Crypto News: April 14: Bitcoin whales are waiting for a long-term bullish signal with Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, USDT, Binance, Houbi, Gemini, BitFlyer, USDC news

From the whale waiting for a signal that Bitcoin is ready to start a new long-term bull run, Binance LaunchPad opened the token sale for Cartesi. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

One of the cryptocurrency whales said he was waiting for a single Bitcoin signal to prove that Bitcoin was ready to start a new long-term rally.

Trader Joe007, which made $ 20 million profit on Bitfinex between February and March. At this point, he said that high volatility in traditional markets is likely to continue and that this scenario has could push BTC lower in the short term.

With uncertainty in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets, Joe said he was watching the signal for Bitcoin's return when the "Bitcoin is dying" meme appeared.

Meanwhile, Joe continued to warn traders not to put too much faith in the stock to flow ratio, as it showed that BTC will start the next bull run following the halving event in May.

Bitcoin is a drug for the current monetary system

The US government's 'quantitative easing' policy, stimulus packages and emergency bailouts could lead to USD inflation.

Well-known Bitcoin developer and educator, Jimmy Song, explained why he views government policy to combat the recession due to COVID-19 as a form of hidden taxation. The 'money printing' efforts raise questions about the role of the state in the financial crisis.

“If the government can print money, why do we have to pay taxes? Because that helps fool us that "expanding money" is not a tax. Instead, such actions become "monetary policy" or "adding liquidity to the system". After all, Bitcoin is a drug for the current monetary system. ”

It costs $ 641,011 per hour to attack the Bitcoin network

Proof of work (PoW) is the protocol used by many blockchains to keep the network secure and validate transactions, prevent attacks by enabling decentralized consensus of transactions.

A 51% attack occurs when a single entity controls at least 51% of the network's mining or computing power, allowing it to prevent new transaction confirmation, suspend payments between those users and even reverse completed transactions causing "double spending" status.

Using the price data from NiceHash, the hashing power buying and selling market, Crypto51 created list about the amount an entity needs to pay to attack the Bitcoin network. Accordingly, currently, it takes up to $ 641,011 per hour to be able to attack the network.

The cost of Ethereum attacks is a lot less, at $ 84,307 per hour. Followed by Ravencoin, with the attacks costing $ 21,538 per hour.

Ethereum News

After stabilizing below $ 160, Ethereum started a new wave, moving further into the short-term bearish zone. The price is currently facing resistance near the zone of $ 156 to $ 157. The Fib 61.8% retracement of the decline from $ 164 to $ 148 is also likely to act as a strong resistance.


ETH price chart | Source: Unsplash

If the price breaks out of the 100-hour SMA, ETH can check the upper trend line. A successful close above the resistance of $ 164 and $ 165 will create a clear uptrend for the coin. The next important resistance level is near the $ 175 level. If crossed, it can push the price to $ 185 and $ 188 levels.

If ETH fails to break through the 100-hour SMA or the $ 160 resistance level, it is likely going to face another round of discounts. On the other hand, the initial support is near the $ 152 level and the uptrend line is also forming on the same chart.

There is also important support formed near the $ 145 area. If the bulls fail to hold this level, the price can plummet to $ 132 and $ 130.

  • The hourly MACD is slowly moving into the bullish zone.

  • The hourly RSI is now rising and is now above 50.

  • Major support: $ 152

  • Major resistance: $ 160

Ripple news

Western Union does not give up the potential of cryptocurrencies and continues to test XRP digital assets.

Follow report A 2020 study from Credit Suisse, the money transfer giant, is exploring whether the technology can speed up and reduce international payment costs.

The researchers said Western Union is testing and considering using XRP for cross-border payments.

In addition, Credit Suisse's report said that digital asset types are still not likely to receive widespread payment acceptance from consumers and businesses at least in the medium term.

It cites difficulties with chargebacks and dispute processes, taxes, regulatory uncertainties and price fluctuations as potential factors that could slow down adoption.

News Cardano

The Proof of stake (PoS) blockchain Cardano has achieved a few notable milestones this year in the transition of ecosystem to Shelley mainnet. According to the latest update, two-thirds of the way has been completed while the team continues to work hard to complete the rest.

