indonesia fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Huobi Charity will partner with the Indonesia-China Association for Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation (ICAESCC) to distribute aid including money, donate medical supplies, and leverage blockchain technology to support health care organizations.

To provide immediate aid, Huobi Charity will donate about US $ 50,000 with Huobi Token to ICAESCC to buy medical supplies for the hospital.

Ciara Sun, vice president of Huobi Group's global business, emphasized that the corona virus pandemic is affecting people everywhere in the world, regardless of industry, socioeconomic status or nationality.

Factom news

The Factom protocol, which raised $ 140,000 worth of capital through the sale of "factoid" tokens, started the dissolution process on March 31, according to notification of the London Stock Exchange from the largest supporter FastForward.

FastForward was informed by Factom executives at a board meeting on March 31, 2020 about the dissolution process. Without additional operating capital, the company will begin the process of transferring assets for the benefit of creditors.

FastForward, the company with the largest stake in Factom, said it was prepared to renegotiate its $ 6 million deal for future equity (SAFE) to try and attract outside investment.

Diginex news

Diginex is based in Hong Kong, which provides cryptocurrency and blockchain services, already appoint former UBS director of operations in Asia.

Diginex hired Chi Won Yoon, vice president at UBS Wealth Management, and retired from the investment bank last year. Previously, Yoon held various roles at UBS, including the president and CEO of UBS AG, Asia Pacific. In addition, Yoon was a member of the executive board of UBS Group from 2009 to 2015.

Before joining UBS, Yoon worked for Lehman Brothers in New York and Hong Kong and Merrill Lynch in New York.

SNX news

SNX tokens are ranked 45th with a market capitalization of 110 million USD and trading volume of 1.4 million USD. Despite its very good performance for the past 90 days, things could be better for when its price goes above the EMA. Moreover, the price has reached the resistance target of $ 0.65 and the price will reverse if it falls below the EMA.


SNX price chart | Source: TradingView

News tBTC

The highly anticipated mainnet launch for tBTC, the Bitcoin token on the Ethereum network, has received great support. Keep Protocol, the security layer for Ethereum and a contributor to the tBTC project, today announced that the company has completed a $ 7.7 million token sale to fund its development.

The private token sale is led by digital asset investment firm Paradigm.

Although the tokenization of Bitcoin on Ethereum has been done before, this is the first time tBTC aims to bring all the benefits of DeFi to Bitcoin.

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