This was revealed by IOHK CEO and co-founder Charles Hoskinson on April 13. He said Byron Reboot is basically a series of updates for Cardano node, browser and backend. of Daedalus wallet with the name "Daedalus Flight". Hoskinson revealed that the team recently focused on Cardano Node 1.10 with Windows improvements for this update.

The next release is likely to take place in the middle of the week, after which they will likely update the Daedalus mainnet to complete the upgrade.

IOHK before that announced The launch of Daedalus Flight, the new mainnet wallet testing program, basically helps synchronize with the Cardano blockchain on the first install, making it work more efficiently than the previous upgrade.

News Litecoin

Litecoin became an executive of film production

On April 13, the Litecoin Foundation shared a trailer for a thriller, comedy "We Summon the Darkness" that acted as a production executive. The platform logo can be seen in the opening trailer.

The company has new stars like Alexandra Daddario and Amy Forsyth, and also has the appearance of Johnny Knoxville. The film premiered at Fantastic Fest in Texas in September 2019 and was released digitally last week.

The film was produced by Common Enemy, the production company Jarod Einsohn and Kyle Tekiela. Three of the 11 videos are currently hosted on the Common Enemy YouTube channel, promoting Litecoin as a means of payment.

LTC price analysis

The formation of an ascending channel pattern on the daily LTC chart is an indication that prices may decline in the near future. The moving averages (SMA) also describe a bearish picture for the coin.


LTC price chart | Source: TradingView

The SMA sustains a death cross on March 31, whereby the daily SMA 50 slides below the daily SMA 200. This is a bearish signal. The RSI is also tilting towards the bears. It dropped to the oversold area, after the price tested above the SMA 50 line, indicating strong selling pressure in the market.

If this becomes a reality, the price of Litecoin could test $ 30.63, which is the lowest level of 2020. If the downtrend persists, LTC may find itself near the lows of the month 12 of 2018 at $ 22.72.

In a very unlikely scenario, when the bulls rise, the LTC price may hit resistance at $ 46.78 and $ 52.48.

USDT news

Whale Alert announced 120 million USDT has been added at the Tether Treasury.

Besides, Whale Alert also said that 43.5 million USDT has been transferred from Tether Treasury to unknown wallet through 03 different transactions.


Tether Treasury moves USDT | Source: Whale Alert

Binance news

Binance.US will launch staking service for XTZ

As was official announced Today, Binance.US will launch a staking service for XTZ on April 16. The service is expected to be activated at 09:00 EST.

In the announcement, Binance made it clear that users holding Tezos do not need to make further requests to start participating in staking. In addition, Binance.US noted that the exchange has supported major Tezos trading pairs such as XTZ / USD and XTZ / BUSD on Binance.US applications, websites and APIs.

Similar to staking other coins supported on Binance.US, the exchange will make hourly snapshots of the balance of XTZ users to calculate the reward. Although rewards will be calculated daily, the distribution will take place monthly before the 20th of each month. Therefore, the first distribution of XTZ will take place in May 2020.

Binance LaunchPad opened a token sale for Cartesi

On April 13, the development team took announced Cartesi is the second project of 2020 on their LaunchPad platform. The token sale will be launched on the 21st of this month with the "standard ticket" request of BNB owners. The Binance exchange further explained that they will take snapshots every hour between April 14 (00:00 UTC) and April 21 (00:00 UTC) to determine the conditions for participation. BNB owner

Cartesi vision is to build an operating system for Dapps. Projects that allow complex computations to operate in a Linux environment, outside the blockchain without compromising decentralization, make Dapps more powerful, cost-effective, easier to build, and more flexible.

BNB price analysis

The 6-hour BNB / USDT chart shows that, with the current price of $ 15.47, BNB still maintains prices above the moving averages of 50 (white), 100 (yellow) and 200 (blue). This continues to be a bullish signal for BNB.


BNB price chart | Source: TradingView

The next resistance area is located at the Fib 0.618 retracement level at $ 15.95. Other resistances include $ 26.33 and $ 17.52.

The 6-hour MACD has crossed above the baseline. The 6-hour MFI is at 80 but it could go higher because of the need to keep BNB before selling.

News Huobi

Huobi Group is launching an on-chain analytical tool to monitor illegal cryptocurrency transactions.

Huobi's Star Atlas tool provides a real-time way to track asset flows on the chain. With the launch of this tool, Huobi became the latest to enter the market primarily serving the government, law enforcement agencies and financial analysts. As of September last year, US agencies had paid nearly $ 10 million to analysts, with most of the activity coming from the IRS and FBI. Some of the major analytical tools on the market today include Chainalysis, Elliptic and CodesTrace.

Gemini News

Gemini exchange decided to add three new tokens on April 24.

In post on the blog on April 9, the exchange Gemini announced the addition of trading pairs including DAI, LINK and OXT. The new additions will bring the total number of tokens that can be traded on the Gemini platform to 09.

News BitFlyer

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and one of the largest Bitcoin brokers around the world has just announced it will add transactions to a new coin.

In Press Release On April 9, cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer said it would start trading Brave's BAT token in Japan. It's been four months since bitFlyer listed a new coin since it supported XRP in December 2019.

BAT has recently been approved by FSA to be able to be traded. GMO coin, another exchange registered with FSA, went into operation last month.

USDC news

Whale Alert said 20 million USDC was printed further at USDC Treasury, then the money was transferred to unknown wallets.


Large amount of USDC is printed and transferred Source: Whale Alert

Doge Coin news

While Bitcoin witnessed a marked decline in daily trading volume during March and April, Dogecoin actually saw a significant increase.


DOGE trading volume chart | Source: Shutterstock

According to on-chain data, more people are sending DOGE than a month and a half earlier. For some strange reason, the number of people using DOGE in the context of the global crisis is increasing.

On February 20, DOGE had about 24,000 daily transactions. That number rose to the threshold of 32,400 (a growth of 35%) on April 12.

Celsius news

Celsius Network is lowering the minimum loan requirement to $ 1,000 and will introduce interest paid in gold.

Celsius founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky said they had previously lowered the minimum to $ 1,500 from $ 3,000, and now they have decided to lower it to $ 1,000 to allow users to borrow digital Smaller coins without having to sell their cryptocurrency. However, borrowers still need collateral that is twice the amount of the loan.

“We do the same thing as banks, the main difference is that we return 80% to users while banks hold 99%. Because we do not pay dividends to shareholders. ”

Other news

Alex Masmej raised $ 20,000 by selling "personal tokens" on the Ethereum blockchain

The new funding will help him build a new DeFi startup in Silicon Valley. Masmej is the founder of Rocket, offering loans against irreplaceable tokens (NFT) like the Decentraland token. He has also contributed to projects including MetaCartel DAO, Marketing DAO and Santa as Money.

After notification Initially on the token sale on April 7, Masmej revealed that the offer is now complete and he raised $ 20,000 from the sale of 100,000 ALEX tokens to 29 participants.

Chiliz plans to issue a corona virus "immunization certificate" on the blockchain

Chiliz has notification that they have started researching a blockchain-based solution to allow football fans to gradually return to the stadiums.

According to the April 13 blog post, the proposed Socios Pass could be a solution to mitigate some of the damage to the sports industry by the corona virus pandemic.

While a number of European countries, including Italy, are planning a return to normal operations, football events are expected to be closed in the near future.

A potential solution offered by some scientists and politicians is to grant an "immune certificate" that can confirm that its holder is immune to the corona virus. This will allow them to lead a normal life.

Chiliz's partners, including Italian and European teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, are said to support this proposal.

John McAfee introduces his new privacy currency, "GHOST".

Former US presidential candidate and John McAfee, recently shared on Twitter about the launch of his new privacy currency, "GHOST".

The project website promises that this will be a coin that helps you turn into a "ghost" when trading online.

Last year, John McAfee announced that he was hired as a consultant for the white paper writing process of the crypto project Zombie Coin, China. However, later, users discovered that the project was just a joke or rather a social experiment.

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